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Do you agree with President Trump’s decision to remove American troops from Syria?

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1 year ago

It seems the man who would be caliph was determined to invade Syria on the pretext of establishing a, what?, Safe Zone to protect Turkish citizens from the ravages of Kurdish fighters, who want autonomy for their people. President Trump got our troops out of harm’s way to prevent a confrontation the U.S. doesn’t need,or want. That guy, Erdogan, is a scheming, conniving, ambitious leader of a people so immersed in a religious political foundation of aggressively spreading what they deem their faith that they encourage the behaviors of their leaders and tolerate the sacrifices imposed upon them for the “greater good.” Trump was right. Get our people out of the way so those people can kill each other.

1 year ago

What does, “Comment awaiting moderation” mean?

B. Kelly
1 year ago


Capt Boom, USMC
2 years ago

As the President has access to intelligence, diplomacy, and information that few other Americans have clearance to be knowledgeable about; It should be essentially known that the movement of forces is for the best in the circumstances. At least the President Trump administration is NOT abandoning military and diplomats when with a little forewarning better outcomes are ensured. America First, America Primarily, Americans always. The President gets it.

Veteran that has had actionable “inside” intelligence in a former time.

Ned Dodds
2 years ago

It seems that, as the moat provided by two oceans became ineffective protection, the USA was fortunate enough to be the only intact large economy to survive WW2 and the only one able to afford to help rebuild the devastated countries. We did that then continued to allow them to sponge off our generosity.

In addition, during Europe’s Empire building period European countries drew artificial national boundaries in other lands that had little relationship to the ethnic group historical territories and the USA has continued to support what they did. The inhabitants of those regions are just as smart as we are and should be allowed to work out their differences by themselves. We should ask Russia and other interlopers to back off and let the native populations do what they must. They will still sell us their petroleum – they need the money.

What USA “interests” might be beyond that aren’t clear. Mutual defense doesn’t seem as relevant as it once did due to the range of modern weapons. I’m enthralled by Richard Maybury’s statements of the two fundamental natural laws: “(1) Do all you have agreed to do and (2) Do not encroach on other person’s or their property”.

2 years ago

The Pentagon makes (secret) military decisions, that the world, including the US, need not know about. The military experts along with the president can do what is best for the safety and security of this nation and our soldiers. Too bad the media needs to stick it’s noses, with their own added sensationalism, in places it has no business.

2 years ago

I agree with Pres Trump on this one. A lot of these politicians are free with someone else’s blood – they don’t send their kids to do any fighting nor do they fight themselves. I’ve found that most of these pols are armchair Generals. I don’t ever recall meeting the son of a politician while I was in the Army.

Fred schneider
2 years ago

The democratic wanted to defend turkey’s border put want open Southern borders At US

2 years ago

If they haven’t learned how to fight by now!!!
We can’t babysit them forever!

2 years ago

Unfortunately, as usual, your poll did not allow sufficient choices and, itself, was biased in the questions/options offered. While I generally agree with the president’s opinion on Middle East endless wars, and with the futility of remaining in Syria supporting the Kurds and opposing ISIS, the decision and announcement was VERY POORLY executed. There was no indication of consultation and agreement or dissent by the SECDEF and JCS, for one thing. There was no discussion on these Syrian Kurds vs. Iraqi Kurds–is there a difference; and, mostly, there was no indication of NATO consultation or direct consultation with Turkey–supposedly, a NATO ally.

As a veteran and a former Joint Staff member, I know the level of planning and contingency options the military does for any conceivable situation, but the administration has caused angst among both the House and Senate–on both sides of the political spectrum–by failing to inform the public. This would have been a perfect opportunity for the president to speak to the American people shortly after his decision was made, to help mollify or assuage concerns on both sides of the argument. Will these Syrian Kurds now go to Russia or elsewhere to gain protection? Russia has sold/given arms to both Turkey and the Kurds; I don’t believe the US has squandered its past support to the Kurds with this action, but the news (both main stream leftist media and others) and the lack of communications ability by the administration (I’m sick of hearing administration news only on Twitter) was a factor in the knee-jerk reaction by so many.

As Americans, we just want to know the president is listening to the advice and counsel of his DoD (SECDEF and JCS) and DHS leadership and not making rash decisions. Can we still contain ISIS now that the Turks have broken down the gates to the prisons holding them? I like Arnie’s comment, already posted. Let’s have these polls offer unbiased options. Yes, we want to support the president, but we need to have all the facts, and this move may have been made to meet a campaign promise, but it could have been accompanied by better informing the American citizenry that it was weighed consideration–not just a rash decision without counsel.

Cathy A
2 years ago

Let countries fight their own battles! We are not the world police! Remove are troops and bring them home!

2 years ago

By pulling out our troops, President Trump forces Congress to take the appropriate steps to vote on a declaration of war. If he had left the troops in and allowed them to actively engage, the Dems would have called him a “war monger” and claimed he needed their declaration. Bottom line….no matter what he chose, the Left was going to attempt to spin it to suit their narrative. The President should address America, sharing his concerns about the instability in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East. He should make it clear that if we are to engage in the battle alongside the Kurds, Congress will need to do their job and declare war. During an important address of this nature, he should NOT take the bait of the Leftist trolls and make NO mention of the push for impeachment or any of their other witch hunts. By doing this, he is distinctly “Presidential”.

