The states of Missouri and Mississippi have recently filed suit against the government of China alleging the country did not do enough to stop the outbreak of the coronavirus. How do you think China should be held accountable for the pandemic?

Please choose your top three.

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Brian Eargle
1 year ago

I’d love to comment, but using a tablet, I can’t write a paragraph and post it before something malfunctions and I lose my text.

Bryan Walker
1 year ago

US should negotiate with an allied country or countries to purchase the debt from China and trade heavily with those allied countries. Make those countries rich and strengthen our defenses along with theirs.

Faye Swain Nimitz
1 year ago

Filing a lawsuit against China is pointless because if a favorable judgement was obtained, China would never pay up. Seizing their assets in our country and cancelling the debt are tangible, obtainable outcomes.

1 year ago

I was blocked from answering the last three questions

1 year ago


vincent papa
1 year ago

As far as I’m concerned what China did was an act of war not only in the US but all over the globe. All countries should immediately ban companies from doing business in China and given a deadline to withdraw all their investments and interests from China. If they remain in China they can not do business in the country of origin. All products from China should be banned in the US until China is cut down to size and never able to expand to a superpower ever again. They had something planned for world dominance, building islands with military bases and a huge Naval Fleet in China was the beginning of bad things to come on the world stage. Now is the best time to put a lid on it. Financially (other than war ) will hurt them the most. Even though personally I feel we were attacked worse than 911 and Pearl Harbor from China and probably should go in and take out their new military base on the island they built in the Pacific and seize all their assets in the US.

1 year ago

Do not agree with Trump/Pompeo making comments that they think virus leaked from lab. They should not be making any statements public like this until all of their intelligence put the story together & then they should be talking to China in public. It is knee jerk reaction to blame someone else at this time

1 year ago

All of the actions listed in the poll should be taken by the United States.

1 year ago

I understand the cheap things coming from China and I do not blame China for that.Now that our country is in debt to China let all the Millonaires and Billionaires dump their money into the US treasury and have some honest people handle it.

Jim Thornton
1 year ago

Any product that is manufactured in countries with no air quality laws should be required to meet USA rules to be imported to USA.

Who was in charge in the USA when all these companies moved off shore so they could get cheap labor and thumb their nose at even the basic air quality standards.

The American consumer could and should be aware of where products are made and demand medicine and tech products be made in USA or a friendlier country.

We should stop and think about we depend so much on a country that any logical thinker knows is not our friend, tries to hack our computer system, and flood our country with inferior products.

A. Wise Oldman
1 year ago

Is it true, in the past the USSR and now Communist China would not exist if it wasn’t for the US and Europe? All of our Presidents starting with Carter (along with the US Chamber of Commerce, Walmart, Apple, Nike, GM, 3M, Boeing, etc.) have all sold off the US citizens and tax payers futures for their profits and greed. I wish someone would tell me why Communist Democrats hate America and Americans. They care more for Illegal Aliens (30 M) and Refugees who send remittances back to their homeland instead of growing the US economy. We have had a War Criminal start two wars of choice to create new refuges (neo-slavery) who the Communist Democrats harvest for votes with bribes of welfare (like LBJ did with the Great Society welfare program, 200 M votes!). The conservatives then get their “30 pieces of silver” with corporate welfare. All at the expense of the US tax payer. In addition, we had a President receive a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing, He continued the two wars of choice, Why haven’t the Swedes asked him to return it? Back to Communist China. Not paying our debts will destroy the US dollar! Filing lawsuits will only serve the attorneys and judges. Countries would only get about 10% on every dollar spent and wait another generation for payment. The only reasonable and fair solution is for all countries that have been affected by the Communist China Party virus (AKA Chinese virus) (partially funded with US tax dollars and a lab designed by a French architect) is to do what the Marxist/Socialist/Communist/Liberals would do: Nationalize all Chinese assets around the world (ports, dams, roads, railroads, real estate, airports, and businesses like the Smithfield meat packing plant along with voiding all leases). Basically, the World vs China for compensation. If these assets are nationalized it would eventually destroy the China Empire and turn it back to a country of peasants and no threat to the rest of the World (future colonies). Food for thought!

Susan Kasmauski
1 year ago

Something should be done to China for causing this pandemic. It is obvious that it wasn’t an accident. None of their government was infested and they were next to ground 0 It was a viral attack on the world and they should pay for deploying it.

