The complex and highly controversial H.R. 1 (“For the People Act”) narrowly passed the House with zero Republican votes. What will happen next as it moves to the Senate?

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10 months ago

The GOP was killed by all of the RINO’S. Vote all of them out of office and Vote new young people into office.

Butch Walden
1 year ago

Contact your State Legislatures. They are elected by the people of each State. and They pass the laws , ELECTION laws. Make sure they hear your voices across this nation. All Republicans. Independents esp in Blue states need to ban together to tell their State Legislatures to make sure their are laws in place that protect. secure. our elections locally, state. and definately Federal. We must win FAIR ELECTIONS. in every State. and those laws must be so strong that the Feds cannot interfere or lawyers from some party. no subverting! transperancy! fairness. accuracy. Voter ID and rolls that are Clean and fraud free and machines that cannot be hacked. Citizens in each state must get engaged to protect their Votes. stop a power grab. Most States Legislatures are Red. Gop, but their are plenty of Repubs, Indep in blue states who need to speak out!!! Federalization is nothing more than Communism.

Jere S
1 year ago

I believe the bill will pass eventually and then after the Dems have wrecked this country and the opponents have contested the bill in court it will eventually be declared unconstitutional. But by then the damage may already have been done. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

1 year ago

Amazing what happens when you have single party control of our government. Better called emotional MOB rule, which our Founding Fathers tried to provide checks and balances to, but the Mob mentality always things it has a better opportunity for power control. We just have to pray that rationale thought returns to the Senate.
If the political climate does not change we are going to be running our government via court challenges, which speaks to the poor attitude of Congress to do what is best for all the citizens.

Susan P
1 year ago

Yes, HR-1 is totally unconstitutional. I also see many of you who want to do something about the mess in Congress.

Encourage your state legislature to nullify unconstitutional federal laws. That is what the 10th Amendment is there for, but so far I don’t see much action on this solution. If the majority of states nullify a federal law, Congress cannot do anything about it. This is exactly how medical marijuana is now available in many states. The states nullified a federal drug law.

Next, I strongly suggest that state legislatures start passing the Fair Tax Act. This bill has been around for at least 2 decades but Congress ignores it. This would allow the states to take the “power of the purse” away from Congress and leave it with the states. A part of the Fair Tax Act is to repeal the 16th Amendment. This abolishes the IRS. Taxes would then switch from taxing income to taxing consumption with no tax on the basic necessities of life up to the current poverty line. All taxes would be collected at the cash register at time of purchase and collected by the states. The state would then control when the money is sent to D.C. to support the federal government. Congress passes a devastating bill like HR-1, then the states withhold the money until the law is nullified.

Constitutionally, We the People have the power, we just have to learn to use it wisely!

Jimmy H.
1 year ago
Reply to  Susan P

This Administration is a communistic, treasonous, tyrannical administration and needs to be removed by our Military and locked up. Are you folks aware that Biden has spent as much at trump s years in just 3 Months’, and are you aware that if he continues this he will bring us from 24 trillion debt to 75 trillion in just one year, people better wake up 75,000,000,000,000.

Susan P
1 year ago

What is best for the USA is that this bill DIES in the Senate. I care not if it dies through lack of action or a filibuster. But it MUST DIE!

1 year ago

Likely the Dems will find a way to force it through, just like they did with the FAKE Covid bill that only used 9% of the nearly $2 Trillion dollars for anything barely related to Covid, including re-fitting schools that aren’t (and won’t) open because the Teacher’s union refuses to go back to work without instituting Socialist changes they don’t have the power to enforce, and NONE of the school money would be spent this year anyway.

Now that the Dems have cheated their way into power, we are are mightily screwed. They will find a way to push through anything they can, like they did when the Republican Senator had to be absent to attend his in-law’s funeral, so they could win the vote 50 to 49. Even the Supreme Court, our last vestige of fairness in this country, has failed us to the point where I’m trying to find some last hope of what this country used to be.

If you think it sounds like I believe the Dems are the scum of the earth, you’re right. And they have brainwashed everyone in big cities, especially on the Coasts, with their lies to the point that they wouldn’t recognize the truth if they stumbled into it like a mud puddle.

