Coronavirus is dominating the news. The U.S. has had relatively few deaths and is ranked as the “country best prepared to deal with a pandemic” by the Global Health Security Index. With which do you agree (check all)?

Thursday, February 27, 2020 Feb 27, 2020 505
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Brian B

The “Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918” killed almost 700,000 Americans and infected an estimated 500 million people around the world. It was first diagnosed in Kansas at a military installation, then arrived in Europe on troop ships during WWI. The pandemic lasted about two years in the United States, ending sometime in 1920. In comparison, this coronavirus “pandemic” hardly registers. The “I hate Trump” crowd is capitalizing on the coronavirus hysteria to blame Trump for dead bodies in the streets. Unfortunately for the Democrats, not a single person has died yet in the United States. But in the meantime, maybe a hysterical media can do some significant damage to our economy. Russiagate, then Ukrainegate, now coronavirusgate. Just thinking about Democrats and their manufactured conspiracy theories makes me want to wash my hands and wear a surgical mask.

The Freezing Senior

The DEMOCRAT party is more of an imminent threat to the safety of America than the Coronavirus.
The USA is not some third world shythole Communist country, we can and will handle this problem
should it become an outbreak here.

GBA/KAG #TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !


No one complained when Obama brought Ebola victims I to this country try and that was much more contagious, and had a 98% death rate! This Coronavirus has a 2% death rate. This is all being driven by the news media.

Marie M

I agree with Brian B and I especially think the media and the Dems are overplaying their hand by calling it the Trump virus. They are trying to destroy the economy, they say President Trump is not doing enough. I remember how they mocked him in January when he curtailed air travel to the U.S. from China calling him a racist. The U.S. is the most prepared for corona virus, they’ve taken extraordinary steps to treat and contain. Safety and security first for all citizens, accurate information, regardless of party association we should all work together to effectively combat this virus.


How many babies have died from the “virus” identified as Planned Parenthood? Millions?
Ponder this, which of those murdered babies may have grown up to be a medical researcher that could have already figured out the cure for this virus?

Lois Spellman

I believe that the news media and the democrats want to see this become a pandemic so they have something to beat Trump with. It is sad to see what out politicians and public will do to destroy America so they beat Trump. The devil is at work in the Democratic Party and news media.

Ron johnson

I’m not afraid of dying.
I am only afraid that once I die , I will be voting as a Democrat when I am dead ! LOL

Michel C

Ever notice…every ELECTION YEAR we have a virus outbreak! Coincidence??

SARS ——–2004

John Di Donato

When most of our vaccines and medical supplies come from China it actually highlights a major flaw in our own health system that we outsourced too much to the Chinese we need to have more homegrown productions of vaccines rather than outsourcing them will a major outbreak happen I don’t know I honestly think it won’t But you can never be too prepared hope for the best but expect the worst


Dems Motto: Never let a bad situation go un-abused! I think the Stock Market is being manipulated by those who dislike President Trump in order that one of his Great Successes can be used against him.


Two comments. First look on the back of a container of Lysol hand-wipes. You will find it kills human coronavirus. Now this product has certainly been on the market with this same label before the middle of January this year. This virus is NOT new. Even if it has mutated it is not that tough to eliminate. Second from all I have been able to learn of this virus it isn’t that tough to treat. The politicization of this is definitely an atrocity and both politicians and news outlets should truly be ashamed. I think of the little boy that cried wolf – we are reaching a point where if the media says it we tend to discount it. We have reached the point, unfortunately, that since they have zero credibility IF we had a true national emergency most of us wouldn’t believe it. THAT is very SAD.


I agree totally with Brian. Maybe this was just a Chinese ‘population adjustment plan’ that got out of hand. Unfortunately for the dems, when this blows over the markets and economy will come roaring back just in time to make Trump look really good just before the election.

Everett Cole

This new virus seems to move around pretty easily and should not be taken lightly, I believe that the current administration is handling the situation exactly as it should be handled. CDC and all the related agencies moved quickly to deal with it despite the howls and caterwauling by the political animals in congress and the media.

Colleen Whittaker

I just finished reading there’s a 98% survivor rate. Once again the ridiculous Democratic leaders are using the virus and saying it’s our President’s fault. lol 😂. They are so ignorant


Look, right now there is some 90000 people who are supposed to be infected (only a few thousand have died, yeah, that is sad)… we have 7.7 Billion in the world. So the 90K is 1.168831168831169e-5 that population. Not 1 percent, not a tenth of one percent, not a one hundredth of a percent nor a thousandth, nor ten thousandth. but 0.0000012% And America has a much better medical system (even given Obama’s efforts to destroy it) than any other nation so our chances of have millions die or even thousands if slim. The regular flu hits the world hard… this is nothing to laugh at but the sky is not falling!


Of course we should be concerned,yet, take preventive measures to help ward off the serious threats posed by this and any virus. Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least twenty to thirty seconds. Also, be aware of your surroundings and avoid contact with those who may exhibit signs of colds, flu or other symptoms of viruses. Good old “common sense” goes a long way to staying healthy.

Stephen Cooper

This is a serious health issue, no doubt. But it is irresponsible for people like Pelosi and Schumer to politicize this as a weapon in their parties quest for an end to the President’s administration, especially when their candidates have so little in the way of substance. Coronavirus has yet to hit us hard, why don’t we wait till then, if it ever does. How about Nervous Nancy and Lying Chuck just get on board the flight.

Delores J Hough

Everyone needs to use common sense and do what they can to be ready for whatever but that’s life isn’t it.


None of the above do I agree with 100%.
Brian B is right. It’s much too soon to know how this Covid virus thing will eventually affect the health of most Americans. Will it be pandemic or flash in the pan?
Don’t know how reliable some Global Health Security Index is at predicting anything either. I know the USNWS has real trouble forecasting snow storms at times.
I’ve heard that proper tests to diagnose this illness are still being researched, or are not yet generally available. Tough to fight what you can’t reliably detect.
Time will tell, so there’s time to pray and seek the Lord’s help.
One thing I do know is that a TDS pandemic won’t help at all.


Because this virus can turn into the more serious pneumonia, maybe we should look into getting the vaccine for pneumonia. I got the first of 2 shots in early winter, and will get the second in a few months. My doctor said it would cover most causes of pneumonia; however, I don’t know if it will help with Coronavirus…

As Brian B said, flu outbreaks, especially the Spanish flu, kill many times more people. And globally, most “common” flu viruses kill 300,000 to 650,000 people EVERY year. Each death is tragic, but we might have been spared this time. I hope we’ll see the end of it soon. Stay well.