Despite lack of public support, Democrats are pressing forward with the impeachment of Donald Trump. Which statement below most accurately reflects your views?

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1 year ago

Polls are poorly written especially considering the complexity of the many issues.

Joyce Long
1 year ago

I am just sick of hearing about impeachment. Our Congress needs to focus on more important things, like securing the border, bringing back industry, balancing the budget, and they need to quit wasting money on this ludicrous impeachment process.

Peter J Golden
1 year ago

All the deep state corruption that has been exposed should help drain the swamp. Hopefully the voters will give Trump the mandate that he needs to put some people in jail and fire the rest of the corrupt federal employee’s that put partisan politics first so this never happens again.

B. Kelly
1 year ago

I was looking for a Miley Cyrus video and got routed here.

Ray Burns
1 year ago

The only reason they are doing this witch-hunt is they are still so mad that Americans voted for Mr. Trump and shut out the Democrat’s darling Killery from being President.

Joe H
1 year ago

It is plain to see that the media, in its’ never ending collusion with the democrat party are trying to conceal that bureaucrats and democrats who perpetrated the effort to oust the president trump will soon be standing trial for their crimes.

Dan M
2 years ago

It seems that you didn’t read the Rules of impeachment that was put up on this page. It said the House has sole authority and it is not a requirement to hold a vote. The only reason for the previous votes with Nixon and Clinton is because a Special prosecutor was appointed that gave them the articles of impeachment. Our current DOJ disregarded the whistleblower and OIG and chose not to investigate…Hence we have a private bipartisan inquiry going on.

Jonathan Chartrand
2 years ago

This is the deep states coup attempt. They’re so pissed off, because by now they thought Hillary would be grabbing the countries weapons in preparation for the complete suppression of our rights. The left is done kissing babies every election and they just want complete control. Watch your ass America the demonrat party is thirsty for conservative blood.

Gunny Bill
2 years ago

The house has already voted 3 times for impeachment. Every vote was bipartisan NO do not impeach.

Jim Ellison
2 years ago

The worlds #1 oxymoron-honest democratic politician

Craig Bryan
2 years ago

The Democrats should mostly be shot for being the traitors they are to the USA.
The Republicans should be severely punished, somehow for not working for the betterment of the USA and the human race.
They and the President should work together with the sole focus being strengthening unity in the USA and families!!
I think P.TRUMP is trying to do the right thing whenever possible, for the USA and the world!

Philip C.
2 years ago

What are the last four letters of DemocRATS? What are the last four letters of RepublICAN?

Mrs. Robyn Schmalz
2 years ago

Democrats must LOVE breakfast: They’ve had egg on their faces for months!!

Sara L
2 years ago

May the people who see clearly what is happening and appreciate his great service and sacrifice give him the support and encouragement he needs.

2 years ago

the more the democrats play they’re games the more votes they will lose

Dominic Coluzzi
2 years ago

The president should go more to black and Hispanic areas and let them know the truth and he’ll get more votes from them

HS Turkalj
2 years ago

Worried that perception becomes reality and the longer one tells a lie, eventually, people begin to think it true. If Trump loses 2020, it will be due to the terrible reporting by the press and msm.

Dean l Haack
2 years ago

the so called dems. dont like trump cause hes stopping their corruption. and the dems. are covering up bidens scandal of ukraine and hunter is hiding but dems. cove up their own kind

Vito Dimucci
2 years ago

The demoncrats must be held accountable – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As President Trump stated repeatedly – this should never happen to another president
The corruption is unbelievable ——— UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!

2 years ago

The Democrats are wasting our hard errand dollars we pay our government official! There should be a limit to how much time and money they spend on unfounded accusations! We will keep praying the truth be revealed!

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