1 year ago

I’m trying really hard to remember that God is in control, but I am so sad with all the power grabbing being done by the democrats. I’m afraid America is going down…will be totally unrecognizable soon.
Praying that no part of HR1 makes it through, that sanity somehow prevails and Americans open their eyes and ears to the truth about the democrat party.

Sharen Favre
1 year ago

I am devastated at what’s happening in the Congress. They must think we are all stupid … disenfranchising millions of people and inviting millions more in just to keep power. I am very fearful that HR1, just like the stimulus, will pass. I stay awake at night thinking about it. With the promise of packing the courts ?????? What can we do to stop this train wreck?

1 year ago

This bill is unconstitutional and is being pushed by Pelosi, for Pelosi, because Pelosi knows without this change, the Democrats will have to find new ways to cheat their way to an election. To save our Constitution and our country we MUST reverse the illegal changes Biden’s lawyers made to election laws in the Blue States before the 2020 election. WE MUST HAVE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR EVERY VOTE ON ELECTION DAY! History has proven that absentee ballots perpetuate fraud unless they are closely monitored. My permanent address is in South Carolina, but because of Covid-19, I am temporarily in Virginia with my family, and in SC Covid-19 was NOT a valid reason for for an absentee ballot; however, being age 65 or older is. I had to apply for a South Carolina absentee ballot (my first ever) with a copy of my valid SC driver’s license AND a copy of my voter registration card. One week later, I received my ballot in the mail. It required a legible witness’s signature. I completed the ballot and mailed it in a double-enclosed envelope addressed to the Registrar’s office of my county. Three days after I mailed the ballot, I had online confirmation that my ballot had been received and was being processed. Within a week, my vote was registered, and I had the online confirmation of my vote as well as the candidates I had selected. It worked—simply, quickly, and effortlessly. Illness is no excuse for absentee ballots unless you are confined in an institution for a long-term illness or disability. Picture ID should be mandatory in every state, and EACH STATE LEGISLATURE MUST CONTROL IT’S STATE ELECTION LAWS, a right given to them by our Constitution. Republicans MUST STAND STRONG AND STAND TOGETHER to overcome the chaos our current “leaders” are inflicting on us because of their hatred for our country. We can’t allow them to take away our right to free and fair elections. Every Senator—both Republican and Democrat—should VOTE “NO” TO THE HR-1 BILL or be labeled a disgrace and a traitor who wants to cheat the American public at the polls!

Tom McKelvey
1 year ago

Didn’t see and option for what I expect:

  1. Dems will get rid of the filibuster in the Senate,
  2. HR1 will pass,
  3. Dems will move quickly to pack the Supreme Court before challenges to HR1 get to the Court,
  4. The Republic will be lost. R.I.P. America.
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom McKelvey

soo true

Steve Skorko
1 year ago

I agree with so many of the comments preceding this and so would offer a brief note, besides prayer and protest, join the Convention of States. COS is our Fifth Amendment Right to have states overthrow Federal Government Laws that attempt to take away rights from the states. Learn about how you can participate and have your state become a member of COS along with those 15 states that are currently members. We need to take action, and besides the few voting rights that are left to us, we need to stop big government that is a swamp of corruption, buy-outs and dictatorial mandates that profit them rather than the people they are supposed to serve.

1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Skorko

A Convention of States is sorely needed, and I’ve “threatened” my Dem Senators with it if they let the leftists run rampant over our rights. Unfortunately, the fraud, the Unions, and the Dem run cities, have left us little choice. My State Representative (also a Dem, through no fault of my own) responded with a list of the previous attempts that died in infancy for lack of interest, and I sincerely doubt she will even pretend to care about supporting this one. I am totally disgusted with what the Dems have created in their efforts to aquire money and power, and am beginning to believe we have already lost our country. They care nothing for the people and our opinions and lives, unless we are in lockstep with their agenda. I hate to think that it will take another American Revolution to return our Republic to the people, but it looks more like that every day.

Susan P
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Skorko

CoS has been limping along for several years. We no longer have years before we must make a major change in our federal government. Why not encourage your state legislature to nullify laws that are clearly unconstitutional on the face of them. This does not require any convention or any risk to the current Constitution as it stands. If enough states nullify an unconstitutional federal law, the law is no longer enforced by federal agents in those states. This should be enough to get the law overturned in Congress. If Congress is going to continue to ignore the people, then the people should send a clear message to Congress that their selfish agenda will no longer be tolerated. This is what the 10th Amendment is there for. We should use it.

