How would you grade President Trump’s handling of the shooting tragedies in El Paso and Dayton this past week?

Friday, August 9, 2019 Aug 9, 2019 865
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11 months ago

I think he did a good job in spite of all the flack from the socialists. I’m sick and tired of what is transpiring with the media with help from the “20” candidates calling for gun control. What they really want is to confiscate guns from every citizen that lawfully owns firearms. They want desperately to change the second amendment. Secondly….. I’m fed up with them labeling President Trump a racist and white supremacist. They are calling every Trump supporter the very same!

Donald E Sims
11 months ago

No elected public servant or leader should ever infringe on the Bill Of Rights to The United States Constitution including The Second Amendment>

Brian B
11 months ago

The Democrats are “chomping at the bit” for national legislation that would give Mental Health “Professionals” the power to determine which Americans should not have access to guns. And since all American Christians are “homophobic,” they obviously are mentally deranged, which naturally makes them a clear and present danger to the LGBT agenda. The President should proceed very cautiously as he considers any legislation that restricts gun ownership. His voter-base is watching. No matter what he does, President Trump will never gain the approval of the Left. And so long as the Democrats (now Communists) and their propaganda arms in… Read more »

Asa Stamps
11 months ago

The second amendment is in place to restrict government. Read it.

11 months ago

We need the Ten Commandments back in every classroom in America!

11 months ago

Praying for our President and our Country For we are at war wake up 🙏🏾🇺🇸❤️

The Freezing Senior
11 months ago

MORE BACKGROUND CHECKS ? Background checks do nothing to stop crazy people or hyperviolent criminals from committing shootings, mass or otherwise. As proof, I give you the DEMOCRAT controlled utopian city Chiraq. Check out the latest stats (body count) at, if you dare. If POTUS capitulated to the Left by restricting the 2nd Amendment even more they would then be well on their way to complete firearms confiscation quickly followed the overthrow of our Republic. POTUS carried out his responsibilities just fine under very trying circumstances and he deserves nothing but praise for doing so. We all know the… Read more »

11 months ago

As a vietnam veteran I know what war is and we are in a war. As someone stated the democrsts have become communists and want to take our guns. The greatest gun control advocate of all was Adolf Hitler, look what happened there. Not surrendering mine fought for the fight.

Bridget H Shaw
11 months ago

I agree with Marie! I too am sick and tired of the garbage being spouted by the left! I truly believe the huge fissure in race relations began the day Obama was inaugurated! Remembering his speech he gave after he had won the presidency “we are just 5 days from fundamentally transforming the Unites States of America”. Being supported by the likes of George Soros and his ilk, he had unlimited funds to do just that! Talk about your racist, american hating, bigot! Obama gave license to his racist, bigoted, jerk friends such as Al the race baiter Sharpton, Jeremiah… Read more »

Ann Pierce
11 months ago

I would give President Trump A+! He and Vice President Pence and team are steering a steady course over some rough seas. I thank God for them and pray for them every day! Ann

11 months ago

Grade should be more like an A-. Good that he showed support for the affect communities, however he now looks to be supporting a one size fits all federal legislative response to these tragedies. That could only spell trouble for the second amendment with today’s political climate. If done wrong more than the 2nd amendment could be negatively affected as well for the whole country. Remember, our bill of rights originated with the states, and that’s where this issue should stay.

11 months ago

The government decides who is mentally fit sounds a lot like social media policing thoughts – Who watches the government for abuse or the media?

11 months ago

NO NEW GUN LAWS! We have plenty of laws on the books now to handle this. What we need are better mental health laws. Stop letting psychotics walk the streets. Go back to locking mentally ill people up like we used to. Start teaching kids empathy, compassion, and gun safety, like we used to when I was in school. Restrict selling the violent video games to adults over 18. When you raise spoiled, entitled, me first, brats, who are taught that EVERYTHING should offend them, this is the end result.

11 months ago

Everyone of your choices is anti 2nd amendment. You claim to be the alternative to AARP but your bias toward the 2nd Amendment is the same. Without the 2nd all of our other rights are in danger. Banning or restricting our rights will only make America more socialist. All of the amendments in the Bill of Rights limit Government not the people. On this subject you are lock step with the AARP and Socialist-Democrats. You are supposed to support the people.

11 months ago

My opinion is not original. Better background checks may help. We have very strict background checks in MA. We , as a nation, do not have a gun problem. We have a people problem. I’ve haven’t noticed any outcry over motor vehicles,clubs,knives,et al that are relevant to death.

Markus B
11 months ago

I say absolutely NO legislation what soever concerning the control of guns. Certainly, no
“Red Flag” laws. The Swamp is looking for any hook they can get to rid their selves of any opposition to control and power. We have no law in this country and will not have until those responsible with in the hierarchy of government are brought to Justice. Donald Trump give us Justice.

11 months ago

There should’ve been an option praising him for his diplomacy with the survivors & the families & even drawing attention to mental health, but disagreeing with the slippery slope “red flag” approach.

11 months ago

President Trump is doing everything he can do constitutionally. It is also up to we the people to do what we need to do to stop this. We the people in the Constitution means much more than just what we’re going to get from it, it also means what we can give to it as our great President John f Kennedy said. “Ask not what our country can do for me but what we can do for our country.” That died with President Kennedy and the opposite idea was brought forth by President Johnson and the DNC, “Big Government”. President… Read more »

11 months ago

News Flash! Dog hit by car while chasing cat, Trump blamed!!

11 months ago

I think Trump was very reserved… for Trump. I think Trump should require the Dems and RINOs to put their skin in the game. See if they are Serious about eliminating Human Murders. Right to Bear Arms is the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the U.S.A. It does not specify (intentionally) what arms are because the intent is to arm a citizen Militia! Notice… Militia is in the Constitution! So, to change the Constitution requires 2/3 votes in the Congress and 3/4 of the States must ratify. However, they are passing these little “fringe” bills nipping away at the… Read more »

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