Public impeachment hearings began this week following a party-line vote in the House and divided public opinion. In your view, which of the following BEST summarizes the reasoning behind the hearings and the whole inquiry?

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E. Fletcher
1 year ago

The American public should be up in arms over this impeachment farce for several reasons:
1. The waste of our hard earned tax dollars, millions down the drain.
2. They ARE NOT doing their jobs. American business has been shelved.
3. It’s a socialist, communistic agenda for their desire for power, control and self enrichment.
4. Those governmental officials who are truly guilty of crimes from lying to treasonous acts are NOT being persecuted as our president is being persecuted. My question is why, why aren’t these treasonous, lying crooks being arrested and tried?

1 year ago

actually I do not think you posted the correct response to the impeachment question ….. It is to HIDE what they themselves have done…. how they have broken the laws and the act of treason from themselves…..

Elaine F
1 year ago

They never thought the people would vote for Trump, they thought Hillary had it sewed up, When he won, their deviant anger began and they wanted to get rid of our president ever since. They do not like to see what he is accomplishing for this country, they believe he will win in 2012 and want to stop him now. We watched it go from sex with prostitutes to the Mueller investigation for Russian collusion to quid pro quo to bribery to obstruction o f justice for THREE YEARS NOW! The mainstream media has turned everything about Trump into negative, dishonest reporting and neglected to cover all the good he has done for this country. Between the Media, Hollywood, Congress, etc., it’s pure hate and lies!

1 year ago

I don’t believe democrats believe they can get an impeachment through the Senate. Their goal is to create doubt in the so called “undecided voter” by reducing Trump’s popularity any way they can. They will do literally anything they can to prevent Trump from winning another election and the most efficient way to keep him from winning is to prevent him from being able to run. Another 4 years of Trump would cause irreparable harm to the left’s socialist goals of government control. If impeachment fails we can count on continued lying, cheating, stealing and accusing until the current progressive machine fails. When I look at the current roster of democrat presidential hopefuls I can see even one a rational American would consider, unless they are sold on the idea that socialism or communism is the answer to the world’s problems. The democrats have worked hard to destroy our countries morals, values and individual success. Their goal is to destroy the wealth and independence of the middle class and trash the country, causing the masses to beg for government. It should come as no secret that Trump is the first president we’ve had in a long time that does not embrace the “New World Order” aka one world government. Those voters who keep falling for the same old promises of affordable health care, affordable housing, free college and the moon on a platter all paid for by making the rich pay their fair share are easy targets for the weasels waiting for power, Trump is ruining it all!

Kellie S
1 year ago

What infuriates me is the republicans!!! They have NO BACKBONE, only a handful have come out and support Trump during this witch hunt… I’m ashamed of them and am waiting for the right time to replace them with leaders that actually work for the American Citizens… The republicans stand ideally by and watch the destruction of our constitution and our civil rights!!!! Shame on you…. Get a backbone and fight for our rights!!!!!!

Ruth C.
1 year ago

The democrats have lost all common sense, they are unethical and have no morals. This group that exists now have ruined the Democratic Party. They have done nothing, absolutely nothing in three years except show their ignorance over and over again. It’s time to stop the nonsense. Sadly the voters will reelect some of them again, doesn’t speak well of voters. Sad situation

Bob Harker
1 year ago

Shouldn’t those people that think this is a legitimate effort to get to already revealed and proven false accusations belong in AARP?

Richard A. Smith
1 year ago

Either of the last two are valid. The Democrats are so corrupt and have swerved so far Left it is hard to know what is in their heads. In my opinion the loss of the election in 2016, which would have let them continue the decline of our country, has left them deranged. If we fail to purge these kooks from power at every level, both federal and state, we have no one to blame but ourselves. If you don’t think its bad just look at our cities, the decline of morality, the family, our traditions and faith. “Now is the time for all good men…”

Lillian Knoetgen
1 year ago

The democrats sadly and once n for all shown their true colors under the radicals that run the party today. Vote them out. They are a true threat to our republic.

