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Extreme Risk Protection Orders (“red flag” laws) temporarily remove guns from people deemed “troubled.” They have passed in 17 states (red and blue) with bipartisan support. A proposed federal law provides funding and training incentives, but no mandate, for states to pass their own. Which BEST describes your view of a federal law?

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Scott Chapin

This poll is irrelevant. The correct answer is omitted. It VIOLATES due process. End of story. The Second Amendment is ancillary.


It is a slippery slope to give the government agency that much power. What law will be next to strip more freedoms from the masses?

Frank D. Rigelwood Sr.

I entered L.E. January 3 1977, and retired 25 years later. My agency would calls advising us that someone was a “danger to themselves or someone else”. An officer would be dispatched to look into the accusation. The call would go something like this. I would arrive and make contact with the person, I would explain my presence there and start up a “conversation”. During this conversation I would be looking for any signs that would lead me to believe a threat existed. Most of the time the person who called was there and would voluntarily would admit to calling and why. Now, if I felt the person was a threat ( most of the time it would be more than obvious), the person would be placed under a protective custody arrest, and restrained. Followed with transport to one of our hospitals, where they would be held for observation. Before… Read more »

Brian B

Today: “red flag laws,” Tomorrow: a red flag with a hammer and sickle. Chairman Mao ordered the murder of millions of unarmed Chinese, and buried them in trenches. The Second Amendment was added to our Founding Documents so that a similar evil will never happen in America. The words: “shall not be infringed” may be the only thing standing between us and communist tyranny.

Adam Clayton

When lawmakers call the NRA terrorists, we cannot trust them with the decisions on who is crazy. NEVER!


The philosophy behind red-flag laws is to protect people by preemptively nullifying a personal right of someone who might be prone to abusing that right, possibly leading to the harm of someone else. The right being targeted by red-flag laws is the right to self defense by possession of firearms. Using the same philosophy, how would a red-flag type law work if the targeted right is, instead, the freedom of speech? Let’s call it a Rude-flag Law. So under the Rude-flag Law, it is reported by someone to authorities that a specific public speaker might deliver an address that could possibly cause enormous emotional distress to others who hear it and think it is very rude. The speaker is, with the consent of a judge, subsequently forbidden to express his/her ideas anywhere. Also, the first time the speaker learns he/she has been reported under the Rude-flag Law is when the… Read more »

Ted & Carolyn

Having had personal experience with “a family member being institutionalized” for “observation” of mental instability when the true reason was pure greed regarding distribution of an estate where a will existed favoring the “disturbed” person, I see great danger of misuse of any red flag law which allows an accusation to override constitutional rights.

Jack Thomas

To quote Lysander Spooner, a 19th Century abolitionist, lawyer, essayist, and self-avowed anarchist: “TO BAN GUNS BECAUSE CRIMINALS USE THEM, IS TO TELL THE LAW-ABIDING THAT THEIR RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES ARE NOT DEPENDENT ON THEIR OWN CONDUCT, BUT ON THE CONDUCT OF THE GUILTY AND THE LAWLESS.” Federal gun legislation has never stopped mass murder, nor have more gun control laws enacted by the States. “Red Flag” laws will not prevent terrorists and criminals from buying guns illegally, or stealing them. That’s a wholly separate issue from reporting a mentally unstable person to law enforcement because they may pose a threat to the safety of others. The latter involves “due process” and the courts which takes time. And, as recent history has shown, our legal system has failed miserably in preventing tragedies from happening. The FBI, for example, was warned about the Parkland, Florida high school shooter yet he dropped… Read more »


Fear (feigned or real) from one person turns another person into an automatic criminal based on only an accusation, immediately denying that person their 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 14th Amendment protected rights. Only after proving innocence in “hearings” can they then petition to have those rights restored. This is directly opposite to US jurisprudence which requires that GUILT be proven IN COURT with witnesses and evidence and the accuser met, BEFORE rights can be TAKEN. As such there is NO ‘red flag law’ that is Constitutional, as each one violates the supremacy clause which requires that all laws be “pursuant to” the Constitution. These are not. Not even a little bit. “Red flag” is a good description of these laws – not because they act on any ‘red flags’ (credible indicators) but because they usher in the first step in government’s ability to control people based threats and fear…like Mao… Read more »


Red Flag Law is a door opener to gun control. In my 73 years I have seen every well-intentioned law become expanded to serve a politically controlling government. Look at the number of laws we have now compared to 1950. The world’s values have changed so the good laws of old have gone and numerous laws of special interests have all of the government attorneys buzzing around to see how to serve their lobbyists not the people.


Actually there should be a national law banning “red flag laws”. The constitution is suppose to overrule states. We are guaranteed due process.

Glenna Leupp

Oppose. Who determines what “troubled” means. Once a bill is passed it is only a matter of time before someone will determine that conservatives and/or Christians are “trouble or intolerant .”
Good intentions. But I question real motives.

James Hood

What part of “shall not be infringed” do they not understand?

Scott Vian

I call into remembrance the ERA amendment. “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” It has not been ratified and look at the mess we’re in! No more politically correct “Men and Women’ public restrooms . While I was in college in the late 1970’s the debate over ERA was big news. When the misguided were informed of the possible interpretation that restrooms could be made unisex they scoffed at the idea. The response? THEY would never do that! That’s disgusting. So think about it. The LEFT would love to call Christians unstable. That could be you or your neighbors. The ones that would step up to defend your rights. O but their guns were taken and you’re left on your own. Remember words are just words. The interpretation and who is making… Read more »

Charles Pulaski

I am sick of left wing news, I am sick of the demonrats and RINOs, And I am sick of just plain sick of stupid and brainwashed people.

J Cherry

“shall not be infringed”. Plain language, but so many find it inconvenient.


We already have enough laws. We just need them enforced. Unfortunately the laws we have are not enforced.


If the person is a threat put the person in protective custody. Leave my property alone


Reading Frans story below sounds like he is a very conscientious law enforcement officer. However there have been instances where the law has been abused. California is such a place where the police arrived to home owner’s home and removed all his legally owned guns because his wife had been prescribed medication that was considered anti depression medication. The medication was prescribed for something other than depression and he spent some time in court to get his guns back.

Scott Schnelle

I’m unable to participate in this poll because I’m in agreement with Scott Chapin. The correct answer is not listed,