Many headlines this week are poised to affect the U.S. economy and national security. Which of these do you believe has the potential to MOST impact you and your family in the near future?

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Mary Jones Lord
1 year ago

I’m tired of the Democrats spending our tax dollars to get rid of President Trump. Now the morons are taking billions of dollars out of Social Security to go after him again. When are they (the Democratic Criminals) going to be held accountable and pay, out of their own pockets, for the damage they have caused to our Country? The average citizen would not get away with this type of behavior.

1 year ago

I couldn’t agree with Diane more!! Hitler spent years indoctrinating the children. If you think 2020 is an important election, just wait until 2024!! Make no mistake, this is crucial to our democracy.

1 year ago

Impact negatively or positively. Poorly worded.

1 year ago

The mass hysteria and insanity of the left is becoming rather frightening. Our biggest concern should be running out of rubber rooms to hold all of them, since healing them doesn’t appear to be possible. Pray for America!!!!

1 year ago

Iran. Mullahs. A country held hostage. Iranis I know are fine people, wish the Mullahs gone. So sad everyone suffers for the fanatics.

1 year ago

Gee I’m surprise at the poll results. The Saudi oil fields is the most impact? We export oil now I think that has very little impact. As far as the GM workers, I don’t buy GM products anyway, so little impact there. Super low interest rates aren’t good, if everything goes rat crap and interest rates are already near zero, then you have nowhere to go to help things get going again.

1 year ago

I too thought there were too few choices that really mattered in this survey. Americans have got to get past economic or politically correct thinking. Any “act of war” implied or otherwise will impact all of us at anytime. Saudi Arabia is one of the richest nations on earth. Why should we be defending their economic interests? If it means our oil prices will go up, so be it. Let them sort out who was responsible and what should be done. If it was a total attack on their country it would be a different issue. Why do we always want to send OUR people to defend and police others. The greatest threat to us is Iran and will continue to be. However, this attack on Saudi Arabia was small by comparison to what an all out war would be. The greatest impact to our nation in our future is the rejection of God almighty. He has blessed this nation and made it what it is. Without Him we are doomed, but that is just what the left wants. One less nation as an obstacle to one world control. Regardless of what the left wants us to believe, mankind cannot solve the worlds problems by ourselves. Our day of reckoning is coming.

1 year ago

I believe the biggest threat to our country is the deep state coup against President Trump. These seditious people need to be indicted and prosecuted. Unless they’re held accountable, our constitution is at risk. Then, border issues, federal reserve, foreign policy, etc. won’t matter. That’s what the globalists want.

1 year ago

Odd poll. Nothing there to relate to really. GM workers going on strike is probably great for the country. They are overpaid and given ridiculous benefits. The more of them lose heart and get another job somewhere else, the better.
The Federal reserve has already destroyed the dollar. How is more posturing from them going to change anything?
War between Saudi Arabia and Iran? Irrelevant. We are the numbers one oil producer in the world, so how does that affect us?

Scott Davis
1 year ago

We live in a dangerous time with many different ways to cause great harm to our country and the world. China makes most of our medicine. Consider the what ifs on that. EMP can smoke all of our electric items, the grid, and anything with electronic devices. Consider the communist left’s agendas to transform our nation. Consider the insane debts our government has piled up and still adding, and what will happen when the world says Enough. What Happens if climate change idiots get their hands on our way of life?
Two more to think about. What if we get invaded by aliens intent on destroying America? Oh wait, we’re already there. Lastly, what will happen if Jesus returns to setup His Kingdom on Earth? Are you ready for that?

1 year ago

None of the poll questions are GOOD news with oil field question being the worst in my opinion, but worst of all is Democrats holding a majority position in either house of congress and especially as a president. Especially with the sorry cast of characters they’re running as possible candidates. On the plus side, I thing that any one of them will only appeal to a very small group of fringe left loonies.

Wade Mackey
1 year ago

Hopefully a number of nations would agree to isolate Iran and would also agree to keep shipping lanes open. If Iran cannot sell its oil, then Iran would be pressured to behave better, perhaps much better.

1 year ago

I think your polling outcome might be different if in your statement you indicated a positive outcome or a negative outcome.

Larry Wolf
1 year ago


1 year ago

As a retiree, the cost of gas has the most damaging potential for me. I’m done buying real estate, and don’t buy cars very often anymore, but a spike in gas prices can hurt my ability to get around. The cost of fuel has the greatest affect on the economy.

B. Kelly
1 year ago

I would think that all three options could affect most US citizens – maybe even others. There are really too many events coming down the pipe that have potential to threaten the US citizen and the sovereignty (spelling?) of the US. I recall a time when the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans was a one issue matter (or sometimes a few). Now the nation is divided to the point that I worry a solution will be a bloody and deadly one. I do not see much difference in the two parties personally but the rhetoric on both sides is divisive and the sheeple are buying it, biting it and running with it. If you want to argue my view then first, research the “log cabin republicans” vs the democrats who love them some ‘pride’ parades. Its just two sides of the same coin.
What happened to the Marriage Protection Act? Hello? Dubya? Hello? President Bush?
What happened to the caravan? Hello? President Trump?

Mari Ann Andrieux
1 year ago

quite a few of the replies on here refer to the left indoctrinating the children in our schools and colleges. It would be great if politics like this were outlawed in our schools. I believe this is the biggest threat to our country at this time. Democrats are doing everything and hiding nothing to gain sole control over our country. I am older and hope I am not around when this finally happened. but I also worried about my son and his family.

Ellen Lohmeyer
1 year ago

The many signs given to us about the end of time are being fully implemented right now. The last two say that a country whose parent country has a lion for its emblem will be hit with a weapon of mass destruction by a country whose emblem is a bear. Well, England was the lion and Iran (and Russia) has a bear. Now Iran is threatening us with all out war, and they talk about hitting America with an EMP. America is the New Babylon (only country that fits the full description and occurring here now) that is spoken about in the Bible. The other prediction says that a high ranking dangerous individual will be killed just before the end comes….Bin Lauden’s son was just killed there.

Jesse Church
1 year ago

Whoa! Amac didn’t think this poll out. Most people are concerned more about a socialist take over from Democrats. Good call people.

1 year ago

I must agree with many commenters that the choices listed, though important, are not the most umpactful concerns to my family’s life, or to any Americans in my opinion. We MUST protect the very foundations of our country! I agree with many that we’ve sold our kids down the river of indoctrination in our public schools, and the NEA is largely a part of that. It’s a “fait accomplis” by the socialists on the left that has taken years while America was asleep. I only hope and pray it’s not too late for us to regain ground and keep America standing firm on its foundations. Deunionize government employees of all kinds for one thing. I know this won’t be popular with some, but it should be elected officials and not govt employee unions, which have become too powerful (especially the NEA) deciding how taxpayer money is spent. They operate more like Democrat PACs than representatives of employees, spending member dues to lobby for positions that many members disagree with, but in many instances are required to be members and pay dues. I applaud right to work states where union membership can’t be required to hold a position, but there are loopholes that need to be fixed there too. We MUST remain diligent and fight for our country at the polls and in the public discourse — a difficult task with a far left unscrupulous media!!

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