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Judge the Judge - What Do You Think About Brett Kavanaugh?

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Edna Hill
3 years ago

Wait has he had an opinion yet ask after I see what he does on the Supreme Court

3 years ago


Maria Muresanu
3 years ago

I read and watch less TV, but as it is written in Deuteronomy 16; 20; Justice, and only justice, you shall follow, that you may live and inherit the land which the Lord your God gives you; Also on Leviticus, 19; 16 You shall not go up in down as a slanderer among your people, and you shall not stand forth against the life of your neighbor; I am the LORD. Brett Kauvanaugh did not do anything wrong, he is Republican/Conservative and is not welcome by Lefty progressives;;

w Mc
3 years ago

thou I agree with most of these comments, I thought the questions did not allow for complete or fair positive answers, ‘about the man himself’. It could have allowed a few more questions, about ‘opinion of the man, as well as, his Judicial credits’. A three question, vague, poll…doesn’t exactly cover “What do you think about Bret Kavanaugh”

3 years ago

Rape is not to be played with. A raped victim will never laughed when talking about it. My daughter was raped when she was 16 yrs old (summer 1990) by two guys from her high school. She was not raped at the house where the party was. She was taken to an isolated place.
It took me 26 years to forgive these people and start praying for them, but the smiles and laughters from Ford made me angry and sent me back to those horrible scenes that I’ve asked God to help me forget. Rape is not a laughing matter.
I feel sorry for Ford she has been used and my heart break for the Kavanaugh’s family.

Delinda Piatt
3 years ago

God will richly bless him and his family. Jesus said don’t be surprised when they hate us because they hated Him first. It is a badge of honor when truly evil people, the ones who really want to kill babies, come at us so viciously. They are exposing themselves in a way that is irrefutable.

3 years ago

Dr. Ford is lying. No girl leaves her friend behind and runs out of the house. Too many gaps in her story. She thought she could stop this confirmation process and remain anonymous. The Democrats sure victimized her in the process. Her life will never be the same.

dorothea wiest
3 years ago

Confirm Judge Kavanaugh watched the hearing he follows the onstition.

3 years ago

Why didn’t these women come forward before when he was recommended for the lower courts.? It seems a bit fishy that they should come forward now. Perhaps the question that should be asked of the congress that is going to question him is: If you are innocent of similar events then you may question him. I doubt if any of them are clean.

Nikita 63
3 years ago

The Court has been tilted to the left for so long it needs to be better balanced with less political motivation for what are SUPPOSED to be judicial decisions and not based on party political agendas, but the decisions of prior courts in the SJC without political bias and that is NOT how it is now. Kavanaugh WILL provide balance and likely also some guidance on the Constitution as he is a Strict Constitutionalist! This does NOT make him the devil in disguise the Establishment leftist lunatics would make him out to be but he has something NONE of them do and that is what worries them terribly ; a moral conscience to go along with his knowledge and excellent legal qualifications to be a Supreme Court Justice. Most of THEM should be as competent as Judge Kavanaugh: if they were, we would not be $21 Trillion in debt, so who are they to judge HIM anyway? Let us hope he is not another John Roberts however. He allowed the affront that offends yet, in the ACA and it should NEVER have passed as it was and should be repealed in its entirety!

3 years ago

I don’t know a lot about him, but what I have learned so far leads me to like Judge Kavanaugh quite a bit. At this point my only reservation is if Judge Kavanaugh holds the authority of the U.S. Constitution higher than he holds Roman Catholic Church authority. I’m admittedly conflicted on this. I believe when God’s word on an issue, abortion for example, conflicts with human law I have to go with God’s word. Eventually someone will find the moral and political courage to honestly hold the Roman Catholic leadership accountable for covering up thousands of acts of pedophilia. Will Judge Kavanaugh rule for the child victims and our constitution, or will his loyalty to the church win out?

Doyle R Foskey
3 years ago

there were 3 choices and everyone was just as good as the other and i am sure president trump had a hard decision to make, but it would not have mattered who he chose it would be a fight just because president trump is who he is . i am kinda glad the ladies did not have to go through this B.S. that the democrats had going ! besides this crap that they are putting out , i would like to know one thing, i would like an answer from the lefties, why in GOD,s wonderful name don’t you leave this president alone and let him do his job ??? i would not vote a democrat ,where i live ,as dog catcher ! let our president do his job. i have grew up watching my daddy, we were hard working middle class i guess, and he did not vote democrat.he was sick of them then, and now that hes passed and gone ,i’m here to say i do not like them either! they want a one world goverment ,why don’t they move there sorry butts to Russia or Germany. they would not take your bull crap! GOD BLESS YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!Georgia !

Bob L.
3 years ago

I voted “not sure” because I saw a still of video during the hearings where someone sitting behind the Judge looked a lot like globalist Condi Rice.

Denise L
3 years ago

Kavanaugh is more than qualified to be on the Supreme Court. He believes in the Constitution and will base his decisions on the law not try to make laws as the liberal judges do!
I watched part of the hearings the first day. What a disgraceful show put on by the liberals! How disrespectful to Kavanaugh and his family, to the committee, and to the American people! They have no class, no morals & make complete fools of themselves every time they open their mouths! Why scream about reading more on Kavanaugh when they have already made up their minds to vote against him? Their arguments are a complete sham and nothing more than a way to stall the hearings!
Spartagus…I don’t think so but it sure made me laugh!!

3 years ago

I don’t wish him to be a conservative or a progressive. I only wish him to be a Constitutionalist.

3 years ago

Kavanaugh appears to be a true conservative who will follow the rule of law and uphold the actual Constitution as written, not as interpreted.

3 years ago

Judge kavanaugh has all the qualities to be a Supreme Court Justice…he knows and will follow the Constitution.
I have watched the hearings and the man is an all American!

3 years ago

There is no viable reason, other than to politicize this nomination, for anyone not to vote yes on Judge Kavanaugh. The Roe v Wade argument for Republican President nominations for the SCOTUS is as tiresome as it is old. It is settled law and Judge Kavanaugh stated such under oath. It’s just more of the left’s delay, resist and obstruct tactics against President Trump.

3 years ago

PDJT should of have chosen a more qualified person like Judge Barrette, or Mike Lee, who are known constitutional conservative, originalist, in the mold of Scalia.
Kevanaugh appears to be a contrived pick (an agreement between PDJT and Kennedy, before he was willing to step down).
Unfortunately, we have to put up with a Bush and Kennedy pick, as Kavanaugh is a moderate, a textualist, not a real conservative, a Washington insider, part of the swamp, steeped in progressivism, and is in the image of Roberts and Kennedy. He is a compromised choice, done to appease the opposition, in order to facilitate confirmation.
Kavanaugh’s conservatism index is leaning towards the left of center, next to Roberts and Kennedy.

3 years ago

Spartacus,That’s funny!

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