With so much corporate attention to "wokeness" and trying to appease the Far Left on issues, has this impacted the products and services you buy or stores you patronize?

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7 months ago

Wokeness is the new stupid.

9 months ago

Liz Chaney voted to impeach Trump. Lindsey graham is appointing Biden communist judges from his committee. Mitch McConnell shaking Biden’s hand a week after November election fraud. I can go on and on . Republicans gave us the Biden regime. And mike pence finished the job, by certifying unconstitutional electoral college votes, when swing states illegally went around their legislatures to change election laws. It’s time for another tea party!!

9 months ago

I recognize that Costco is located in the state Wokeington, a scenic spot largely inhabited by lemming like Democrats. That said, for a single man living on a budget some of their products are cost effective for me. For most necessities, I use local folks to supply those needs. The days of impulse buying for me but a memory.

10 months ago

I do my best to stay out of the path of those who sleepwoke

7 months ago
Reply to  Pierre

Well said.

10 months ago

The left’s agenda is the destruction of the cultural, moral and democratic values we hold so dear and have fought wars. I support all lives matter of all good men. I do not support the radical elements of our society regardless of what they desire. At present 18% of our population are controlling Washington politics and it is the politicians ruining our country in their haste to pad their bank accounts.

10 months ago

There is a group – Businesses for Liberty – that is composed of like minded, freedom loving people who own small businesses. Check them out.

Corbin Douthitt
10 months ago

I just bought tires. Not G——-ar. I don’t support corporations that support Black Lies Matter. Two more vehicles to go.

10 months ago

Woke lol who comes up with this crap? If only the woke people would wake up

10 months ago

A nickel paid for a made in China products goes wherever the Communist Party says: defeat democracy, build their military to dominate the world, support slave labor, exterminate dissenters and more.Why would any US citizen or company deal with anything Chinese?
Just asking’!

Barry Atwood
11 months ago

I VERY carefully choose the stores where I purchase products, locally-owned (politically conservative owners by a healthy margin) when possible. That possibility grows each month if real conservative folks look around. There are local NH chains: a 2-store chain (Belmont, NH & Concord, NH) that provides homes with hand-guided or centralized vacuums (install, too), air improvement machines, sewing machines, fabric classes, repairs, etc. An appliance chain offering many top brands that has seven stores, all in NH! Additionally there is a hardware chain based in MA, two grocery chains – 1 out of MA, the other in ME; all three have stores throughout NH (where I live). Small lumber and home improvement NH chains too. There are other New England-based store chains. Our NH chains compete “HEAD-ON” with the goliaths like Lowe’s, The Home Depot, True Value, Ace, etc. AND your money stays local!

Patrick Rushing
11 months ago

I did not like the Coca Cola ‘Too White’ statement agreeing with BLM. We have since stopped buying coke products and will continue to boycott them. There are many others that I am boycotting in addition due to their left-leaning stances who identify themselves as ‘WOKE’… it’s all BS and lies. Tik-Tok I have never used and never will, it was designed and is monitored by the Chinese Red Communist party and their military – very dangerous software to have on your phone, you will have no privacy or security

David Quade
11 months ago

If they have caved to the left and I can get it somewhere else I will.

Thomas Travis Young
11 months ago

We [I] need help to off-migrate from these Sheite-Platforms run by Tech Oligarch.s There is a real niche available to the entrepeneur; I would pay money to get off of “Ooma, Cricket, BOA-Visa,Google, GPS, You Tube, and yes, I would wean myself from Amazon. We need “how too tutorials” and real alternatives. AMAC SHOULD DO THIS.

10 months ago

I think you’re on to something!!

Jimmy thomason
11 months ago

I said yes because I refuse to patronize companies that push the “woke” agenda.

Stephen P Rapalyea
11 months ago

I try to avoid the “woke” companies whenever possible as they provide money and power to the Marxist organizations like Antifa and the BLM organization. They will not be spared when the Marxist take over.

11 months ago

I keep small notebook in my purse with list of companies and products that I will NOT purchase. I agree it would be great if AMAC supplied list of “woke” and anti-American companies. This is first time I am not watching any of the Olympics. Just added Ben & Jerry to my list due to their anti Israel policy!

11 months ago
Reply to  Darcy

I agree, it would be a fantastic service if AMAC could provide a list like that for us

10 months ago
Reply to  Zona

DEFINITELY. There are so many, and many corporations manufacture under different brands names. A comprehensive, updated list would be appreciated by the consumer! Please!

11 months ago

It’s so hard keeping up with which companies are “woke” and should be avoided and which companies still understand what it’s like to be American. It would be helpful for all of us if AMAC would help vet companies and provide listings of good and bad. AMAC, this would be a fantastic benefit for your members!

11 months ago
Reply to  J.K.

Yes…same here. I don’t know what all the companies are, but I would sure like to

A. B. Baker
11 months ago

Same here. Couldn’t give me a Yeti product!

11 months ago

Every time a Corporation tries to stand on Political, Woke, or hot button issue, many Americans will boycott buying or using their products or services. Corporations should concentrate on their service or product if they plan on keeping a healthy profit and keep their workers working.
By all means, have an opinion, but keep it a personal opinion. Your Corporation will thank you…

wade mackey
11 months ago

A variation on the theme of drain the swamp….

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