COVID-19 coronavirus

Coronavirus is dominating the news. The U.S. has had relatively few deaths and is ranked as the “country best prepared to deal with a pandemic” by the Global Health Security Index. With which do you agree (check all)?

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1 year ago

If the 2nd richest man in the world, Bill Gates, met with world-known pandemic experts last year, why didn’t he bother to ask anyone why are PPE stockpiles were EMPTY? Why didn’t his FRIENDS at the CDC bother to tell the previous administration our stockpiles were EMPTY? ?

1 year ago

Make china pay 4 releasing this bug. Wuhan flu 4 u….lol

1 year ago

A lot of the “news” is click-bait by media outlets that long ago stopped pretending to be objective deliverers of the news.

Now, as they seek fame and recognition, so-called “reporters” try to make news instead of just reporting it.

Fortunately, some of us recognize what’s going on and can sift out the facts and ignore the rest.

James Weaver
1 year ago

This is not as bad as the Swine flu but the impact caused by the media and Trump haters have made a hardship on me.

1 year ago

no let the pharmacists do their job, which is to keep track of pills, make sure they are giving the right pills.
They are not trained to diagnose virus, and other such sickness.

1 year ago

The Coronavirus is a HOAX! Our government is conducting this and has, as a result of a reasonable fear-factor, allocated $$$$$$$$ so that they can provide the “resources” needed for a “potential” future pandemic war. Does anybody personally know ANYone who has died from Coronavirus??? Oh, and the best is yet to come… Military facilities (VA hospitals, etc…) will be placing triaged entrances to extract and “use” anyone who may have cold or flu symptoms and will place them in quarantine. Oh, and they may say a few are “suspected to have” the virus to justify this practice drill. And; should someone be trying to get to the ER due to heart attack or stroke symptoms and should (hopefully not) die; then a redacted or corrected death certificate may be issued as a baseless Coronavirus “victim”…like has been done so far. If we have a “real” breakout; it will NOT be as vague as to “resemble” a common cold or flu virus!!! It will be MUCH worse.

JUST think it through…

1 year ago

This whole thing depends on your age, your health and your Preventative measures.

Tim Scholtes
1 year ago

The Virus is a crisis, maybe. But the FEAR is a manufactured crisis.
We don’t fear all the other things that are more likely to kill us on any given day.
Why this one?

1 year ago

The biggest virus we have is too many old politicians that are trying to control our lives.

Genie Klohr
1 year ago

The Coronavirus will negatively impact our economy. With everything that has been going on since Trump has been elected, it’s peculiar how this has come out during an election year.

Nancy Ferrell
1 year ago

Let’s look at it this way. 87,00 (m/l) died with the FLU last year and there is not even as much as an uproar over that as there is in the “new” virus.

Tom B
1 year ago

I’ve never seen a federal agency get so far out ahead of an issue as the CDC did this time. Kudos to them and to the administration for giving them the funding, access and support to get the job done! It is amazing how we allow the press to scare Americans and not hold them accountable for the mess hysteria. (Mess, but feel free to substitute mass.) Why don’t they and the politicians admit that the pandemic of murder in Chicago has killed more people than this virus has worldwide. An inconvenient truth. Those don’t work well for the press or politicians. And while we are talking about inconvenient truths, what about the needless and unethical killing of babies? It’s horrific for people to die from an accidental virus but perfectly okay to practice planned mass killing of innocent humans.

Stanley Blum MD
1 year ago

What is being left out of most of the TV govt. spots is the fact that those infected with corona or flu virus are contagious for many days before they show symptoms. Because of this the only way to avoid getting sick is to limit to the extent you can going to public spaces such as the gym malls or traveling in public transportations. Plus avoid sick members of your friends and family. In other words people need to self quarantine right now. There is no issue that this virus , the corona virus, and the flu virus are pandemic. Pandemic is just a word. The infections are world wide and very serious for some members of the population and less so for others. No one really wants to hear the facts and Dr. Falchi, the govt. expert, glossed over the above fact when it was brought up at the big news event with POTUS. You could see that he didn’t want this question asked by the news media as he choked when it happened.

Bob C
1 year ago

Anything to make the stock market tank. By now I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by those who hate this country that they would do everything in their power to bring it down. We’ve been blessed with the strongest, most benevolent nations in the history of the world. If you don’t like it, you are free to leave it.

Paul Go0ble
1 year ago

The coronavirus is MUCH less contagious than SEVERAL other illnesses, including flu and measles! The MSM tendency to try to make this a hoax can be illustrated by all the chicken little panic over 135 cases of the measles NATIONWIDE a few months ago! Back in MY day, 100 + cases of the measles would have been considered a successful community “measles party”! Nobody in MY community died of measles because we were smart about who should be excluded from the parties. I got the swine flu during the 1970 outbreak; after sweat-staining my be mattress for four days, I recovered WITHOUT GOVERNMENT HELP!! There are a LOT of sick leftists who really need to get a life!!

1 year ago

“Russia, Russia, Russia,” the Mueller investigation and the Impeachment are all over. Things in this country are great, peace and prosperity. What can the Media talk about? There’s so much TV time to fill, so many empty pages to imprint, the Coronavirus is a gift that keeps on giving.

Kathleen Peterson
1 year ago

Just a thought about this , fear of this is is really dumb !! Who do you trust ? God or Scientist ? There drug schemes are horrorifing !

Judy McNeill
1 year ago

Farmers have been vaccinating cows for years for coronavirus. Check your Lysol can and the Clorox wipes. Both say for “human coronavirus”. No worse than the flu. Wash your hands, sneeze into your elbow and don’t be around sick people or go out if you are sick. Use common sense.

Janet Sappington
1 year ago

The news should be more concerned with all the sickness and deaths of regular flu and remind people to keep healthier by washing hands more and drying them, and eating healthy foods. Avoid white sugar and take vitamins like C and D during winter months. And then there’s turmeric!!

Mary Jo Rhodes
1 year ago

I think th Cvirus could be part of Agenda 20 with the attempt to depopulate the world. Same with 5G. And the vaccine they plan on rolling out in a year will likely cause more deaths since there wont be time to test it for 5 to 10 years. Time to turn to God & call upon Jesus for salvation. John 3:16.

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