Which of the following best describes your current feelings about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its impact on your daily life?

Monday, March 16, 2020 Mar 16, 2020 1137
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Brian B
4 months ago

The coronavirus has proven to be no more deadly than the seasonal flu. The hype, hysteria and fear-mongering that dominates the media has a political agenda. Power- hungry politicians and unscrupulous media magnates crave public panic. Panic gives politicians an excuse to exercise control over a nation, so as to “fix” the perceived and manufactured danger. In the end, our basic freedoms become the ultimate victims. We have learned enough about the coronavirus in the past few weeks to understand it’s specific dangers to segments of the population. Vulnerable people should be protected through intelligent isolation if necessary. In this… Read more »

Dan Little
4 months ago

The demonocrats have created a panic in the US to demoralize the American public. They have attempted to lay the foundation for American socialism. Time to destroy the evil within and take our country back.

Marie M
4 months ago

I agree with Brian B, I could not have said it better, the media is to blame for much of the hysteria and panic.

Charles Dahlke
4 months ago

I am not concerned about the virus. My concern is centered around my business and how this will impact that. Additionally, my other concern is how much authority / power the government is going to take during this situation and then not want to relinquish at the end of all of this.

Rita Ward
4 months ago

All of the reply’s below hit it exactly.
I feel very strongly it is a political agenda on the part of the far Left/liberals.
They couldn’t take Trump down by impeachment so they’re trying to bring him down by destroying the economy

4 months ago

I’m not as afraid of the virus as I am of the government forced shutdown of businesses. This smells of socialism/communism from WW1+2. This is what happened then and that’s what I fought against with the Navy.

4 months ago

It’s hard to go about normal activities when everything on my calendar for the next two weeks has been cancelled. I think the media is the reason for all the panic.

Fr. James G Carellas-Greek Orthdox priest
4 months ago

My concern is that many churches are either closing, or telling people n0t to come and worship. Now more than ever, we need to beg Christ to forgive us for denying Him the great majority of each day, grant us tears of repentance, forgive us, heal us and save us!

4 months ago

I am cautious and geed the experts’ warnings. However, in the back of my mind I see the MSM and their Democrat and Hollyweird comrades hyping this to an intolerable level. I believe they see this crisis as a way of destroying the Trump presidency. They hope for more misery, death and panic! It’s party over country for the Democrats.

Dawn Walker
4 months ago

I am in my mid 50’s and I have less concern about this than the FLU. I agree with Brian S that the media is responsible for all the fear-mongering. I AM concerned however about the political climate that is being pushed with this virus. The Pres. was trying hard to prevent mass hysteria, but the media wouldn’t allow that. Now we have the stock market losing so much, making people re-think their support for our Pres. The leftists are trying to show he is incompetent. Why the “run” on toilet paper????

4 months ago

Yes, as Brian B said – the liberals are effectively instating socialism and crashing the economy for political gain.

4 months ago

We are both 67 and retired. We live in the country, so life hasn’t changed that much. We aren’t so concerned about catching the virus ourselves, but we have several in our circle of family and friends that are either immune compromised or are in contact with someone who is. We have chosen to not expose ourselves more than necessary so that we can not spread anything.

Laurie Henry
4 months ago

I heard George Soros owns the plant in WUHAN, CHINA. Now all this makes sense. A plot to take down the president.

David R
4 months ago

When does a declared health emergency usurp our 1st Amendment “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”? The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Michael D
4 months ago

I agree with many of the others that have posted concern about this being political. I understand the posturing necessary by Pres. Trump to combat the left & liberal media, however, tell me how a huge bailout is any different than what the left is proposing for the future of our country (pay people to stay home & do nothing)??? The only way to pay for the bailout is to raise taxes or print money (devalue the dollar). Neither are good solutions. Stop the bailouts. Stop the hype. Treat those that get sick with cost effective, PROVEN approaches including high… Read more »

4 months ago

YES !! I also agree with Brian B. Well said.
It “almost” seems like a trial run for Martial Law. One heck of a run .
Hmmmmmm, SMH !!
Just Sayin !!

Betty Thornton
4 months ago

I’m 73 with Asthma and had cancer. I’m very concerned and am staying in.

Dan W.
4 months ago

As as tonight, all restaurants and bars in Illinois cannot offer inside dining (take-out and deliveries are still allowed) for the next two weeks. All public and private schools will be closed as of tomorrow and colleges and universities are conducting classes online. Many business associations are canceling their conventions and people are lining up at grocery stores to buy six months worth of cleaning supplies, canned goods and toilet paper. No fatalities in Illinois so far but the scope of the virus remains unknown as testing has been minimal to date. People aren’t panicking (except for the run on… Read more »

Marilyn Breedlove
4 months ago

It concerns me that people are not taking this seriously enough. People on this site are in the high risk category. If we don’t do what we are being asked to do to stop the spread of the virus and save lives, we are going to be in the same shape as Italy with our health care system overwhelmed and unable to handle the crisis. Although we do not need to panic, it is urgent that we take the steps being given by the experts. I hope people wake up soon.

Gary Stuber
4 months ago

Here in WZV where as of yet there are no reported cases, we have mastered social distancing. My closest neighbor is a mile away.

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