Joe Biden

Do you believe Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine should negatively affect the presidential candidacy of his father and former Vice President, Joe Biden?

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howard shapses
1 year ago

I want to know how man that was kicked out of the military fo drug abuse gets a job that pays millions of dollars. and he just happens to be the sn of a Vice President. The same goes for Pelosi’s son and Kerry’s daughter.

1 year ago

Yes !
Especially if his father knew (which he did) about and was complicit with it.

Chuck H
1 year ago

I don’t think that Joe Biden should be punished for his sons employment, but I think it should be investigated to make sure that nothing illegal was going on. I also think that any representative or senator that has a child working in a foreign company should be investigated for the same thing. I believe that there is a scheme going on where these kids are hired in collusion with someone in the United States and then money from the United States is given to the country they are working in to be filtered back to the person back in the states. These Representatives and Senators are getting rich while in office somehow and it isn’t by their salary, which I believe should be just a per diem rather than a salary. Working in the Congress was never meant to be a career.

Steve Voegtlin
1 year ago

Improperly worded answers!!! Where are the real answers?
Forgot the option that clearly the Bidin’s among others were stealing millions of $ from we the People through us aide that was then funneled out of the country’s back into the crooks that funneled it into the counties! Follow the $ and audit all countries use of $ and you will see relations of political leaders, aka Bidin, Obummer, Pelosi, Kerry, etc and you will see billions of USA $ funneling into these crooks pockets!

MAGA supporter
1 year ago

Sounds like quid pro quo to me

1 year ago

Of course Joe Biden and his buddies were behind this whole scam. However, if the past is any indication this will soon go away. It’s sad how the liberals (Democrats) run rough shod over the American people and Republicans stand by and do nothing.

1 year ago

Trump Russia hoax and the current impeachment all goes back to Ukraine and Biden was Obama’s point man while billions in US dollars disappeared from a bank owned by Burisma owner Ihor Kolomoisky (who put Biden’s son on the board). To get the US money Ukraine with Biden had to create a anti-corruption bureau. People on the board of this Bureau when the money disappeared: Greg Craig (ex Obama white house counsel), Tad Devine (chief strategist for Bernie Sanders), Tony Podesta (bro of John Podesta and Paul Manaford business partner), Mark Penn (chief strategist for Hillary Clinton) John Anzalone (Obama campaign pollster), Joel Benenson (Obama campaign lead pollster). 3/2018 Biden goes to Ukraine and says to fire the prosecutor Viktor Shokin who was looking into Burisma and the missing US billions of dollars. Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella who kicked off the Trump Impeachment is also was part of the 2016 origin of the Trump Russia collusion hoax, working with the DNC, Chalupa, Ukraine to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign, to help Hillary to win. Hillary was suppose to win to hide their corruption, Biden needs to win in 2020 to kill the investigations.

B. Kelly
1 year ago

No, Joe Biden should be disqualified (by the voter) for being Osama Barak’s lackey and supporter of a “man” who is not a natural born citizen (despite what President Trump said, waiving the issue aside at his entry into office).

Simply put, Biden supported Osama Obama. Osama is anti-American……thus Biden is anti-American.

Thats all.

Lorraine Warner
1 year ago

I believe that Hunter was a willing pawn in this scheme. There is no doubt that his father Joe and Obama also benefited in this. The whole swamp is guilty of collusion. That’s why they are covering for each other.

Linda Jochum
1 year ago

Yes! Big time! Americans are sick of the “privileged class” getting the pie.Especially when it’s the children of the rich and famous.

