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A recent poll showed AMAC members very satisfied with President Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic. How do you think Congress is handling this crisis?

Friday, April 3, 2020 Apr 3, 2020 566
I think Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did a masterful job and united the Senate in passing the economic relief bill with a unanimous vote. However, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was a disaster and exploited this crisis to pack as much pork into the bill to satisfy her extreme base and expand government.
9,859 Votes 38.06%
I appreciate the watchdogs in Congress who removed much of Pelosi’s wishes from the relief bill, but do not want to see ANY kind of pork in future relief bills. Congress should focus exclusively on helping people through these current tough economic times.
11,241 Votes 43.39%
Given the current composition of the House and Senate, Congress is doing pretty much what I expected.
721 Votes 2.78%
The entirety of Congress has a golden opportunity to show the American people a united front. Unfortunately, I am not seeing this unity, nor do I expect to in the future.
3,941 Votes 15.21%
Not Sure.
145 Votes 0.56%
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J Sinisi

We don’t want Congress to waste any money in a future investigation of President Trump. We are furious on the waste of 40 million on the Muller investigation. They are reprehensible.

Nancy Butler

We need to pray God will convict Nancy Pelosi of her hatred toward our President! She seems to be blinded by Satan!


The way that the speaker of the house, as expected, did her utmost to shamelessly insert far to much of the leftist agenda into the relief bill and had followed the minority leader Schumer’s lead in attempting the same action in the Senate, fortunately to have that garbage pulled. Shame on the left and the media for the constant attacked on the President and the country regardless of what negative issues are happening.

Mary Kathleen Walker

I am utterly disgusted that Pelosi has announced another witch hunt committee to oversee Trump with the Coronavirus. Trump has bent over backwards to give the American people more than anyone could imagine. All the media does is nit pick and complain. The hatred is hard to watch. They are so blatant that they don’t even try to appear non partisan.
The radical Dems can’t come together and be part of the solution. All they want to do is waste time and money and be part of the problem.

Over 65

The country needs to get back to work. Take necessary common sense precautions, especially with high risk groups but open the country back up.
The longer we keep the country shut down the more susceptible we are to the tyranny of the radical left. I fear we will be terrbly crippled and then big government will swoop in taking total control under the guise oh “we are here to help”.
When this is over the federal gov’t. will be so huge the middle class will not be able to hold it up.
Stop the shut down and get back to work.


Pelosi, Schumer, need to be taken out of their positions. They do not look out for the best interests of the American people, they have personal agendas and only want to bring down Trump. You don’t have to be a genius to see that, We can only hope that when election time comes around the people will see all this and get these people out. Trump and his team are doing a fantastic job considering what they have to deal with. As far as this stimulus package I would not have signed it with any pork slipped in on it.


Loony Nancy has shown the American people why they must vote in November. To have her leading the house and actually just being elected is an abomination. She needs to go as well as Shumer and all RINO’s.


Nancy Pelosi is a Natural Disaster! Still playing politics while our president is doing his job. She needs to go!

Brian B

I’m still looking for medical direction and statistical data I can trust. The IMHE (Institute for health metrics) predicted 121,000 Americans would be hospitalized by April 1. The actual number was 31,142. Americans need to remember that medical doctors “practice” medicine, ie: they guess and hope for the best. According to a study by Johns Hopkins, medical errors are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. They estimate 250,000 people die of medical errors every year in the United States. The President has relied on Drs. Fauci and Birx to provide medical direction. They contradict each other as they rely on statistical metrics that are all entirely inaccurate because most people who get sick never get tested for a virus. They simply stay home for a few days till they improve. So the actual ratio of infection/ hospitalization/ death can never be placed into an accurate… Read more »

Ken Day

There is a need to have congressional Bill’s stand alone. No more hidden tag ons which have nothing to do with the named bill. Coronavirus bill should not have riders to give money to Planned Parenthood, Kennedy Center and more. This only shows that Congress is not as interested in bv the pandemic as they are about their liberal pork funds.

Les Jones

Pelosi’s performance during this crisis, as people get sick and die, is nothing short of disgusting. Remember in November!

Carolyn Toering

If Pelosi and Schummer were gone so much more could be done. They are absolutely crazy vindictive jackasses and yet President Trump is doing so much more than any other president I’ve seen. Many in the house and senate need voted OUT

Harry Swackhammer

The senate passed the relief bill and all was
Going well until pelosi got involved and messed
It up trying to get their agenda in the bill while people were dying.


Here’s what I expected of Congress.
The RINO’s would march out a very LARGE virus-crisis state and welfare aid bill, and the dems would expand it with pet programs and pack it with home district pork. Then the resulting compromise would cost way over what the crisis might have initially required, if anything.
Pretty much what’s happened.
Can you guess which selection I chose?

Marie M

(to continue) 25% of the 10% have to go on a ventilator. We have parts of the country shut down. The hydroxychloroquine has been helpful in many of the cases and yet the Governor of NY has held it up. Most of us just want the truth.


The left has turned into the Communist party. Nancy Pelosi is a waste of tax dollar’s and needs to be removed from office. She is so corrupt and all she can do is seek ways to discredit and impeach President Trump. The communists have done nothing for the American people. The Communist party has accomplished very Little since Trump has been elected.

Craig Glowen

I believe Sen McDonnell has done a GREAT JOB! Our local Senators, and Congress People are all Democrats. They have gone out of their way to obstruct, complicate, and get in the way of all the great work that is going on during this crisis. We support The President, and all the outstanding work, his team has provided, especially, while being opposed by this group of juveniles, {calling themselves our representatives!} Were it not for our children, or grandchildren, we would leave Illinois YESTERDAY!

The Freezing Senior

And now the big picture.
Gun and ammo sales have recently set stratospheric new records, that in and of
itself is telling and all one needs to know about what is happening or potentially about to happen in American society .

Don’t be scared, be prepared.
Need a wise person be anymore forewarned ?
Good luck to all, we’re going to need it.

GBAKAG #TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !


Actually all 4 responses are what is happening in Congress. Saying Mitch did a masterful job is kind of a stretch though but until the state run media which is locked arm and arm with the Democrats, he along with the rest of the Republicans will be the villains. If a Republican had tried to do what witch Nancy did can you imagine how they would have reacted.

R Workman

I never got to vote but my computer says I can not vote again. whats up with that?