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Do you agree with the decision by Senate Republicans to delay the confirmation vote on Judge Kavanaugh for a week to conduct an FBI investigation?

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2 years ago

In hindsight maybe he was not a good choice.

Peter Draper
2 years ago

If they did not extend the investigation the lies would never been exposed and it kept the conversation going for the midterm!

Art Arlo
3 years ago

Now the truth is our about Fords past. She was no angel and the LEFT was going to use her to ruin good sitting Judge and a good man

Rlchard Tingley
3 years ago

Keep it up Mr. Presidential
I believe, God is pleased with your performance.

May God, protect you and your family.

God Bless America!!!!

Paula Gorski
3 years ago

Thoroughness, Justice, honesty and fair play should be the guidelines for any judicial ;investigation. How much faith do we have in our investigative agency (the FBI) if we have them repeat the task six times? That decision fails to promote confidence in that agency or the brilliant minds that conjured up the remedy. Unfortunately, we have now crossed a line of civilized behavior and ventured into an area previously deemed “off limits” and for good reason. Now we pay the price!

3 years ago

If they had not delayed the vote swing Senators like Flake or Collins might not have voted favorably. But it was not really necessary as Kavanaugh had been investigated 6 times before every time he got a new federal position. The hardcore Dems where hoping to delay the vote until after the midterms of which they expect a blue wave to occur.

3 years ago

Once again, the dems brought forth their dirtiest, and rotten tricks [and lowlife people – accusers], to delay this nomination! I do hope [and honestly believe] the American people will see through this chicanery, and will agree with the final appointment of a good man, who doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment! The dems have stooped to an all time low! Let them now pay through the elections!!

Paul Matuszak
3 years ago

I agree and here is why…

The whole Ford, et al, deal is a political hit job directed not only at the Honorable Justice/Dr. Kavanaugh, JD, but against the foundations of liberty, prosperity, and the rule of law upon which the nation is founded. The investigation is part of a very strategic plan to avoid mud-slinging politics as usual. Instead, it exposes the oligarchs’ attempts to manipulate the useful idiots and taint the truth with false perceptions. Andrew Breitbart once said that sunlight is the best disinfectant. The transparency created with the investigation focuses that sunlight onto the fallacies created by the left’s narrative. Senator Graham said it best when he said that the accusations were not about confirming the right person for the job, but about fear of losing power (in this case, the power to molest the law and Constitution into a weapon of force to be used against any who will not bow before our Marxist betters).

3 years ago

Why not?
She is not believable and the FBI can see that! Don’t you just wonder who is paying the know nothings that are protesting???

3 years ago

I’m so tired of delays and yet, it appears that the resistance is self-destructing, so what do I know? I just wish there was some way to restore Judge Kavanaugh’s good standing in EVERYONE’S mind, in short order.

Jeffrey Smith
3 years ago

Let’s just make sure we all get out there and vote our Republican reps and sens into office. That way, we can put an end to this disgusting trash perped by Dems.

Carol G.
3 years ago

Learned long time ago you can’t reason with a drunk, dope addict or a democrat.

3 years ago

Confirm the man. This trial is a joke. It would not even make it to a regular court given the lack of evidence.

Rosalyn Shrader
3 years ago

I agree, but only because it gives the Democratic ploy the opportunity to implode.

3 years ago

It’s amazing in this era and,the Dems are going backwards in time. What happened to our education system did it not reach the Dems? Innocent until proven guilty!!!!

Phil Warthen
3 years ago

Let’s get it right this time and put the lies away for good.

Gary S
3 years ago

Unfortunately it was forced upon us by so called Republican Senator Flake, who is as liberal as any democrat. If there ever a time for implementing term limits, this proves that time is now.

3 years ago

Wonder who thought it would be a good idea to put a show on CBS to glorify the FBI? After what we’ve seen in the last several months, who trusts the FBI? Not me! Now the Senate wants to employ the same agency to investigate Judge K. Think I’ll watch a rerun of “Mr. Smith goes to Washington”.

Holly Cannan
3 years ago

I found the whole charade disgusting. That fine man and his family have been crucified.

Linda & Clarence Crow
3 years ago

the ignorant Reps. need removal….sweep ’em out….they’re losers along with the dems….prob so entrenched and bought as to be worthless to constitutional causes even.

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