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Do you think the final Mueller report on the Russia investigation should be made public in its entirety, or not?

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Greg M.

How about make one of the choices be to make public everything that can be made public. There are elements of the report, as Barr said, that cannot, by law, be made public, grand jury testimony, etc. That is my preference.

Brian B

Attorney General William Barr cannot legally release the Mueller Report unredacted in its entirety. The Democrats know this. The Democrats and their mainstream media co-conspirators merely want to suggest to the American public that the President and his AG are trying to conceal evidence of some heretofore undisclosed criminal activity. Their complaints (as usual) are nothing but pure politics designed to deceive. But Democrats should be careful what they wish for. Mueller’s Report undoubtedly has many “loose-ends” that could eventually lead to the indictments of key Democrats. Obama, Hillary and their Deep State Operatives may have to be fitted out in orange jumpsuits once Barr has completed the investigation that Mueller’s team only began. Poetic justice at it’s finest. MAGA


It doesn’t matter whether it is released or not. The Democrats will interpret it the way they want to spin it. They wouldn’t recognize truth if it slapped them in the face.


AG Barr, by law cannot simply release the report without first redacting all grand jury testimony, anything related to national security or other items clearly specified in the federal law governing this report. Barr has stated he plans to release the report, within a week or so, adhering to these lawful guidelines. To do otherwise, as your survey seems to suggest, would be a violation of federal law and grounds for his dismissal and arrest. I would have hoped AMAC would have bothered to research what the guidelines are for the release of the Mueller Report, but it seems not. Instead it seems AMAC, like the Democrat Party and left-wing MSM seems to think the law should only be followed when it is convenient. Sad, very sad.


I agree with Greg M. and PaulE., Except for Paul E’s last sentence. AMAC should have included a fourth option to release all that can be legally made public. AMAC certainly did not do its homework on this poll. As asked it is invalid. Brian B. provides a very concise and thoughtful analysis, as well.

Jim forry

It’s over our President did no wrong. Let it be done. Better things to spend time and money on. Like the wall and term limits. Also let’s go after the lying cheating democrats

Dave O

I can not vote in the poll because there is no appropriate choice. Of course, I want the report made public but only the parts that can legally be shared. The entire report, by law, can not be made public.

michael towler

Release that which the law allows and the dems can suck wind over the rest. Now let’s get ont to important problems, like investigating, arresting and incarcerating prominent dems and rinos who were involved in this sham.

Gina F

I would like to see the proof published that shows out president has never colluded with the Russians and I would like to see the evidence that the Obama Admin did to spy and cause damage to President Trump. The man has worked his butt off for America while these past presidents proceeded to break laws right and left and get rich off the people. President Trump has had his name put through the ringer and it is time that msm hang up their bull and start once again reporting facts and not their fiction writings.


How about we make public all the corrupt activities of hilarious clinton, the obamanation, and all their cronies! Then , put them in prison
for crimes against the state.

Natalie Quill

Can’t answer the way the questions are written



Karen Bursley

I think anything that is legal should be made public. Whatever is not, should remain private. We need to start enforcing our laws. They are out there for a reason.

Michael G

Your question does not allow an honest complete answer as the answer choices don’t correctly associate with the started questions.

The Freezing Senior

All about the soft coup against POTUS.
Our tax dollars paid for it, and now we DEMAND transparency,
let the chips fall where they may.

Jeffery K West

I would like to see it made public. As long as it is done legally according to the law.


I voted for the public release but I think that all info. Should not be released. Under the law for security reasons there are parts that should not be told, grand jury info and names are not to be released. I should have voted Not to release because of the wording.

Marvin B. Daniel Peláez

I think the issue is about the report being redacted vs. not being redacted. There was no option to select “choose to release redacted report publicly.”

William J Wiggins

The report should be made public with the redaction’s in place.


The Mueller report is one big can of worms, so I don’t think I’d like to open it.
For those who enjoy fishing expeditions, such as CNN and other MSM, they could stay occupied for years!