Did you watch the Democrat National Convention?

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Donald Lau
10 months ago

Had no interest in watching the Democrap convention which consist of lies to boose their image…

Roy Duval
11 months ago

Why watch lies and partial truths?

1 year ago

I watched the D convention. We need to know our enemies.

Philip Papineau
1 year ago

Didn’t watch it, but I might out of curiosity. I am especially curious about why any thinking person could support their views. Formerly, I really didn’t think that so many Americans could be so stupid.

1 year ago

Had no interest. You already had to know what was going to be said; criticize Pres. Trump, America is racist, tear down our country and worst of all, not mention of GOD.

1 year ago

Why is AMAC not asking the same question about the Republican National Convention?????

Victoria Harrison
1 year ago

I wanted to hear their lies first hand instead of relying on a third party.

1 year ago

Nothing but old lies from the past. The democrats of today are the poison of the our nation.

Theresa Trifiro
1 year ago

The dems say too many words with no substance. My concern though is how many underhanded plans that they are conspiring to. We have too many ties to China especially on the dems side and China has shown it is not for our republic way of life

1 year ago

I had to replace shoelaces on my flip flops.

Buddy Burnett
1 year ago

Internet and Satellite TV killed by lightning ,will probably be down a week ?

1 year ago

media fale news feeds their rhetoric 24×7, don’t need to watch it

1 year ago

From what I saw on news reports, the DNC was a Trump convention. They mostly spoke negatively about President Trump. Of course they couldn’t speak about their accomplishments, because there aren’t any. Just rioting and looting. So, as far as I can tell BOTH conventions were about President Trump. They say very broad negative things about the president, but they have no facts or proof for any of their claims. They say he lies all the time, yet they aren’t able to name what he lies about. They make many negative claims, but as usual they are the ones doing the dastardly deeds they accuse him of. I can’t be bothered to watch their vitriol on purpose!! I’ll be voting TRUMP in November!!

1 year ago

I’d rather watch paint dry.

1 year ago
Reply to  LynnM

Agree. It is more exciting than the DNC!

1 year ago

I watched some of the DNC convention every night. I also routinely surf through all “news” outlets to see how they are portraying things. We need to know what people are hearing. I couldn’t take much of the DNC convention as it was both boring and depressing.

I hope that Dems took some time to tune in to the RNC convention, because they might have learned a surprising truth or two while witnessing a very well orchestrated and produced show . Fortunately, CNN and MSNBC covered much of the RNC convention, often with less interruption and commentary than Fox! Fox drove me crazy with talk by the same commentators we can hear every day. I wanted to hear the speakers at the convention! I ended up watching the RNC convention on C-Span most of the time (other than when I flipped through to see what was being covered on each cable channel) because they showed the convention uninterrupted.

We need to be aware of what is being said by all sides. Closing your eyes doesn’t help to protect our country.

1 year ago

There was no need to tune into the DNC. I did the first night, to see what tone they had decided on and how they would sell their candidate.

It was embarrassing. The “rest” of the DNC was skipped and I watched on YouTube etc. any speeches that the media said were outstanding or they claimed had hit it out of the park or were gushing over as stellar examples of why Trump was the wrong President and Joe was the best choice.

Virtually all of it was about “the cult of personality” – Trump is a terrible person and Biden is a nice guy. Nothing substantive at all. No cross section of Americans showing how bad their life is now that Trump has had 4 years to mess it up. Just broad-brush and unsubstantiated rhetoric that Trump policies have been bad for America (How? …crickets…) and WOW look at that debt! (Ummm, you DO KNOW that it is CONGRESS who holds the purse strings, right? They COULD have just said “No!” instead of heavily padding it for their pet projects). And what was this “go out and vote NOW, get Trump out of there NOW, before it’s too late ” followed by not just insinuations but direct statements that Trump WOULD DEFINITELY suppress the vote and send “his people” to polling places to keep you from voting?

William Gorto
1 year ago

There’s no point in watching it. They have nothing to say that’s relevant

1 year ago

What an absolute joke. Lots of “fluff” and no substance. All they could do is hate Trump!!!

Dennis Lajter
1 year ago

I did turn it on for a few seconds at a time every now and then. Quite honestly I thought what I saw and what the news reported were disgraceful!
However I have watched most of the Republican convention so far and am amazed at the difference! I have been lucky enough to travel extensively in my life and trust me when I say There is No Place like Home. God Bless America!

1 year ago

Let’s just say I tried. Then became so disgusted by their persistent lying and promotion of socialist doctrine that even if it was on, I escaped to the cleansing outdoors. Seriously, people believe this tripe???? But, I had to say I listened to some of this so I could honestly refute what their non-program said. Policies???? Platforms??????? Non-existent except for socialist dogma and, God help us, the Green New Deal.

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