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CNN and FOX have held televised 'Town Halls' with several Democrat presidential candidates, and more are scheduled. How closely are you following these 'Town Halls'?

Friday, May 10, 2019 May 10, 2019 542
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Rather than wasting one’s time watching these carefully crafted PR events geared to appeal to the growing portion of the public on the constant lookout for ever more “free stuff” and to hear how they are all “victims” of one thing or another, you can instead read all the proposals of all 21 Socialists, oops they want to be called either Progressives or Democrats, in less than 30 minutes in total. I’ll save you the effort of doing even that, since I have already done so myself. All to be able to engage the “useful idiots” I encounter with facts to debunk every single part of this socialist nonsense. Virtually every one of the Democrat candidates is running on the EXACT SAME SOCIALIST PLATFORM. They just use slightly different phrasing in an attempt to sound unique from every other Dem running for President on the exact same platform. In a… Read more »


I am not interested in anything a Democrat has to say because I have heard enough from them since November 2016 when Trump was elected. Many voters were not happy when Obama was elected, not only once but twice! I don’t remember the Republican Party whining and throwing hissy fits and asking for his impeachment, or voters standing outside the capitol or on the streets in cities across the nation with vile placards. It is aggravating to see the Dems spend millions of dollars and many hours not doing the jobs that they were elected to do, they would rather throw our tax dollars down the drain!

The Freezing Senior

I have many more important matters on my agenda which take precedence
in my daily life over listening to the DEMSHEVIKS never ending stream of lies and propaganda
which is meant for the consumption of their low I.Q. America hating droids.
Remember this: Inside of every Progressive, there is a Fascist screaming to be let out.
Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers everywhere !
#TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !


It’s hard to believe that half of our population is so ignorant. Then again we (us, you and I) seated the most incompetent congress in history in 2016.

John L

Progressives will destroy our christian values. I can not vote for them.

charles lloyd

I have switched to One American News! Great station. Fox with the Murdoch brothers is becoming way to much Democrat for me. Bret Baier is a hypocrite.


The Democrats have been off the wall and have divided this country in so many ways.
It all started with the Obama presidency (remember “the cops acted stupidly”)
We have been going down hill every since.
But even worse than that it’s the never trumpers, they are the real problem.
Imagine if all Republicans were behind this president we could straighten this country out in no time.
So with that said the dems have always been a problem but the Trump hating Republicans are the biggest problem.

Roy Westberg

I have not watched any and dont plan too. TRUMP 2020


I mainly watch just to see who can out do the next guy, or gal, then decide which one is the most outrageous for that day. Looks like the Dems are heading off a cliff into a bottomless pit. Sure miss the good ole days when most all of us could agree, and the respect to treat each other as equals… Sad.

Dr. Scott

First, I watch One America News Network, and never will watch the communist not news again. . Second, I watch a couple shows on Fox news, like Hannity, and have been recording Sunday morning Chris Wallace, but about to stop that because Wallace has turned into an antagonist towards good people from the Trump administration.
Switch yourself to OANN, and you will see for yourself.

I recommend you see OANN, and then you will see why I switched.

John C. D'Amico

The main intent of most of these candidates, is to remove President Trump now. Their other proposals are steeped in fantasy, not realistic and would cripple all that made our great country.

Rick Long

After seeing the way these Democrats and their party are conducting themselves in the U. S. House of Representatives and on THEIR public television air ways. The last thing wanted is anymore of their socialist insanity. I have little interest in viewing propaganda from the Communist News Network CNN, or the National Broadcasters of Communism NBC.


I believe it is good to know how your enemy thinks so you can prepare to defend yourself from them in the future.

Tom M

I do not watch Fox or CNN or hardly any TV, and never watch the news. I hear of various rantings from the Marxists from on-line sources. 99% of it is garbage and so is 99% of the news, which is beyond fake and of no use. And I won’t follow the election process because there is only one person I will vote for and that is Trump. The rest of the Congressional clown show is corrupt and not worth my time. The DC Swamp is more corrupt than ever and pretty much useless. They couldn’t even come to terms on a measly wall on the border and we expect them fix major problems we are facing? The country has lost its way and the only thing that Congress is doing is to insure they are fully protecting against any uprising by the public.

Ellis C. Collom

The demos are finished with me. They are liers and do nothing to help this country.


Not ONE dim really cares but for their self.

James Vaughn

Dems ALL SAYING SAME THING…No new issues #45 covering ALL THE BASES

Alan Schaaf

Let enact term limits by voting for the people with a proven track record of America and it’s citizens first. Talk doesn’t tell who the person is, their background and history is a better indicator.


It ios wise to hear the oppositions taling points to point our gaps and distortions. Do not plan on voting Democrat at all given what has been revealed at present. Trump / Pence 2020!!


Ohio governor De-Winer is a closet democrap !!