Crime is surging across America to levels not seen in decades, leaving many perplexed as to its causes. Please select the top four statements with which you agree.

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9 months ago

Depopulation, under a billion folks, is their goal.

It’s the only explanation why they let Mexico empty their prisons over here at the same time they are trying to disarm us. This is in addition to not vetting for Covid.

It’s the only explanation why they haven’t used prophylactic’s such as Vitamins to avoid COVID and made illegal what the rest of the world is using for a cure. It’s also the reason they haven’t pulled the COVID vaccine that even the government says has killed more than 5k when all other vaccines have been pulled if they kill as much as 50.

S Senser
10 months ago

I want to click all the above. Too many people in this country have lost all morals. Many do not want to hear that there is right and wrong. Respect police, honor vets. Bring back the good America used to be. Trump please. I’ll take his policies and bad text messages any day over the Bumbing Idiot Destroying an Excellent Nation. aka BIDEN

10 months ago

Action should have consequences. Letting criminals out of jail early or not prosecuting them, just makes them more embolden to continue. .

10 months ago

Population Control…please WAKE UP AMERICA!

10 months ago

This, like CRT, Antifa, BLM, masking mandates, Green New Deal, unchecked illegal border crossing, free college tuition and SCOTUS packing are simply organized plans to destroy our Constitution, our two-party system of government and our economic prosperity. This plan originated in this country over a century ago, but it’s implementation was done quietly. Now that the indoctrination has become commonplace in the leadership ranks, there is no longer a need to hide or deny its presence. Corrective measures could be enacted to return to effective law enforcement if our justice department wasn’t part of the problem and our judges weren’t political puppets. And our southern border could be secured very quickly, eliminating entry of illegal aliens, gang members and lethal illegal drugs, but that will not happen. This is all simply the means to the obvious goal….that being a Marxist State.

Allen Kline
10 months ago

We do not need to refund police, but give them latitude to enforce the law, and courts that are just to pass judgment. People lack the respect for law enforcement folks. People show this lack of respect by not obeying what cops tell them to do.

10 months ago

The headline states “Leaving many perplexed” The problem is NOT perplexing. Criminals have been taught to break the law. The solution should not be perplexing either. In red states and cities, law abiding residents do the right thing by jailing offenders. In blue states and cities, law abiding residents ARE perplexed by the collaboration between criminals and the elected officials. Patriotic citizens in blue zones, get the hell out. There is NO hope. Let them burn.

John Grundin
10 months ago

That the Hiden Regime jails,intimidates and threatens all sovereign citizens every day in multiple ways yet importing illegal aliens,putting hardened criminals back on the streets and loves antifa and blm almost seams like he’s trying to start an invasion in America and replace us

10 months ago
Reply to  John Grundin

Resident Biden IS replacing current citizens. I did not misspell Resident, he is not the President because the president needs to know his name, address, and other reasonable things.

Wesley Kemp
10 months ago

The Sherriff has a point however the mouthiness, vulgarity and incivility can be traced to the general moral decay of the nation. Much of this is due to the television/film and recording industries who celebrate these activities, parents who are “too busy” to be involved in their children’s lives and a broken education system that indoctrinates rather than educates.

Steph McEnroe
10 months ago

Well for goodness sake Cory Bush DOES NOT PAY FOR HER SECURITY you do, I do and every other American who pays taxes does. The nitwit should be made to pay for her own security. SHOW us (taxpayers) the “threat” you are full of inert gas! Every time I leave the house or go shopping I am under threat-I’m old, female, carry a handbag and wear wedding rings, neck chain, but she wants to defund my security!!! My hat is off and my heart is thankful to all the men and women who continue to take the crap that nit wit dishes out and stand to protect me and mine…Thank you men/women in blue, gray, green or whatever color your law enforcement agency uses. One more comment..Ms Bush if America is so bad and wrong may I, respectfully, suggest you go to that Country you know is so much better…we would all be better off with bird brains like you gone.

10 months ago
Reply to  Steph McEnroe

Cory Bush sent herself racist comments, I hear. Why is she even still part of any kind of leadership at all? Why is she not investigated and arrested?

Craig C Hopkins
10 months ago

Millet is worthless to the military and needs to go. He has become a worthless swamp creature more worried about his own ass and that fancy posting than what he swore an oath to defend.

10 months ago

Basic disregard for society. Lack of moral compass. Activist judges who hand slap crime – no hard deterrents. Local, state and federal officials demoralizing the police force because of their own arrogant “wisdom”. They are godless and don’t respect authority. In addition, those making the decisions suffer no repercussions or accountability. Taxpayers foot the bill for many officials security and that is absolutely wrong. In relation to this, taxpayers should be protesting this and moving forward to pass laws that many government employees must pay for their own security out of their pocket (without pay increases for the officials to offset the cost). Many government officials are now elitists who think they do not have to listen to citizens anymore.