W. H. Detter
1 year ago

The main reason the liberal traitors are running around screaming impeachment is to direct the people’s attention away from the treasonous acts of the Obama presidency’. Pay for play, fast and furious, Obamacare’s failures, and I’m sure other ways our countries resources and laws were used to make all of them control more of the people’s rights and their lives. Many things have been done that I’m sure have been hidden from the American public and all of the traitorous acts must be unearthed and the perpetrators found and exposed now. And after their convictions, all of their property and monies confiscated and returned to our country to be used lawfully and correctly for the people

Maria teresa panman
1 year ago

Make all Shift team accountable, they are Doing Nothing for our Country. They are against We the people and our Constitution.
Wasting time and $!!!
But let’s remember that even the bad things work for good when we have faith in God our Creator.
PLEASE pray, pray, pray.
Eternal God, we give you thanks firs: for JESUS Christ your only beloved Son our Savior, Our Redeemer and our God.
Jesus we give you thanks, because you share your Mother: the full of Grace Virgin Mary The Queen of Peace with us.
We thank you for this NEW day, for your Mercy .
O Sacrament most Holy,
O Sacrament Divine,
All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine. Amen. (×3)

Mike Wilson
1 year ago

Democrats and Never Trumpers won’t provide any actual argument to substantiate a violation of the law that , supposedly, was committed by the President. Instead, they prefer to talk about rumors and innuendo. My challenge to them is to name one criminal offense that has been proven and what statute was violated. Just because they think or want to believe a violation of the law occurred, doesn’t mean they get their way. The President, like every citizen in this country, is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. His haters would upend centuries of law and established rules to have their way and to nullify the will of the electorate. If there is any criminal liability, it is in the hearts and minds of those who would circumvent our laws and traditions to force their will on the American public.

1 year ago

Your question assumes Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the other maniac Democrats are reasonable. If that was the case all of the choices for your answers could be reasoning for the impeachment inquiry. The real reason is it is all born out of hate for Trump and the fact that he isn’t part of their politician network. Trump has said he wants a trial in the Senate. Maybe the lame brain Democrats will vote against sending it to the Senate just because Trump wants it.

nick maggi
1 year ago

the lefts attempt at a bloodless coup

Sandra Hetzel
1 year ago

It is so very obvious that this is part of the planned OVERTHROW of the American Government and the destruction of the American way of life while making these TRAITORS rich at the expense of the American people. This includes Obama and his followers, George Soros and any other contributors to the plan, the Muslim Brotherhood who have tricked their way into America, and many others as well as the Democrat Party in office and planning to get more into office. Saving President Trump and the Senators is critical, as well as replacing the TRAITORS in the House with honest American Congress members.

1 year ago

This bogus waste of time and TAX PAYER MONEY is smoke screen so House will not allow ANY more of our Presidents Agenda to be accomplished before next election. Also, SWAMP is fighting to retain control of their agenda and needs this distraction.

1 year ago

In there own words. “The only way we can beat him is to Impeach him “ .

1 year ago


1 year ago

The Schift party fell apart t today. Sondlen started out strong and then was torn apart by Jim Jordan and others.
How many “witnesses” must the dems interview until they can find one to incriminate Trump ? 200 ? 1000?
How long does this farce continue ? The U.S. sees their congress as do-nothings. How do we impeach congress and
if we cannot why not ? We need to be able to dismiss all of our congress just like we can dismiss our president.
Why is Congress and the Supreme Court a lifetime appointment ? The founders failed us here. This failure needs
to be a campaign issue and Trump can bring it off. Lets generate mega – communication on this.

1 year ago

Hopefully this circus will bring attention to Joe Biden’s behavior as V.P. When he withheld military aid to Ukraine ( see the youtube vid where he bragged about it) unless they fired the prosecutor investigating the corrupt Burismo gas co. where Joe had his son hired.

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