Medical Marijuana is a perfect example of nullification of a federal law. The sale and distribution of marijuana is still illegal under federal law, but many states have passed laws to allow its use by citizens and sales certified by the states. Federal agents will not attempt to enforce the federal law against those who are approved by the state to possess, use and/or sell the drug.

Your county Sheriff is the reason that federal agents allow state law to suppress federal law. The job of a county sheriff is to protect his/her constituents from unconstitutional laws. The Constitution does not give Congress the right to make laws concerning the individual use of drugs. The Sheriff is the most powerful law enforcement officer in the land. He/she has the right to arrest a federal agent who attempts to enforce an unconstitutional law in his county. The Sheriff also has the power to arrest elected officials in any office, all the way up to the president for crimes committed in his/her jurisdiction. Any violation of the Constitution is a crime.

Jo Carlson
1 year ago

HR 1 is totally UNconstitutional!!! Anyone who votes for it should be shot. They should all stand up and scream the liberals out of town. It’s a total federal take-over. None of your choices went through my mind because they will simply ram it through like Obamacare. All courts are democratic/liberal in D.C. The liberals are running scared that something/someone will stop them, so they are working overly fast to get permanent control. We the People and every state has to reject all federal mandates and laws that come down. We have to stand up together against them. En Masse I believe is the term. Get on the backs of your state legislatures to reject everything that comes down from D.C.

Sue Norris
1 year ago

You didn’t have an option for “the bill will pass”. That s not what should happen, but just like covid relief bill that is what will happen.

1 year ago

Can’t count on the courts and can’t count on our elected officials. We’re screwed!

Rhonda M Holub
1 year ago

Sorry to be Debbie Downer, but what the heck. Unless education of citizens (1619 project) and big tech (censorship) is addressed, 2022 is to late to be anything but appointments, not elections. The Constitution ship sank on January 6, 2021; the insurrection was that, all three branches chance to see what really brings throngs of people to the streets. No peaceful protests drew that crowd. Our representation kneeled all across the country. Kneel to the flag was practice for bow to the CCP (and her affiliates, whomever they really are). Nancy Pelosi was right on that count, the enemy already was in the house. Tag, she is it. Our sign, CCP is near, tent cities everywhere!

1 year ago

In my opinion the Democrats hated Donald Trump because we the people voted him in office and he set back their schedule to destroy America and them to be in control forever. This bill has been in the making before Trump got elected and now they have to rush things thru before they lose the majority vote. One thing I see is the US turning into all these other countries with dictators or just one party in office with all the say. The illegals pouring into our country, for what they say a better life, is going to end up being just like where they came from so they will be better off staying where they are. The Democrats are just using them to get the votes to help always win elections incase the HR 1 doesn’t pass. But either way our government is going to run out of money. Actually they already have, we borrow money to give to other countries, we borrow money for everything, We are already trillions in debt. When is it going to end and the Democrats are getting us more in debt. My question is, who is actually running the country? I don’t think it is Biden or Harris. .

Wesley Kemp
1 year ago

The Democrats are doing, at a breakneck pace, what they have said they would do for the past 4 years. If the Republicans did what they promised they would do during the 2016 presidential campaign, America would not be facing this. Instead, the Republicans slit the throats of the American people, turned them around and stabbed them in the back with their broken promises, turned the Country over to the Democrat minority then turned their backs on the people, stuck their heads up thier butts and walked away. And they are still to stupid to realize how America is in such a mess.

Antonio Salazar
1 year ago

Notice that once again the Democrats are not calling it what it really is, another hit on our freedom! I had to vote UNSURE this time because although I intend to vote in the 2022 election after the 2020 election, which AGAIN resulted in zero jail time nor indictments for anybody and no investigation into obvious irregularities, I’m not sure my vote will count!! Why is no one in jail yet for the lies to the FISA Court to obtain illegal wiretaps on Americans?? Once someone we can get our hands on, not Russian citizens like the Muller report cited, face real jail time NOTHING will change!!

1 year ago

HR-1 is the most communistic bill to ever be introduced.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rocket

Who was it that said it’s not the votes that count, it’s who counts the votes that matters?

Susan P
1 year ago
Reply to  Gonz'sMom

A Communist

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