1 year ago

Two pieces of garbage belong in the garbage can

Ruth Tirpak
1 year ago

PRESUMED; Guilt in this case must be weighed on the Scales of LADY LIBERTY. blindfolded to mete out JUSTICE ,THUS ;FACTUAL EVIDENCE AGAINST-OUR GREAT REPUBLIC, Irrespective of popular , ENRICHED POLITICIANS! A scar or worse, making null and VOID THE RIGHTS GIVEN TO AMERICANS TO PROTECT us from being dictated our Standards of That which is directly to KEEP US A PERFECT UNION. THEY WANT US DIVIDED. THANK YOU AMAC POOL

Arizona Don
1 year ago

The Clintons made millions with pay to play consequently it seems like that is standard operating procedure for democrats. Selling influence. What we do not know is what is it they sell government hand outs? That seems like the Biden quid pro quo but that is what they are blaming President Trump for so just how does that work?

So democrats do it and to cover their actions they blame someone else for the exact same thing and because the main stream media is on their side that is where all the attention goes. Sounds like a very organized coup d’etat. So far bloodless but a coup d’etat none the less. It has become quite obvious the democrats are out to destroy this wonderful nation and turn it into a communist state with them as the ruler/dictator. It is all about control and power.

Bill Carmichael
2 years ago

If you wonder about all the underhanded, illegal actions taken against President Trump, you don’t have to look any further than Brennan and Clapper. Both should be charged & tried for High Treason against the United States of America and it’s citizens. Death penalty is automatic. You can include both Clintons as well.

Richard Kampa
2 years ago

Looks to me like the Obama WH wasn’t as squeak clean as they have been tell us. Always amaze me how much richer these people become after a stint in political office.

Larry R
2 years ago

It constituted a bribe.

Roger W Johnson
2 years ago

It appears that Biden and his son did used the Vice President position to achieve both personal and monetary gains. If everything proves to be true, there are several items that are not fully addressed.
1) What, if any, laws, rules, or regulations were broken by these activities?
2) What individual can be specifically identifiable to breaking the laws, rules, or regulations?
3) If proven, what are the appropriate actions or recourses available?
4) Regardless of whether or not the Vice President was or was not actively participating in the promotion of his sons personal gains, the fact that the son came forward and offered to removed himself from his Chinese entanglements if his father won the nomination is problematic in its ownself.
5) What happened to monies gained by the Biden family? How much remains identifiable and should I’ll begotten funds be available to confascation?
6) What did the President know about this and when did he know? Saying that the President did not know is the same as saying his combined staff elected not to tell him. Since there are many people involved in protecting the President, both physically and politically, to imagine that the President was not knowledgeable is impossible to conceive. In making that statement, it is the same as saying the President was knowledgeable and maybe complicit since he took no known action. If proven true, then yes, the President was complicit in the Biden families activities.
7) What other individuals knew of this activity and when?

In close, if you cannot identify a specific individual to a specific violation of law, rule, and/or regulation, then drop the constant buzz in the media and on the social Web sites. Let the public make the final decision at the ballet box. If you can indetify an Individual to a specific violation then prosectute to the greatest extent. Just my thoughts.

2 years ago

I chose #2, but no one can tell me that Joe didn’t have anything to do with it! Didn’t talk to his son about his Job? BS!

2 years ago

Biden is a typical arrogant bafoon politician! Dangerous combination as we have learned many times before ,( when will we learn?)….. Should be tared and feathered and run out of town on a rail with his son…..
Come on people, can’t you see right through these idiots the moment they open their mouths and start to run for office?, All the rest of ’em are exactly the same.Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the strongest of them all?….PRESIDENT TRUMP that’s who.

Conservative Independent Constitutionalist
2 years ago

—- and if you were able to dig deep enough, I would GUARANTEE you that Joe benefited as well. If truth were known almost every agreement/ deal done by the Obama/ Biden administration had an under the table deal to financially benefit them both.
The problem is- that most every politician in both parties makes deals where they were or are benefiting personally in one way or another. How else do these people go in office making a reasonable salary (for a few months work/ year I might add), and come out millionaires.

Trump is the people’s President, and he threatens to uncover and expose all the corruption and waste in Washington. That’s why we can’t get even the Republicans to help and support him!!!!!

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