Joseph Marshall
10 months ago
Reply to  cole

it is close to being 100% factual.

10 months ago
Reply to  cole

The key is your reference to godlessness and lack of respect.

Steve Ridgway
10 months ago

And there are dolts like 3rd world core bush..says..” I want security but defunding police has to happen”….Another typical brain washed bad hair doorknob!! Unreal!!!!!!! These loud mouth marxists could not have been legally elected…NO WAY..

Joseph Marshall
10 months ago
Reply to  Steve Ridgway

This is the dumbest law i have ever heard. It promotes survival of the fittest. Now I know why the Government has all of the plastic Coffins. They just opened the doors to legalizing’s Murder. Example: Former Air Force Person (Babbitt Murder by Officer at the staged Riot. Cremated without notifying Next of kin. This to my knowledge was never investigation. The officer was never Questioned.

10 months ago

Liberal prosecutors and judges are not seeking justice; therefore, criminals are not afraid of law enforcement.

10 months ago

Bothersome crime is mostly violent crime. Young men (under 35 years) are vastly over-represented in acts of violent crime. Fatherless young men are also over-represented in violent crime.
Restore the nuclear family and lower violent crime rates. The police have known all this for decades. The media STILL refuse to acknowledge these facts…

Kathleen Boyd
10 months ago

Actually, the unelected politicians–traitors–who stole the 2020 election and being dictated how to run the America by the CCP – and tech oligarchs in Washington DC, democrats & rinos in every state — these are the true criminals. The great reset is happening right before our eyes. We have to fight for election integrity and vote for pro-life candidates in 2022. God have mercy on us!

10 months ago

Abhorrent as all this is, it is my opinion that (prophetically speaking) the US must decrease in global significance… there is no room for the USA to come riding to the rescue once the anti-christ takes over as the top global leader.

The socialist left does not recognize they are the minions who are bringing about the environment necessary for the completion of final end times prophecy.

On the opposite side of that coin, who is attempting to take over the economic lead in international trade? Communist China.
Who has released a debilitating biological agent upon the nations of the world? Communist China.
Who has the 200,000,000 man military force predicted to invade the Middle East? Communist China.

Let them who have ears (or eyes, in this case)…

10 months ago
Reply to  DAR

As a Christian, who has studied the bible extensively, I do not see the USA identified in the scriptures. There are many deductive studies, and I understand their interpretation. If you move to inductive studies, all sorts of unfounded claims – not substantiated by the actual words in the bible – can be made.

China does appear to lead the pack for evil. People within the US are going a good (BAD) job as well.

Antonio Salazar
10 months ago

The Democrats have also assumed the illegals entering our Southern Border will join the Democratic Party and vote for Democrat agendas. But what if they don’t?? Why would anybody want to leave their Third World Country, endure a multi week trek across hostile terrain and finally give a lot of money to some unknown Coyote to lead them across the Rio Grande just so they can vote for the same crap that made them leave their own fatherland in the first place?? High crime rates will be the first hint that maybe the trip wasn’t worth it!! The massive corruption in this Country which is obvious to anybody that watches real news instead of MSM is the second hint!! When they are finally asked to contribute their fair share to the Left’s garbage agenda and candidates, reducing the anticipated size of their nest egg, might be the final straw!!

10 months ago

In the days of old, we use to hear stories of mountain men who had cabin fever from being isolated for months with no human interaction. We are seeing a world which has been isolated for over a year, and this has created a ‘cabin fever for many individuals. Unfortunately, when they act out it can be in disastrous ways.

10 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I think that is just an excuse as most people maintain their values regardless of being isolated during the pandemic. These people had some predilection for violence and may have restrained themselves because of the consequences that no longer exist. The insane “defund the police” movement and failure of District Attorneys and Judges to enforce the law and incarcerate criminals. Instead they have developed an no bail stance and released criminals from both jails and prisons while not allowing Law Enforcement Officers to enforce the laws because of a few “bad cops”. People will not be safe until this insanity is stopped and we once again enforce our laws.

10 months ago

The lack of prosecution of crimes is a big contributor. Even if caught by police most are just let go in cities/states that have eliminated bail, made tons of crimes misdemeanors, negotiate/bargain on every case, etc. etc. Progressivism in our courts is going to ruin this Country as criminals are emboldened. Enforce the laws we have and that were working before!

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