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Judge the Judge - What Do You Think About Brett Kavanaugh?

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Brian B

I hope Kavanaugh is a true and fearless conservative. When John Roberts was confirmed in 2005, I expected a reliable conservative voice. Instead, Roberts validated the Affordable Care Act, judging that Obama Care was a legitimate “tax.”
Only Kavanaugh knows how he will respond in any Supreme Court decision. I’m hoping for sound, moral judging in the tradition of Scalia.


Judge Kavanaugh will follow the Constitution as it is written. This is what the founding fathers wanted …3 co equal branches of government. If congress doesn’t like the present laws.. change it. The courts job is to insure that laws are Constitutionally correct not to make new law. Government 101

Mike Juratovac

Mr. Kavanaugh will be a fine Supreme Court judge and we need to pray for him as well as President Donald Trump. Most of all we need to thank our All Mighty God that his plan is working out to the letter. just as He has promised!


By the reaction and frenzy coming from the libs he must be the real deal! The dems get crazier in their antics every day which is hurting them more with sane people.

Norm in PA

I watched most of two days worth of the hearing and am impressed by his credentials as expressed by his left leaning teacher at Yale who commented on his attention and hard work during his time at the college. Now, if that teacher who is openly in favor of leftist policies can vouchsafe for Kavanaugh then I am certain he will be a welcome addition to the Supreme Court. That 1st day with the antics that went on was shameful by the Dems. It definitely strengthened my resolve to NEVER ever vote Dem party again.


All I know is Kavanaugh is 1000 times better than what we would have been forced to take under Hillary. So you can thank God for Trump.

Mike Whelan

This man is the real deal, not like Spartacus!

Carol M

Judge Kavanaugh and family go weekly to the soup kitchen to serve the homeless. This in itself tells one a lot about the goodness of this humble man and his values in helping the less fortunate. His responses to questions on Capitol Hill were nothing less than brilliant. It shows his respect for and his guidance to the Constitution in all his actions as judge. He is the ‘real deal’, a great choice for the Supreme Court.


We need a judge to uphold the Constitution. I think Kavanaugh will do that.

Patrick P

People should read on how he wrote decisions on the cases he heard. Up held the Constitution, did not use political or religious beliefs in his decisions. Decisions were not based on political ideology as many of the cases were not in favor of conservatives point of view. He made his decision based upon the merits of the Constitution. So the fear mongering placed forth by the same demon crats who approved him for his present position are extremely hypocritical. In his career he has shown that he is very fair and very impartial. Rare, but heavily needed in being a justice.

Dr J

Judge Kavanaugh will make an out standing justice. His track record in rulings is clearly one of being committed to the U.S. Constitution. As many, i was duped by then Judge Roberts and i am sure we will not go through that again with a Justice Kavanaugh. The conduct of Senators Booker and Harris during the hearing has been embarrassing. Neither has injected anything into the discussion other than their misguided anger and middle school like behavior. Both should receive or “time out” or, better yet, they should term out. Come on California, New Jersey, you can do better in who you send to Washington.


The confirmation hearings are a total waste of time and taxpayer money. The democrats have turned it into a circus and an embarrassment to this country.

Jim Shuff

I just hope that he does not turn into another Judge Souter or wishy washy like John Roberts who sold us down the toilet.

Judy Taylor

SCOTUS should not be chosen as a Liberal or Conservative. They should only pass Judgement according to the Constitution. Our Forefathers set it up as 3 branches for our protection, not to make the President or any group happy. Brett Kavanaugh is more thn qualified

Kerry M

Finally a true patriot someone who will follow the constitution as written by the framers. Someone who will protect the USA from those that would like to be kings and protect the American dream for ALL of its citizens.

The Freezing Senior

I like him because the Left HATES him.

Keep an eye on what the America hating Left is up to here:


He has to be the right choice since the extremist left is screaming so loudly!

Dan W.

Kavanaugh is an independent conservative, a nominee that everyone should have expected from a Republican president.


If the Dems hate it…I love it!!


I think he will be a great Justice. I just hope he doesn’t become a turncoat like Roberts did.