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Democrats are racing to pass H.R. 1 / S. 1, the For the People Act of 2021. This bill equates to a partisan, federal takeover of elections and contains many egregious components including undermining states efforts to clean up their voter rolls, prohibiting states voter ID requirements, virtually eliminating any restrictions on vote-by-mail and severely limiting First Amendment rights of free political speech. How familiar are you with this legislation?

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11 days ago

This bill needs to be stopped, now. It takes our rights and choice away. We do not want a bunch of Marxist tyrants telling us what to do. Spending all our money. Making horrible choices. The January 6th Committee is preaching how they are for the Constitution and law. What a hoax. I want to see Nancy Pelosi investigated and questioned under law for not having the National Guard at the January 6th rally. What a staged kangaroo court.

Dawn McClain
9 months ago

Has anyone else had a young person come to your door to spread propaganda about how important HR 1 is, that it needs to pass to get dirty money out of our elections? I stopped the young man who came to my door. I asked him if he had actually read the bill. He never did answer me. I told him I was definitely against it because its another infringement on our rights. It takes away state’s rights to clean up their voter records. It also removes the limit on how much money a candidate can receive and spend. I was polite but I think I shocked him. He said that he wouldn’t take up anymore of my time. I told him that I’m retired and have plenty of time.
My point is, study the bill and get some talking points if one of these people come to your door.

Lisa Skinner
1 year ago

I am aware of and scared to death of this Bill if it passes which I pray it does not.

Janet Lou
1 year ago

I cannot believe that Conservatives are not familiar with this bill! Wake the hell up! Ignorance will destroy us! Read, listen, learn, investigate! Wake the hell up!

Judy Vierra
1 year ago

I like the polls but will it do any good? I would like to see it help the mess we are on, especially California!

Steve Short
1 year ago

The number of people responding that this is the first that they have heard of HR1 is extremely disappointing! This bill’s wishlist has been HR1 in every HR1, in one form or another, filed when Democrats have the House majority!

Come on fellow Americans keep up, we are one of the few informed groups left in the USA. The Democrats have been trying to make DC and Puerto Rico States for at least 30 years. The Democrats, for some reason, despite their supposed educational advantage over the Republicans, do not seem to fathom what a one-party state would look like check China, Russia, and North Korea.

(PS – an example of this overall push to quell Republicans: Evry comment board I have commented on defaults to a capitalized ‘Democrats’ and a not capitalized ‘republican’ is this fair or is blatant bias? I say bias.)

1 year ago

37,000 people have either never heard of this or are not familiar with it? this is WHY … somehow … we’ve got to spread the word because newsmax and foxnews apparently aren’t known throughout the non-idiot voters.

michael mankowski
1 year ago

This should not go through.. Its amazing how we need a photo ID to drive, get into a federal court house and to fly.. Yet when it comes to making sure those who should vote can vote.. we have photo IDs for many things and many have them, mostly all. except those ILLEGAL IMMAGRANTS.. tHERE IS NOTHING RACIST ABOUT HAVING AN ID, with your photo on it.

Don Osman
1 year ago

This is another scheme by the Demos. Hope it never happens

Dennis Wishon
1 year ago

This bill is a very dangerous piece of legislation. If any voting Democrat does not think this is going to affect them in the near future they really need to look at it a closely. And if you already don’t like what you are seeing, don’t blame me I was a Democrat for over 5O years but got tired of being led over the cliff for nothing.

1 year ago

So let me understand this. People in Congress and Senate take an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States and then turn around and pass this unconstitutional legislation?

Brian Adams
1 year ago

This is set up so Republicans will never win another election. Basically it’s Another piece of the communist Democratic Party trying to take our country from its roots. We have to fight or give in to the leftist scumbags…I choose to fight!!

1 year ago

This bill,if passed will go against every AMERICAN….do your homework,watch Newsmax, AON and the VICTORY channel and they fully explain and give us the understanding of how BAD this bill is….VOTE NO!!!!

Gwendolyn Cummings
1 year ago

This has to stop. Just who do they think they are. If it passes we will have to make the Supreme Court rule on it. If they do not then the war is on.

John F Edwards
1 year ago

Why do you think the supreme court will object? Look at their recent track record. They are all a bunch of self serving hacks just like the congress. We are on the verge of civil war right now and either the HR-1 or the Covid 1.9 trillion dollar democrat shopping list will be the first shot.

Betty Manno
1 year ago

This is to make sure Republicans’ never win another election. You need ID to drive, get cigarettes and alcohol but not vote. That makes no sense!

1 year ago

Why/how do so many democrat decisions seem to try to sneak in ideas to become a bill or decision resulting in less freedoms for the middle class especially? We are seeing more “Big Government” taking place all the time. The States should have more say and the Republicans need to find some— to stand up to decisions that are taking away our freedoms.

1 year ago

I have read some of the bill. There will be a federal data base of voters in USA. Which will include name, party affiliation, but not a signature 2 verification.

Emmit McGord
1 year ago

The left these days like to throw around that word (fascists). Does anyone else think that maybe they don’t understand how Fascism works in the real world? Maybe they need more mirrors…

Pat Qualter
1 year ago

Control of elections should be in the control of the states. The less involvement we have by the Federal government, the better. The idea of letting the Dems exert any more control over our lives gives me nightmares.

1 year ago

If they didn’t rig the election, what is the issue? Shame on the left!!!

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