How would you grade President Trump’s handling of the shooting tragedies in El Paso and Dayton this past week?

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2 years ago

Local jurisdiction..thinking local police and authorities jobs to police their local jurisdictions.

Corbin L Douthitt
2 years ago

It doesn’t matter what Trump does, the media will criticize him. If he discovered a cure for cancer, the media would accuse him of destroying the Cancer treatment industry

Charles G Woods
2 years ago

Left wing liberal socialists would disarm the American people (as Hitler did) to control them. It’s about Power and Control. Add The Love of Money to the mix and you have an egg sucking Democrat.

Byron E Baker
2 years ago

We need to bring back the death penalty in the USA for mass shootings and related crimes.
Only 1 year to appeal and then you are executed.
And if they claim “temporary insanity”, fry them in a clown suit.

Ronald Taylor
2 years ago

No new gun laws! Hands off our gun rights!

2 years ago

This pretty much sums up nearly every move against our Republic by the Left: “The government isn’t after your guns, they’re after you; our guns are just in their way”

Jim H
2 years ago

I am from Dayton and the mayor is a sad example of what leadership is about. She has acted as judge, jury, and executioner time again. She ought to focus on cleaning up her act, city council which has been rife with corruption, schools that have below average ratings, and a city that is overall in decline. Another example of a city that has had primarily democratic leadership that has directed the decline of a once great community over the many past decades.
Indeed the left slanted reports of what occurred with the President’s visit were not an accurate reflections of the actual visit.

Virginia B Burk
2 years ago

I LOVE President Trump and his whole family…. I LOVE Vice President Pence too and his whole family!!!!!!! Keep them safe LORD and keep them healthy!!!!

2 years ago

President Trump is the only President in decades to Stand up against the democrats and for all our constitutional God given rights. if anyone is a raciest its the democratic party!

Michael J. Midlo
2 years ago

He is either being misled by Big-Pharma owned advisors and their lobbyists or he is part of the problem – I belileve it’s the first but either way he is ignoring the Elephant in the room that is the true cause of the massive increase in irrational or supposedly unexplainable acts of violence – assaults, murders , road rage along with self-harm and Suicides along with the massive rises in so called mental illness {!”It;s the inappropriate and over prescribing of Psychiatric Toxins ( Oops I mean Medicines)”!} Neither their so called Dagnosis or their drugs have have any real scientific backing there is No medical test that can prove any type of pathology to show brain illness – None of the drugs are designed to or ever can cure any psycho-emotional issue are highly addicting and just starting on them – any change in dosage or abrupt cessation can can and most of the time induces severe physical and psychotic reactions including these suicides and mas-murders! It’s not the guns – It’s Psychiatric Drug Induced Mental Dysfunction. The drugs need to be systematically pulled from the market while people are safely and slowly weaned off of them and their Lying Drug Pushing Lobbyists and Shills within our halls of government need to be removed along with being Criminally Prosecuted for the death and suffering they are causing to to make billions off of induced and prolonged illlness and mental suffering!!!need to

2 years ago

President Trump did a great job he was compassionate and very quick.

2 years ago

I’m the son of a gun advocate and one myself, but I have a hard time understanding why an average citizen should have a weapon of war (AR or AK). Where does the 2nd amendment draw the line? Fully automatic firearms, grenades, rocket launchers, and other military weaponry? Common sense says no…assault weapons are made for mass destruction and nothing else…keep them in the military not on the streets.

Theologically Speaking
2 years ago
Reply to  Lance

Lance, I find it hard to believe that you are an advocate for guns . First of all you would have known that one can not, I repeat CAN NOT buy a fully automatic gun ! You would also have known that both the letters of AR and AK means type not automatic ! You are not an advocate, you are part of the problem !!!!

2 years ago

I do have some objections. He has fallen for the bogus “Red Flag” laws which violate due process, the 4th Amendment, property rights, civil rights, the very basis of our legal system, where the accused are to have the right to face their accusers and to provide a defense before any damaging action is taken. The way these “Red Flag” laws are set up to work anyone, even a potential home invasion group, can “flag” someone as a threat and get them disarmed. Wonder for robbers. Flag your victim. Watch the police conveniently disarm them. Invade their home in relative safety and do your worst.

Theologically Speaking
2 years ago
Reply to  W.B.Adair

I have always been against the ” Red Flag ” , but I have never thought of people who want to break in reporting you and getting your guns pulled . My biggest fear of the law would be the anti-gun left being in power. As the old saying goes give them an inch they take a mile ! Your thoughts are great and we need to work to get rid of any type of Red Flag law !!! Very great and thoughtful post…..

Chuck. D.
2 years ago

The office of the President is not responsible for state or local districts and their lack of personable control of governance! Ohio, a largely democratic state with some of the toughest gun laws, it still happen! Just like Illinois with Chicago. The problem is local, not national. More people died in 2017 from attacks by persons only using their hands and feet or a knife than with a gun! FBI fact! So its local, not national. Sorros and his democrat puppets want total disarmament not matter what it takes. These staged events with real loss will continue until they get it or they get the right puppet in the oval office or enough democratic governors to call for a constitutional congress and the repeal the bill of rights, repeal the first, second ,fourth and fifth amendment’s and were done! Freedom dies! Today’s phone addicted idiots won’t see it coming.

Dave R
2 years ago

Red flag laws are a slippery slope to impounding our right to defend ourselves not only from criminals, but a government which over reaches itself. That is what the second amendment is all about. It was written that way because of what this nation had been through at the time with King George.

The second amendment is the resason we’re not all speaking Japanese right now. They knew we as individuals were well armed so the imperial forces didn’t try to invade the lower 48.

Get your priorities straight people. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin that said, “if you give up a freedom for security, you deserve neither”.

Connie Wiggins
2 years ago


Connie Wiggins
2 years ago


Judy Berka
2 years ago

I’m very proud of PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Walter Wolf
2 years ago

President Trump is doing a fabulous job as a president and leader of this big nation. Fight On Donald Trump

Michael & Paulette Whinnery
2 years ago

He did a good job. His critics of course only looked for a reason to criticize him. Their only concern is to eliminate the 2nd Amendment, and confiscate all the guns from honest citizens.

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