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Have you ever experienced a prescription drug shortage when seeking medical care?

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These questions are misleading. To some a failure on part of the pharmacy to keep on hand stock may appear to some to be a shortage. A prepoll statement should be made to clarify this. I have the deluxe plan “D” prescription insurance policy but have been prescribed Repatha by Amgen. Even with the insurance I had to seek aid because the drug cost was prohibitive. Cost is more of an issue than availability.

The Freezing Senior

I am hearing rumors that big pharma has developed a pill which cures stupidity and is being kept under wraps
because the politicians and fake news media don’t want it released.


I am a pharmacist and the Director of Pharmacy at a state Psychiatric hospital. I certainly understand everyone’s frustration but let me make a few points as to why there are drug shortages. My hospital has experienced quite a few over the past few years. First, drug shortages started popping up when more brand name drugs became available in generic form. Generic drug companies have scrambled , over the years, to be compliant with FDA rules and regulations regarding proper manufacturing standards. Many companies have had to “fix” their manufacturing plants to be compliant and show safety at the same time. Secondly, HMO, PBM ( pharmacy benefit managers, and GPO ( Group purchasing organizations), have put major pressures on manufactures and repackaging companies to offer the lowest prices possible. Unfortunately this drives competitors out of the market because it is no longer profitable to make and distribute a drug product.… Read more »

Bob L.

I’ve only had one prescription in recent years and did not request to have it renewed when it expired.
From now on, I am going to look to natural alternatives rather than commercial pharmaceuticals should I need medications.
Many prescription drugs, other than opioids have so many side effects, they seem no better or even worse than the conditions
they are treating, including suicidal risks.

Brian B

The Pharmaceutical Industries are in the business of selling drugs, the more the better. They flooded the nation with opioids, and with complicit AMA doctors, prescribed this nation into an opioid epidemic. The only “shortages” are by design. They are strategies to force price increases. Americans need to wake up to the fact that pharmaceutical companies care far more about your money than about your health.


This does not address the issue. USA citizen consumers are being gouged by Prescription Companies/Lobbyist to line their pockets! Increase drug costs to Middle Working class to give out free to non workers living off the system.


Doctors are just prescribing prescriptions to make money rather than do what is right for the consumer. If possible the consumer should attempt at national remedies if at all possible.

Steve P.

More irritating has been the refusal by Tri-Care to fill a prescription for a drug because “they” felt there was a less expensive alternative and not willing to approve the more expensive and more effective medication. I have only had one incident where a drug was unable because of dispute over cost between supplier an E-scripts.


I wanted to take the poll about the prescription drug shortage but none of the answers pertain to me. I HAVE experienced a prescription drug shortage but realized it early enough to get the balance from the pharmacy before I needed them. You should always count your pills – even pharmacists make mistakes. And sometimes, THEY run out so they give you what they’ve got but forget to give you the balance when they get more.

Earl Belz

I do know there’s a big gaming going on with prescription drugs. I’m 63 and use a Christian Care type of insurance. Basically it’s catastrophic insurance so I pay for all routine exams and services out of my pocket and all of my meds. Fortunately I’m only on one prescription. But unless you’re on you toes the cost of your meds can vary by a couple of hundred percent. I was using Costco for my statin and bought a 90 day supply of generic Crestor for 40.00. Three months later Costco was going to ship my next 90 day supply at a cost of 140.00 and it was the same drug. I called them and they stated that the sharp rise in increase was due to their costs of the last batch they bought. I used my MedRx app while on the phone with Costco and found a 90 day… Read more »


They gave me a few pills and had to come back to town in a few days to get rest


delays constantly, due to insurance companies (medicare) refusing to refill any Rx prior to 26 days since prior fill. This is a problem for people who only are able to get to town once every 2 weeks or who are traveling. Insurance companies are practicing medicine when they refuse to fill Dr Rx for 60 days & will only fill for 30.


My company canceled our coverage and Express Scripts knew we would go to another plan within a month and refused to supply one of my prescriptions. When my wife and I were considering a new prescription plan the basic one ($300 a year) would only include one of my prescriptions, the $800 a year higher plan would only include two of my three prescriptions. My doctor advised us to look online for a Canadian source, which saved a LOT of money. At the Canadian pharmacy a year’s supply of all three of my prescriptions (generic) would cost less than $400. Wish I had researched them years ago.

joseph Kiesznoski

the freeloaders are backing up medical care, In buffalo they use the an ambulance just to go to the hospital for an aspirn.


I am very blessed that I don’t need to take any kind of prescription meds. I didn’t vote since I don’t know, but I haven’t heard my friends saying they have problems.

Alice Rohrbach

Only when Humans refused to fill as prescribed.