It is still possible for a 50-50 Senate with two runoff races in Georgia. Which of these is MOST concerning should Democrats regain that chamber? Please choose three.

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1 year ago

Every one is troubling.

S Burton
1 year ago

They all concern me, all of them are a danger. They all contribute to the advancement of socialism in this country!

AJ Bernat
1 year ago

I agree with many of the others who responded to this poll that either an “All of the above” or more than 3 was needed to correctly allow people to vote and accurately reflect the voters!

1 year ago

Pick one? We cannot just pick one all of these are concerning and need addressed at every turn if need be.

Douglas Herndon
9 months ago
Reply to  Kellie

It says to pick 3 not 1! Although I agree I can’t even pick 3 they all need to be addressed!!!!!!

1 year ago

All of the above!

Doc B
1 year ago

These are all very significant reasons that we cannot let the fraudulent election results stand. It is NOT POSSIBLE that a candidate who has failed twice previously, is clearly showing signs that his cognitive capabilities have departed, who has been compromised by his (and his son’s) dealings with the Communist Chinese and other foreign players, got the most votes of any Presidential candidate in history. The cheating was so egregious that they overplayed their hand as the left and their lap dogs, the media always do. Are you telling me that 1000’s of affidavits alleging fraud are to be discounted but one anonymous whistle blower can start a Presidential impeachment??? This is the end of our democratic republic.

1 year ago

All of the above, but mostly the loss of the 2nd amendment, due process, and freedom of religion.

1 year ago

If the DemonRats gain control of the senate, this country may not recover. Any one of these things being implemented will cause massive destruction, but if all are put in place, it’s GAME OVER for this country. This poll didn’t even mention reparations, free college, and blowing up the filibuster. Lord have mercy on our country.

shawn r.
1 year ago

I agree that each item on the list will contribute to the destruction of America as we know it. But, what concerns me most is that even with Republicans winning both run-offs, the Republicans really won’t control the Senate–as we have seen many times recently when the likes of Romney, Collins, Murkowski, R. Paul choose to vote with the “opposition”! While I detest the platform and personnel of this current batch of Democrats, I must commend them for their consistent support of Party Platform. While they have their squabbles amongst themselves, they “tow the party line” with very few holdouts. Republicans CANNOT say the same!

Richard Schaut
1 year ago

I can’t believe this is going on in our country. Where have we gone as a God fearing country. I’m happy and feel safe as Donald J. Trump as our President! God help us if sleepy and lazy get into the White House.

Leslie Wise
1 year ago

Packing the Supreme Court is not a good option in fact it is a terrible option. FDR wanted to do this and was discouraged from doing so. Years ago the Supreme Court actually rode the circuit and expanded in order to meet that need. They no longer ride the circuit so the current makeup of the court is adequate for the job. If the Democrats do pack the court what is to say that the Republicans will do the same when they regain power?

Bob N.
1 year ago

I’m concerned about all 8 items. I don’t trust the Democrats at all.

1 year ago

AMAC needs to be more prominently advertised. Most people only know AARP UNFORTUNATELY!

1 year ago


Sharon Burke
1 year ago

Everything listed scares me to death for this country and everyone in it.

Jacquline Richter
1 year ago

All of the above. Woe to Americans if the Dems gain control. Dear God, please expose the evil and voter fraud for what it is and keep President Trump on another 4 years.

1 year ago

All of these as well as the new ties he will make with China, the agreement with Iran, and any other world policies Biden will come up with. it sounds like he is already planning to weaken our military as well. It will be like the 8 years of Obama or worse!!

Jim Fitts
1 year ago

I am afraid that Biden will be removed from office and Harris will ram her Socialist agenda to the United States to the detriment of the workers and to the middle class.

John E.
1 year ago

I agree, with the ALL of the above. Evil never stops. So lets keep upthe good fight

Mike Denno
1 year ago

All of the above issues above or very important. And I cannot vote for just one. All of the issues need to be addressed; we need smaller much more accountable government, the opposite of what the left wants.

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