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Ida S Socci
Ida S Socci
6 years ago

Every time I read yet another misleading, biased, overtly malicious article slandering our President, I’m disturbed (“OFFENDED”) to see the reporter applauded by the rest of the treasonous mainstream media instead of losing his job as he would have spouting the same kind of trash about our former president Obama. Ditto regarding the First Lady.

Carol Witherington
Carol Witherington
6 years ago

I agree TOTALLY with the comment of Ida, and I would add that all but a few media owners and their boards needs to be investigated / exposed. They have shown nothing but contempt for America and OUR Freedoms here. It appears that they want America to stand down and be more like other countries – CONTROLLABLE ! The media IS dividing America on purpose and using Trump as the escape goat to stop people from looking at them.

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