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HR1 blueprint electoral takeover

Do you support the recent push by the Democratic Party to eliminate the Electoral College?

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The Freezing Senior


To All; Why the Electoral Collage must be defended at all costs.

If you want to see how the once beautiful city of Seattle has been defiled by the vile DEMOCRATS
who run this city, I would encourage all to go to YouTube and search for the KOKO TV documentary “Seattle Is Dying”.
It is an hour long shocking lesson why DEMOCRATS must NEVER be allowed to control/run anything.
I guarantee that you will be disgusted and repulsed to the core of your very being.
If the DEMOCRATS are successful at killing the Electoral Collage the same fate will befall all of America in short order.
They must be stopped before it is to late.



If you can’t win according to the rules, then the rules must be changed – This is the typical liberal left strategy.

John VanHart

The fact is that our nation was founded as a contitutional republic, protecting the rights of the individual. The idea of our country being a democracy where the majority rules is certainly not what the constitution states and exactly what our founding fathers wanted to prevent.


Not only should we keep the Electoral College, we should raise the voting age to 21 and/or those that have skin in the game. Why should some maggot infested, dope smoking FM type be allowed to vote to raise my taxes? The dependent state of America is already an overwhelming voter block.


The Electoral College is in The Constitution to protect smaller, less populated states from the larger more populated states. If you allow the Electoral College removed from The Constitution, they you will disenfranchise every state across the United States save those on the East and West Coasts as well as the big cities that are controlled by the Democrat Party.
If you want “One Party Rule”, then do nothing. Just sit and complain as your taxes go up and your quality of life goes down.
Our system of government may not be perfect, but at least here you have a voice in how your Nation is run. Use your voice, exercise your vote!!
Stop the destruction of Our Constitution!

John Venet

No, I don’t agree with the popular vote to elect the President. The fifty states must have a fair representation, no matter what the general population. We cannot let 3 or 4 states dictate what happens to the combined United States.

Dan W.

Keep the Electoral College with one tweak: Don’t allow states to split their Electoral College vote by congressional district.

Splitting a state’s vote by congressional district only encourages gerrymandering which brings out the worst in both political parties. If a candidate wins a state, that candidate should get all of that state’s electoral votes.

L Green

The Dem’s are so far out of step and could care less about the betterment and existence of this country. I really resent paying their wages. Send them all back to where they came from, The true citizens are getting fed up with all of them. By the way you can send a few from the other side back too! Don’t let THEM destroy this country!

Keep the Electoral College and stop them from destroying the Founding Fathers original intent. Wake UP America before it is too late

Chris Nicholas

The Electoral College If you’ve been paying just a little bit of attention to U.S. political news you’ve heard some politicians express the opinion that the Electoral College is an outdated concept and should be abolished in favor of a direct election where every citizen casts a vote and the winner of the popular vote becomes President of The United States. If you listen more intently you’ll find that this idea is being pushed by presidential candidates who lost elections because they didn’t win in the Electoral College even though they won the popular vote. There have been 58 Presidential elections and in 53 of those (91%) the winner of the popular vote won the Electoral College vote. So before abolishing the Electoral College it is important to know why the Founding Fathers explicitly incorporated it into the Constitution. To understand why we have to go back to the first… Read more »


Keep the Electoral College. Eliminate all Democrats.


If you want CA, NY and IL to determine who will be president, then eliminating the electoral college which is a democratic dream. Couple this with illegals voting, 16 year olds voting and no voter photo ID and I would expect the end of the 2 party system. This would set the stage for the radical socialist programs the democrats are pushing especially if they can pack the supreme court to rubber stamp programs that would currently be called unconstitutional. All these changes would turn this country into 3rd world nation and destroy the greatest wealth creating machine this world has ever known.

Larry iverson

The United States has the best government system in the world , the radicals are to ignorant to realize it. The democrats don’t even want the constitution taught in school, and that is how corrupt they are for power, keeping people ignorant of a great republic.
The only reason is power for a few, not for the improvement of the government for its citizens.


This would mean the left leaning people of California and New York would determine most of our elections.


This movement is an attempted coup to take down our Republic and create a dumbacracy run by the mob, a form of government loathed by our Founders.


Desparete Democrats are loosing their small minds

Ralph D Kelly

Those people that voted to eliminate the electoral college should go join aarp…diehard socialist communist democrats.


Not only do I think it is necessary on a federal level, I believe it should be enacted on a state level. It would seriously cut down on fraud because 1 county-1 vote! And densely populated cities would cease to determine the vote for the entire state!

Robert Megee

Those that want to eliminate the electoral college are miss guided and need to read about the French Revolution.

Jesse Church

Democracy is a form of bullying. 51% of people can tell the other 49% how to live.


I do think it matters at a stae level i live in colorado and they want to give my vote to the popular vote weather or not you voted for the popular it is unconstitutional and illigal