Several international crises are flashing red warning lights. Which of the following is the most significant threat to the U.S. and global stability?

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11 months ago

I’ve said this before, and it bares repeating. Kamala Harris, along with the other commie scum who are pulling the strings of our first puppet President, are the greatest dangers of all to our wonderful country. It’s not Russia, or China or Iran who are the big threat to our freedom. Those countries aren’t the ones who have thrown open our southern border to a massive enemy invasion that’s overrunning America. The only chance we have for survival is if Donald Trump is re-elected in 2024, and I believe that literally. Most of us will have a painful early death if the communists succeed with their attempt to take over and destroy the United States. Kruschev predicted that this would happen. He said “We will bury you!” We are rotting from within. Our military chiefs, Intel establishments, and justice department are all ready to go full speed on this. Biden says it would require F-15s with atomic bombs to oppose him. The rest of the world not yet under tyranny would be toppled soon after the U.S. fell. So sad.

Peter J Golden
1 year ago

The biggest threat to our nation is the far left and far right wings of both political parties, they both empower and weaponise the deep state with legislation that destroys our liberty (Patriot Act, NDAA, War on Poverty, War on Terror, War on Drugs, wage wars that we have no business in, and with the out of control bipartisan spending and debt they have destroyed the value of the dollar and everything older citizens have worked for over their lifetime. The only peaceful solution we have left is to get both Republicans and Democrats to realize the change needed and be involved on a grassroots city, county and state leadership level within those party organizations. Once in power it will provide the ability to vet out new candidates that support liberty and the US constitution. This will provide the change needed to get our country back from the elite globalists from the bottom up. Start with the local school board in your county, your county commissioners, and your local sheriff. The two parties are controlled by globalists like the Clintons, Bush, Obama, etc. all. Don’t support establishment candidates that will follow party lines instead of doing what’s right for our country. Don’t compromise. The war on our liberty is real and the best way to win this war is to get involved and be the change that you want to see.

1 year ago

Saw segment on FOX this week comparing USA to what was happening in 1970’s & internal terrorist groups were a major threat in America. Segment went on to state the growing internal terrorist groups in America in last 5-years is becoming a major problem . These groups in America are most likely just what our foreign foes like to see happen.

1 year ago

All of the above.

1 year ago

World affairs are in complete disaster mode. Replace a strong US President with one that doesn’t even know where he is. What do you expect? This is going to go badly for everyone. And the left doesn’t care because they are ‘At Large and In Charge’!

Ed A
1 year ago

We have never been less secure than we are now. If China and Russia attacked the respective coasts at the same time, they would be able to capture and control the West coast states to the Rockies and the East coast states to the Appalachians, but would be stymied in the middle. I’m OK with that – it solves many problems.

Theresa Rodriguez
1 year ago

Frankly, it should have been all of the above.

With Iran using their fast attack boats (up to 13 at one point) to harass our warships…

one coming within 150 yards, one within 70 yards and one within 25 yards…

I wonder at the Captains ability to ONLY fire warning shots – frankly, Damn the Career, you get within ONE MILE of MY ship and but the people under MY command at risk? I would give you ONE warning shot and then you’re going to the bottom.

China is next with their posturing at Taiwan… with Russia a close third.

Biden is PATHETIC and we all know he is a puppet being controlled by ???

I see WWIII in our near future unless Biden / Harris / Pelosi and the rest can be Impeached and removed from office – frankly 2022 can’t come soon enough.

Also make sure you carefully vet the people running who you vote for and ONLY donate directly to their campaign.

Martin Meinke
1 year ago

Your votes are limited and should include all the answers listed.

Michael O
1 year ago

The global communist community is the largest threat to our way of life. Period. Check out the Yuri Bezmenov interview from the mid-80s. He was a KGB defector. Or read some of Alexandr Solzenihtsen’s speeches that are captured in the book, “Warning to the West.” Both speak briefly of “Social Justice” and the lie of social justice. Listen to what they say in light of what is going on in the US (and other western nations) today.

And Democrats have bought into it for their own personal gain and party power.

Christina E
1 year ago

Yes, I agree with most of you that say the democrats and Joe Biden are one of our biggest threats to our country. It’s worst than I ever thought it would be. My hope is that some democrats in the Senate vote against some of these bills coming up. The HR1 Our voting rights, and all this unnecessary spending, higher taxes, higher corporate taxes. We will all be affected by this run away spending.

Michael B
1 year ago

The Democratic Party is the biggest threat to our nation on SO many levels

jonathan lerner
1 year ago

Joe Biden and the left is the most dangerous thing to worry about. He and the globalists will put us back to “1984”

1 year ago

I’m afraid of this administration and the power they have to change our once great country.
Biden and his group of nuts are scary, but self-serving.

1 year ago

Actually it is none and all of the above! This is all taking the focus off of what the Socialist Biden/Harris agenda is really up to!
As we speak they are moving to downsize the effectiveness of our Military! The Navy announced today that they will be downsizing the US Navy Sea Units and changing the mission from Counter Terrorism to Global Threat Initiatives. Reductions in Naval Vessels is also on the chopping block.
Do more with LESS and no funding… Just like Carter and Clinton admins. The Bushes did not do crap!
If We The People have nothing to fight with…. OOPS!!!

Joyce Roberts
1 year ago

We should have been allowed to check all of them.

Ernestine York
1 year ago

I agree with Jeff. Should have been able to chose “All the above”. We need to get back to the Lord and put Him back in charge!

1 year ago

I actually think it’s #7. The current U.S. administration, is causing instability throughout the world with it’s reckless spending, dollar devaluation, schizophrenic foreign policy and dangerous Marxist policies!

Robert Caylor
1 year ago

Foreign policy is on fire. Illegal invasion, Russia land grab, China military, Middle East nuclear potential and all he care about is climate change and dumb ass masks

1 year ago

The Bidens & most of Washington DC owe their souls to China. Obama got his wish to have a 3rd term in office by telling Biden what to do. Obama, John Kerry, Susan Rice, George Soros & Valerie Jerrett love Iran. So convenient for Obama to own one of his 4 mansions 6 blocks away from the White House, from where he has run his anti-Trump operations for the last 5 years. He continues to divide this country with his race-baiting support of BLM, Antifa & anti-gun plots. Some day they’ll get their just rewards for serving the devil.

Susan V
1 year ago
Reply to  Catol

I totally agree!

1 year ago

Should have been an “All the above” choice.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff

This admin has turned the whole world into one big pot of terror and turmoil. They appear so self absorbed behind their blinders, they may actually believe they are turning the world into a good, positive and forward growing utopia??

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