Marybeth Erickson
2 years ago

Plus how many of our guys got shot by the curds they were helping. Alot if them turned around and shot our guys dead. They are getting blown up by road side bombs. there is no helping them stop this, bring our guys homr

Mike Hoftman
2 years ago

I agree that USA troops should be withdrawn. BUT a big BUT they needed to be replaced by UN troops to save the Kurds from being cleansed by The Turkish dictator. Trump should have insisted that UN troops should replace the USA troops. This was critical and would have gotten the same results but the USA will be a responsible country in this cause. Now, once the Kurds will be massacred, the USA and Trump will be blamed!!!!Economic sanctions in this case are too slow to save the Kurds….Too bad president Trump…..

2 years ago

Very intelligent decision. I fully agree with all the choices President Trump has made since he is in office, a true American!!!. He has my full support. I hope we keep him for another term. He represents what America is all about. If you don’t like the US you are free to leave and get out…… the faster, the better….

Patricia Bailey
2 years ago

It saddens me that our President is NOT protecting the Kurds! He is allowing their genaside and a foothold in Syria to the Turkish Gov. , which has aliened itself with Putin and the Russian Government! BUT this is all prophesied in Ezekiel Ch. 38 and Daniel Ch. 8.

2 years ago

I believe the President knows far more about what’s going on than the general public can be told, and he’s decided this is the best way to go. I trust his judgement – dimocrats and the haters will use it for cheap political purposes, but he’s never let that stop him from doing what needs to be done. They would be attacking him if he’d have not pulled out, and the media would join right in!

Dan Rudolph
2 years ago

Allies are necessary. Having allied ourselves with the Kurds; to leave them is morally wrong. It will make it impossible to gain the trust of potential allies in the future. If you choose to make a friend you stick by them. Isis will recover and we will be dealing with them again as a result of this pullout

Walt Horne
2 years ago

I am a Vietnam Veteran. I agree that we did not learn the lessons that should have been learned from that war. The reason, THE ONLY REASON, North Vietnam is in control of the country now is that the US failed to honor our commitment to the South Vietnamese people under the Paris Accords. Our abandonment of our South Vietnamese ally led to the murder of thousands of South Vietnamese people in “re-education camps”, and thousands more as they tried to flee the country to avoid Communist tyranny. We SHOULD have learned from that that we cannot abandon our allies just because a bunch of cowards are afraid that THEY might have to march into danger, or because we get tired of the fight!

Many commenters here have voiced the opinion that America cannot be the world’s policeman. I agree. However, once we have made a commitment to an ally we should honor it. If we are unwilling to do that, we should never get involved in the first place. Many have also opined about withdrawing from the conflict once “our national interests” have been satisfied. Since, and including, Vietnam, America is developing a reputation of abandoning our allies once we get what WE want, regardless of the impact on the allies who helped us achieve our goal. That reputation ill serves our national interest. The world is watching our behavior. A time will surely come when no group will support our efforts to achieve goals that are in our national interest. In my never humble opinion, President Trump’s decision in this situation is a grave mistake, and it should be rectified.

Be aware that I am a STAUNCH supporter of this President. I firmly believe he may be the last hope for the preservation of our Constitutional Republic. The Democrat candidates and platform are abhorrent. They defy the total premise of the nation founded by our forefathers. President Trump has pulled us back from the brink of self-destruction and I fully intend to do whatever I can to support his efforts to win in 2020!

In summary, I believe we have a duty of honor to support the allies who have fought side by side with us. In the future, I believe we should be more cautious about the fights we choose to join, but once we HAVE joined the fight alongside allies who have proven faithful to THEIR commitment we must demonstrate the integrity to maintain OUR support until the fight is won.

Jack Thomas
2 years ago
Reply to  Walt Horne

Walt Horne,

Well said! I agree with you 100 percent — we should NEVER abandon our allies, regardless of domestic political considerations or prior campaign promises. We should also learn that same lesson from our history. Unfortunately, our political leaders have obviously not learned from what history has put right in front of them. To quote Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” I’m also a Trump supporter but in this instance I disagree with the president’s decision. I also wrote to him and told him so. Whether or not anyone in the White House has the forethought to give him that message is nearly impossible to determine. But he has also been given the same advice by his own generals and other members of the Executive Branch, apparently to no avail.

2 years ago

How is this different from the Bay of Pigs under President Kennedy?

Jack Thomas
2 years ago
Reply to  Curious

U.S. troops stationed in Syria is totally different than the failed Bay of Pigs disaster under former President John F. Kennedy. The Bay of Pigs operation was conducted by a brigade of Cuban exiles trained and financed by the CIA to attempt an overthrow of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. We didn’t put troops in Syria to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad; they were there to reinforce the Kurds who helped the U.S. to defeat the ISIS terrorist caliphate. That mission has been largely successful but there are still elements of ISIS left in Syria. Many ISIS fighters who’ve been held captive by the Kurds are now escaping due to the Turkish invasion, leaving them free to roam throughout the Middle East and possibly Europe to create more havoc. The withdrawal of some 2,000 U.S. forces leaves the Kurds open to attacks from Turkey, creating a vacuum that a re-constituted ISIS can fill —- exactly what happened in Iraq when Obama pulled our military out. It also puts thousands of Christians in northern Syria in imminent danger. It’s my opinion this could turn out to be a serious foreign policy blunder by Trump and it will not end well unless Erdogan is put on a tight leash by the United States and the U.N.

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