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In which institutions do you place the most trust or faith? Please select four.

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Virginia (ginger) Horvath
6 months ago

Don’t lose HOPE!!! God is still on the throne, and if the person who is occupying the Oval office at this moment had not done so….much of the corruption that has been (and will continue to be) exposed would not have happened….CELEBRATE!!! OUR TIME IS COMING…HOLD ON TO YOUR COURAGE AND YOUR FAITH. Bless you all!

6 months ago

Most on the list are so dirty – cannot be trusted anymore! Government over reach is beyond what it was ever intended to be. Churches need to get back to the basics with Jesus/God as the center, not people. The rest will fall into place.

David Einspahr
5 months ago
Reply to  Cheryl

The churches have almost been destroyed by our ‘education system’ and by our government. Replacing God with government is the path to tyranny. That is what leads to wealthy communist tyrants and grinding poverty for the general population. When the schools teach no history, when the schools become indoctrination centers for leftist government propaganda, the end result is a sure deal and we have seen the results in the old Soviet Union, in China, in Venezuela and many other instances. The people who are selling socialism as a cure for our problems are either evil or useful idiots working for the evil people.

7 months ago

None of the above. I can’t say churches because even they are motivated by politics, regardless of their denomination. They are run by people, and people have their own agendas, and those agendas are not always in accordance with God’s will. I think history has proven that many times. God and Jesus are the only constant and unfailing trustworthy “institution” that we can put our faith in.

Dementia Joe
7 months ago


Anthony DeVizio
7 months ago

Mike Lindell released a video called Absolute Truth that provided indisputable evidence that a cyber attack occurred during the 2020 Presidential election. It is available on line for anyone to view. The information is shocking and a Federal investigation should be conducted. In sum, the election was stolen from President Trump and the American voters using a cyber attack by foreign country’s.

Virginia (ginger) Horvath
6 months ago

where can I find this documentary…I have been searching for it ?????

Theresa Pearson
7 months ago


Lana S
7 months ago

One can never or should never put their faith and dependence on another human being or institution… this world will fade away and all those who inhabit it will die but God remains in our soul and in our hearts if we believe in him… no man can compare to God. No institution or love of money or materialistic desires will save you in the end.

Paul W. Clark
8 months ago

Are you kidding? NONE OF THEM!

Rita Small
6 months ago
Reply to  Paul W. Clark


Michael K.
8 months ago

Democrat Riots, Antifa, Autonomous Zones, and the hundreds of police and people that were injured and killed during the Democrat supported violence with Democrat States doing nothing but rioting with them is insurgence. Democrat leadership promoted violence. As a retired Law Enforcement Officer, the role of law-abiding Americans as cease to exist due to Democrat corruption and MSM propaganda. Standby, the future is going to be a bumpy ride.

Last edited 8 months ago by Michael K.
James Smith
8 months ago

The truth is that ALL government agencies and politicians have let us down. The majority are self-serving or driven by Socialist-Communist agendas and many don’t even seem to realize this. The primary reason for their ignorance is the education/indoctrination system that has been hijacked by ideologies as opposed to fact based teaching. Most recently the Supreme Court has shown that it is likewise compromised. When Justice Roberts declared his concern of violence if the Court took on charges that the election was fraught with fraud and cheating, without even looking at the evidence, we knew that the USA is severely damaged. It is disheartening to see where man’s greed has brought our wonderful nation to. Our confidence is in our Father Creator God through His Son, Jesus Christ. We ARE sickened to feel that the future is bleak, especially for our children, grandchildren… But we continue to put our trust in Jehova.

Andrew Hobbs
8 months ago

This question of institutions is a difficult one to answer when you put family in it. Of course, family is 2nd after God but is it an institution?!

Last edited 8 months ago by Andrew Hobbs
8 months ago

I can’t vote on this. I trust no one but God our Creator!

Alice Hart
8 months ago

I trust God not organized religion . I do trust our local, duly . elected police. In my lifetime, (70 years) everything the Federal Government gets involved in turns into a mess. The Federal Government doesn’t know how to fix anything, just print more money to throw at problems and buy votes. We need term limits, local control of our education, fewer government employees that cannot be fired as any other employee in the public sector, and fewer people that are given lifetimes of free government handouts . There are times people need a hand up but not a lifetime of never being held accountable for their actions. I have been told since I was a child that there are 3 ways to stay in poverty: having children too young, not getting all the real education you can or getting into trouble with the law.
I am afraid that the US has turned to a 3rd world nation with all the congress people and senators that have had their pockets lined and are so rich that they have become our dictators. It is time that all Citizens not illegals take back our country and save it for our children.

h w kemp
8 months ago

I don’t have any trust in any of them

Nolan C. Conley
8 months ago

I trust in God more than any listed. I also trust Donald Trump.

Dale Brooks
8 months ago

Actually, you forgot the most important: God. The church is not God. The church is made up of a crowd of sinful wretches (including me) who really cannot be trusted. That would also include my family, whom I love dearly.

8 months ago

I couldn’t find 4! Really disgusting!

donna marie Mcfarland
8 months ago
Reply to  Dale

i could barely find One!!

8 months ago

Although a lifelong Catholic, I put great faith in many local ministers, both Protestant and Catholic. I also have known several kind and conservative Rabbi’s. My “internet friends” include three southern Baptist Ministers (2 retired), a Methodist Minister, at least two Catholic Priests, and several “semi-observant” American Jews. This sentiment does NOT include any of the larger religious organizations. I also have faith in our career U S Military Officers & NCO’s. Our LOCAL Police and Sheriffs have proven excellent.

Chloe E.
8 months ago

I no longer trust the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department or the majority of the Federal Government. I feel my vote has been discounted. What would happen if 74,000,000. plus people didn’t pay their taxes? I’m not actively angry, but a lot of people are not allowed to speak in our home, so the TV is going off and on.

Dianne Berg
8 months ago

Can’t trust anything or anyone else at the moment do to all the CORRUPTION! I do trust President Trump. Unfortunately, he is only one man.

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