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Many headlines this week are poised to affect the U.S. economy and national security. Which of these do you believe has the potential to MOST impact you and your family in the near future?

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The true threat to our country is the agenda of the left that has corrupted our educational system from kindergarten through grad school. Make no mistake. Those on the left know that if children are indoctrinated the future of the left is secure. Never has it been more important for parents to be aware of what their children are being taught.

Brian B

Our national debt is out of control and currently averages $67,000 for every American. Deceitful politicians can’t resist promising “free stuff.” That’s what too often helps get them elected. House Democrats (along with their “bipartisan” RINOs) are adding hundreds of billions of dollars to our national debt every year. We can be distracted by gas prices or striking auto workers or the antics of the Federal Reserve Board, but the obscene and wasteful spending of Congress is the economic poison that hurts every American. The Constitution was formed to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” We are not free if our future is mortgaged by our enemies. Washington needs to provide for the national defense. All else is little more than frosting that politicians use to buy votes. With a booming economy, it’s time to bring debt and spending under control.

Richard Metz

I think the biggest problem is the fake climate change pushed buy the education community and news media.


Our biggest threat is the left wing America-hating dems/progressives/socialists. They do everything possible to undermine what’s good about America embracing all kinds of immoral and moronic positions and policies.

If you ask a Dim what they stand for you get answers like: abortion, climate change, free stuff, unlimited federal spending, hate Trump, open borders, educational brainwashing of our youth and college students, hate the military, eliminate fossil fuels, etc. They do not have one policy that will actually benefit America; everything they support is bad for our country.

Keith H

Every selection is garbage !! “D” is my answer NONE OF THE ABOVE, # 1. Get rid of the Federal Reserve !! # 2. Screw GM, they owe the American People Billions of dollars, stop buying their products and fine them out of existence. To Hell with that union. And # 3. Get our troops out of the Middle East. Let them kill each other !! Put our troops on our borders and let them round up the commies in our country !! Screw the poppy fields of Afghanistan, Screw Saudi Arabia, let them go back to screwing their camels and living in the dirt !!!

Ken H

The real problem in our country is the low life dem politicians and liberals pushing news of recession so they can hurt everyday working people. They think this is the only way they can grab back political power. Most of the low life media support the dems because they are scared to death about losing their influence and high paying jobs. It’s sad to see so many people hate our country who contribute nothing to it.

James Sheetz

When I saw the crowds of indoctrinated children protesting “climate change” I thought of Palestinian children taught hatred of Jews and the west in their schools and realized how thoroughly the left has taken over the schools.


The true threat to our country is the agenda of the left that has corrupted our educational system from kindergarten through grad school. Make no mistake. Those on the left know that if children are indoctrinated the future of the left is secure. Never has it been more important for parents to be aware of what their children are being taught.

Fr. Demetrios

I am concerned by some of the comments. It has been my understanding that people with sincere conservative views do not attack a person’s character, as some of the people have done in response to this poll. True, I too do not always find the poll questions to be challenging ones. However, every news release that I have read from the AMAC President has been well written. Also, I am very pleased that AMAC is solidly pro-life — both in word and in action. And that alone makes me thankful to be a member.

Dennis R

Dumb Poll!! but as long as you ask: The slave owners (Union Bosses/Democrats) want Pres.Trump out of office and by calling strikes of major industries will create a false narrative in the economy. Unemployment will go up, especially minorities, Consumer confidence will go down, causing stock market to plunge. All you will see on the false news channels/papers will be about all the strikes in the nation, and of course they will blame Pres. Trump! Democrats want war and they really have no idea who they will be at war with? Bibles & guns will win!!! You saw Fri, the Socialist around the world (including America’s Democrat Party) protesting climate change, these are GODLESS people who have managed to control our children. We should all be Praying for our Nation and our World!!

Gayla S M

None of the options really are not effecting my day. What does is the Democrats still spending taxpayers $$$ to undo an election in 2016 and the public schools brainwashing our youth to give them a future base. So much of the reason we have generations of entiled and whining lazy ppl in our Nation is from the last couple of decades of indoctrinated school children. So, to all you hate filled and lunatic evil educators (you know who you are) you will be judged for all your harm to children, you sold your soul!

Michael Dargon

I don’t understand why we are even considering defending Saudi Arabia as they are the scum that attacked our country on 911!!! Let Saudi Arabia and Iran deal with one another. We have problems of our own internally i.e. the Dems!


War is and should be terrifying. President Trump has restored much our strength but America has enemies amongst us now. How can or federal government’s number one duty to protect us have gotten so far away in the congress.

Doug R

Not mentioned is the horrifying fact that in 7 days over 14,000 babies have been slaughtered in mother’s wombs across this nation. This national American holocaust continues day in and day out with no action on the horizon to stop this wicked butchering of babies in the name of “women’s rights.” Probably half those babies killed are girls and they only have the right to remain silent forever. It is time for Americans to wake up to the fact that America is not only not great again, but one of the most wicked nations in regards to slaughtering the innocent (63 millions since ’73).

Mike E

Should have had a “D” selection “None of the Above”. That would have been mine.


Many people on here get too upset about some of these polls. The question does ask which of “THESE” headlines, which means the headlines listed, not all headlines. Of course the fake news headlines are nearly all designed to help usher in an economic downturn or trash our President. They are after all, the propaganda arm of the socialist Democrats.

Bob L.

The least of concern is the auto workers strike as such strikes are all a part of the game of wages vs corporate profits and the game has been played for as long s there have been big companies, even longer than there have been labor unions. More of a concern is the continued unconstitutional economic manipulations by the “Creature From Jekyll Island” – the FED. But to me, the big one is our continued involvement in the Middle East and it’s centuries long perpetual fighting among the different factions of Islam. The root of our intrusion there is and has been oil and the big oil companies “investments” there. Maybe not so much an issue of oil with being in Afghanistan, A big reason given is (Treasonous, New World Order, Council On Foreign Relations based recommendations) to fighting terrorism after 9/11/01, but we were there before then and if… Read more »

Rob Gianazza

This is a Saudi problem. We need to exercise caution. We need to understand who is manipulating the events and what their goals are. This is not as obvious as it may appear.


I also believe there should have been a D .I had a hard time choosing but I chose to take the poll. So in that spirit I do believe the left’s agenda to push us towards socialism is the greatest threat to this country.
They are trying to place government above God. They’re trying to change our history and teach our children to be slaves 2 the people who make our laws and depend on them for survival. You’re trying to shame people into acting their way or suffer consequences from the actions that they took even in their childhood. We all make mistakes if you realize that try to correct your behavior and move forward doing your best that’s the best you can do.


Praise to AMAC for encouraging honest, respectful dialogue – vital to citizens genuinely devoted to national, economic and spiritual security – in this peculiar and deficient age of conflict. Thoughtful Brian B; Diane; Will.