Anthony Thomas
1 year ago

Trump was called a racist because he shut down flights from China…Hellow..China kills their own citizens….we need to seize their property here in the United States, that would be way more painful to them and more expensive than forgiving the 1 trillion dollar debt. And we should try our best not to buy anything from China.

Carlton & Nancy Moffett
1 year ago

ASAP bring our businesses back to the U. S., even if their goods go up in price. Put a strangle hold on China. No friend of ours.

David Peterson
1 year ago

President Trump needs to meet (in private) with all those who are profiting from cheap labor in a country that has no interest in the value of the individual and the desire of that individual to be free and, 1. Review what China has done for the last 40 years or so and ask them if their short term profits are worth risking freedom in the long term and, 2. Ask them if they will join him in a plan as Reagan did when confronted with the attacks from the Soviet Union? The central goal of the plans that were developed was simple: “We win! You lose!” Because companies found out what the Soviet Union was doing the government and corporate America worked together to undermine the economics of the Soviet Union and carried it out over a number of years. Suing, bluster, going to court and almost all of what is listed in your survey and talked about by politicians who say they want to do something about the efforts to destroy freedom in this world is not a plan but a knee jerk reaction that will mostly be used to retain seats in Congress and make lawyers more rich with this “wonderful” result–nothing will change (although a lot of bluster and threats could lead to major warfare). The fundamental mistake we have made in dealing with China is to believe that China wants to be prosperous and share in the wealth that is afforded from good, honest work with the rest of us. They want power and unless we have a plan that is agreed upon by the majority in government and private companies we will lose even more freedom than we have lost in the last 30-40 years. China has had a plan and has been implementing it over the last 30 years while we have been dreaming about good will. What has happened is not a dream but a nightmare. We have many who are getting rich while making our Rust Belts and destroying small businesses: They will need to have a change of heart if this is to work as Reagan’s plan did in the 80’s. Do I think we are up to it? I have grave doubts!!!

John Jansen
1 year ago

It always frustrated me to go shopping for certain things and only have one choice, made in China. Whenever I have the choice, I always pay more and choose made in America. The positive externality is jobs for American kids and more tax revenue for the country. For example, we purchased an electric heater made in Ohio over a Chinese made unit. Although it cost more, we were happy to support brother and sister Americans in Ohio. Wake up America before it’s too late!

Jerome Simons
1 year ago

I chose freezing Chinese assets due to the fact that any world/global organization will never do what is right if the USA is the offended party. That includes the UN, WHO and the World Court.

1 year ago

We have several politicians that are giving lip service and posturing to make China Pay on both sides of the isle by canceling the debt we owe them , refuse to pay interest on debt and this goes on and on . Problem with the push is the US can not default on any debt what’s so ever. You think the economy has taken a hit now do this and run to the hills. Theres a push for individuals to file suits against the dragon also. That won’t work either as the laws will take forever to strip em of their sovereignty and then you have to collect.. Good luck with that….There is a way…
There is an Organization called The American Bondholders foundation (ABF) which has been trying to collect on China’s defaulted debt for the past 2 decades. Go to their web site and educate yourself. In the short, they represent over 20,000 Americans who hold debt in Gold Loan Barer Bonds. With standard calculations they are valued in excess of 1 trillion dollars in today gold prices. The group met with # 45 in August 2018 and presented a proposal to the US government. You will see this come to life with on the next several days with it hitting the news . It is the only way “legally “ the US can sting the Dragon and can be done immediately with 45 s signature. His only road block is his globalist pro China Secretary of the Treasury’. Watch Steve Bannon’s post Cast 5/4/20 And get educated.

Roberta Miller
1 year ago

We need to totally sever ties with China. Our pharmaceutical companies need to as well. We cannot trust their manufacture of anything we ingest. The financial loss our country has suffered from the Wuhan Virus, technology theft, etc. should be deducted from our debt to them, and any Chinese interest of any kind in our country needs to be confiscated immediately. Any other companies with any interest in China need to terminate and return to the USA.

1 year ago

Once Trump is re-elected, he can require the country of origin on products. Then we can go back to buying made in the USA. If any part of the product is made in another country, that needs to included.

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