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Should President Trump close the U.S.-Mexico Border if Mexico does not stop the caravans of South American migrants attempting to enter our country through Mexico?

Friday, October 19, 2018 Oct 19, 2018 559
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1 year ago

Go after the people who are organizing, supplying, supporting and funding the caravan. Cut off logistics lines.

1 year ago

Once we make it clear that our border is closed, then this will not happen. I am truly sorowed for peoples of countries that live in fear inland poverty but my goodness we cannot change countries or take in all these peoples. The change has to come to their countries by their people.

Bonnie Osborne
1 year ago

And go after Soros too!

ruth a paulson
1 year ago

if this caravan were truly a movement for honestly troubled peoples, one could vote differently on this subject. But photos show caravaners are paid. The very fact of this happening right before midterm elections points to underhanded and maybe criminal intent. Just as it has been proven protestors at recent hearings were paid to disrupt by screaming, marching, scratching s. c. doors, so also this move is patterned the same. One does not want to see people injured, but the military would be justified in forcing a retreat—AND — an investigation into promoters and money sources . I am so… Read more »

1 year ago

This is a planned attack against us by a group of payed people to cause a disturbance in our midterm elections. It needs to be stopped at all costs. We have let it go for too long. Stop it now.

1 year ago

These intruders are breaking and entering into Guatemala, Mexico and then USA. If they were truly seeking refuge from oppression or attacks why break into and through several countries when asylum should be requested In the closest country and not passing through several countries. This is obviously not asylum seekers but those that intentionally and deliberately have a plan to enter only USA. This is an abuse of our system that allows accommodation for the truly oppressed. My family has been waiting in line to be approved for a visa to enter this country legally for 18 years so this… Read more »

Jesse Church
1 year ago

We are not world citizens, We are Citizens of the The U.S.A. Being a American citizen is a lot better than being a world subject.

Disruptive Element
1 year ago

This is a setup which is obvious by looking at the photos- new backpacks, cell phones, cameras. No one looks like that trekking thousands of miles (rather quickly I might add) which means when the cameras are off they are riding busses, have places to stay for food and hygiene. Question is why do we the people let the mainstream media lead this country around by the emotional news designed for political outcomes which are detrimental to this country. Even the politicians are afraid of the main media. They whip up America into a frenzy on a weekly basis. Really… Read more »

1 year ago

Yes he should send the military, Mexico will do nothing to stop the caravan from coming to our border. Thousands of illegals with who knows how many Middle East terrorist and Latin America Gang members among them. Close the border now, put the troops in place and stop this before it gets out of control. MAGA, VOTE REPUBLICAN SEND THE DEMORATS PACKING.

1 year ago

The Answers were too limited for my complete answer. Yes on closing the legal borders which sends a message to Mexico. Cut off all aid to the countries involved. These illegals as noted even last night in newsfeeds are crossing not at these legal border crossings. Investigate the source of their funding and if a US citizen; charge and arrest them and any accomplices. This though is only a band-aide to the systematic problem that exists.

1 year ago

“Heaven Has Walls-HELL Has Open Borders!”

Joseph Langone
1 year ago

Would Love to see it closed how ever long it takes to fix problem. I want the Wall built as soon as possible and manned as necessary. Want New regulations put into place to Vet all and to limit amount of Legals coming into this Country. We need the Immigrants but only those who wish to obey our Laws ,contribute to our Country and those that wish to truly become Citizens. We have to start Placing HUGE fines and or Jail time on all those hiring Illegals

Anthony Creager
1 year ago

Drug traffickers are reaping huge rewards from charging illegals for help in crossing the border. George Soros is financing these caravans and undermining our immigration policies and our elections far more than the Russians or the Chinese have yet we do nothing. The man is an international criminal and he and his organization must be stopped. Our forefathers set up our immigration for the purposes of bringing people to this country who could contribute, assimilate and help America become strongest and better. The illegals coming to this country and crossing illegally contribute nothing. Many go on welfare and public assistance… Read more »

bob k
1 year ago

This border has been a problem since Pancho Villa. Of course it should be closed and only highest priority passages should occur. Fly over the border by jet and see how little gets in and who gets in. The ground border is too pourus and the poorest with the least ability try to enter here.

Lorrie Peccatiello
1 year ago

This caravan is an invasion. I see them with cell phones, meaning they are not dirt poor, and physically braking down barriers. Many are overweight meaning they are not starving.

Bob R
1 year ago

These people are being funded and used as pawns for the Anti-American forces in this country. The real fix for such shenanigans are to defeat these types at the ballot box. That does NOT mean it will ever go away. The folks who are funding these people should be brought to justice. The rule of law needs to apply to all! WITH CONSEQUENCES (meaning JAIL TIME). I am thrilled Sessions is going after the MS-13 gangs. However, everyday when he goes to work, he is entering the biggest “gang” headquarters in the world! The permanent “fix” is where this man… Read more »

Paul C
1 year ago

Immigration used to be based on MERIT. In other countries such as Australia and New Zealand (both British Commonwealth members), immigration is restricted numerically and to people who can contribute with a job, profession of investments in or creating new businesses. Immigration has been out of control since 1965 when Ted Kennedy and Emanuel Cellar rammed the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 through both Houses and LBJ signed it, saying it would not transform the USA. Oh really?????????????? It has and the Left in this country still panders to minorities to this day. This must stop! We must enforce our… Read more »

1 year ago

As much as hate to see walls at our borders. We do need some way of keeping the ones that come in unlawfully out.

karen hornberger
1 year ago

I’m certain if our legal system for immigration would be updated, the people wanting to immigrate would find a better process. So many people are now giving their life savings to coyotes and illegal transporters. Just think if they used this money for legal entry. They could have enough to support themselves while they settle in and get a job.

1 year ago

Flame throwers would be helpful in stopping the illegals!

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