North Korea Missile system

How should the US respond to North Korea’s nuclear threats?

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Jan James
Jan James
6 years ago

Sanctions and embargos are about the safest thing President Trump can possibly do without giving them everything they want. Let the Korean people go after the fat little tyrant holding them down with an all out Korean Revolution — like we have had when we couldn’t stand anymore from the tyrannical England. Look, the Korean people are doing without so much and even eating their little children. They will die either way unless they stand up and fight the dictator that has wronged them so much. I don’t want a war — lived all my life since WWII in wars — but if he wants to draw a line — let him — just don’t open the store to America and give it all away. Make them do right! And hopefully without another Korean War where our guys die again for the spoiled little dictator. I do not trust him. I think he is playing us big time. JJ

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