Despite lack of public support, Democrats are pressing forward with the impeachment of Donald Trump. Which statement below most accurately reflects your views?

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Lets just start off with the fact that the House did NOT hold the required vote of all members to authorize an impeachment inquiry. So what we really have is simply the unlawful continuation of the same overt coup attempt of the POTUS by the left since the day after he won the election in 2016. The Democrats DO NOT want to hold a floor vote of all members of the House to authorize a formal (and thus lawful) impeachment inquiry (for which there is NO LEGITIMATE BASIS based on the evidence readily available in the public domain), because that would grant subpoena power to the Republicans, as well as the Democrats. That would open up a whole can of worms the Democrats want to avoid at all costs, as it would expose far too much of their corruption to public scrutiny. The Democrats under a real impeachment inquiry would… Read more »

The Freezing Senior

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.
This is but one of the hallmarks of todays DEMOCRAT/LEFTISTS and their propagandist FAKE NEWS MSM .
BTW, record 50 year low unemployment has just been announced today thanks to POTUS !

GBA/KAG #TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !

Lynda Clemons

I am sick of this! Democrats continue to do everything they can to overturn the election. I was very disappointed when Obama was reelected, but Republicans accepted it. Hillary and her ilk have made the situation worse by insisting Trump is not the legitimate President.

Larry W

I teach civics in High School, this has been a great attention getter and really drawn the students into the process… a great learning tool. Most all students in every class agree that as the impeachment process continues, it will reveal far more corruption on the Democratic side than against Trump…


A smokescreen to cover for Sleazy Joe & his son. Also, the investigation of the libs and their part in the last election and attempt to discredit Trump is about to be announced and there will be lot of them in hot water. Typical of these socialist/communist libs when they face being “found out”.

Marie M

I don’t believe there will be an impeachment, the President did not commit an impeachable act, all of the allegations that the Democrat/socialists have brought forward are empty and without warrant. They hate him since day one and they are losing their minds that they have not succeeded with all the various charges they have staged and made up to get him removed from office. They do not care that they are hurting the country! This is what they do, lie, promote discord and civil unrest, they are following the Saul Alinsky playbook!

Rich Anderson

I am disgusted with the media and the Democrats. It’s time to take their lies and false accusations seriously. Prosecute them where possible. They are like children that need to have their hand smacked… or their mouths washed out with soap. Unless we hold them accountable they’ll continue to escalate their bad behavior. I don’t really know if the Republicans, save a few are even capable of it. But I know our president is.

Arnold Garcia

God Bless TRUMP !!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!


Five options and none point out the reality that this congress is ONLY pushing impeachment and crazy “climate-is-god” legislation – nothing to help America, nor benefit the legal citizens of this nation – – – incredible partisanship – really TREASON – by a political party.

Impeachment should be discussed, but it should be impeachment of any member of the government that continues to be anti-American. This is serious – not sarcasm, not kidding . . . I’m sick of the pathetic media (even Fox) continuing to treat this impeachment as though it is anything other than an evil attempt to constrain a lawfully elected President from doing his legal job. They have been proven wrong in the Russian collusion – while completely ignoring the real collusion of the democrats with Russia. Now we start again? Bologna!

Wake up and vote these people out. Shame them for being evil.

Gary B

The Dems are showing their true colors, and it isn’t Red White and Blue. I couldn’t be more determined to re elect President Trump.

Brian B

This has been incredibly fun. The Democrats have constructed a tower that is leaning dangerously, like the one at Pisa. With each invention of political trickery it leans just a bit more. They have built their tower on the sand. No amount of media posturing can save it now. The Democrat Party is approaching it’s greatest defeat in history. MAGA

Tom M

It’s all part of the Marxist playbook used exclusively by the Dems…the Communist Manifesto. This is subterfuge so that the Dems and the media can direct attention away from their pitiful election charade and from anything positive Trump might be doing. It doesn’t matter one iota whether or not there is any wrongdoing. The Dems have attacked this prez like no other in history. Obama deserved it more, but he was excluded from attacks in order to protect his vulnerability and crummy record.


There is a lot of smoke blowing going on by the Democratic Party. Why can’t something happen to these people who are spreading this fake news and spewing lies. Isn’t that slander and treasonous in itself. Trump 2020!!

Kent Wyman

The House leadership are demostrably laughable bufoons.

Bill Slaughter

Make Congress show their colors with a formal vote.

Dan W.

Hopefully, most Americans are more interested in the President’s accomplishments while in office but in reality everyone is likely to retreat to their separate corners.

As for predictions, there is a 40% chance that the House will pass at least one article of impeachment against the President and a 0% chance that he will be convicted in the Senate.


House may impeach the President, but Senate will not vote 2/3 to remove AND any one can be called to witness stand. Dems are opening a can of worms


Never have I seen an election handed to candidate. But the Dems are saying to Trump re the 2020 presidential race ” please take it. We don’t want it.”
This is due to the fact that the Dems see that they have no viable candidate and are also telling us that they are perfectly willing to throw Biden under their bus.
Do the Dems like any of their candidates ? Maybe not.


Dissappointed in president…omg…he is not the one who has wasted 3 years….I dread the day we go back to a PC president.


Its amazing to me that Washington is being taught how to play hard-ball politics by an outsider. The Dems have always taught the Repubs and the Repubs refuse
to learn. Trump is now teaching the Dems . The Dems, unlike the Repubs, will learn from this experience. They’re more astute and committed. The Repubs, as
usual, respond with “what just happened ? “