Should President Trump close the U.S.-Mexico Border if Mexico does not stop the caravans of South American migrants attempting to enter our country through Mexico?

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3 years ago

This is one way to find out how true Americans actually feel about the problems and how to handle the situation.

3 years ago

Mexico offered them asylum and they said no. Did the video get to you where unknown persons were handing out money to the crowd? Start at the beginning….stop the organizers, payers and friends.

Evelyn Jackson
3 years ago

Illegals allowed citizenship should get Medicaid, not Medicare. If Medicaid is good enough for our citizens, it should be good enough for illegal. When and if they start paying taxes, they can buy insurance. Also, they should have to learn to speak our language.

3 years ago

I don’t know exactly what is meant by closing the border. Trump has offered a solution by securing the border and processing the illegals outside the border at temporary amnesty centers. The extra enforcement may have to temporarily close points of entry if rushed. Otherwise vulnerable points will be reinforced.

3 years ago

temporarily close border but HIRE caravan members to build and maintain Great Wall of Mexico on Mexican soil. use jobs to sort the caravan out between worker crews and trouble makers. Give families a way to earn food, shelter, an income based on merit and a chance to become law abiding Mexican citizens. Shutting border down long term will create problems unforeseen. Legal entry into America should be a priority with illegal aliens caught put into man and family camps to build and maintain the wall. If a pregnant alien woman needs medical services and her baby is born on America soil the baby has the birth right to be an American citizen with the mother getting dual citizenship as caregiver. But the father must enter the country legally to remain a guest worker. Why not let Mexico profit off the caravan work force?

3 years ago

Close it for incoming, open it only for outgoing.

Be ulah
3 years ago

Wake up American druggies & cartels….if Pres Trump closes the border, BOTH druggies & cartels will be having withdrawals. So cartels, and cartel supporters, caravans demanding entry is not good for your business.

Alex Deusa jr
3 years ago

I am extremely for closing the border to stop this ominous Caravan from even getting close to our border… obviously a planned event to interrupt the mid terms .

Martin Steed
3 years ago

W. missed the chance to close the border after 9/11. President Trump is probably the only person that could close the border and get away with it.
Three Divisions should do the job; send the 101st Airborne to Ft. Juachuca, AZ, south of Tucson; the 1st Air Cavalry to Ft. Bliss, TX, near El Paso; and the 82nd Airborne to Laughlin AFB, near Del Rio, TX. They would be commanded and supported by the 3rd Corps, headquartered at Ft. Hood, TX. Keep it closed until the “Wall” is built. No Chevys, no Toyotas, no Hundais, no Neisans, and no people cross the border until the wall is built. Watch how fast Mexico volunteers to finance the wall.

3 years ago

This should have been done a long time ago

Carla Emigh
3 years ago

We cannot keep supporting these individuals (if they enter the country) with all our helps – including SS, Food Stamps, Medical Care etc. STOP THEM NOW ANYWAY WE CAN!!!!

3 years ago

It is illogical to think that any country can accept immigrants forever. And in the U.S. with so many taxpayer funded programs taking money that could be used to help U.S. citizens instead , it is unethical.
The President and our government’s number one responsibility is protecting our border and citizens from foreign threats, including a “soft” invasion.
The DemocRat’s number one concern is retaining power and having a voting base dependent on them for sustenance is part of their plan. Hence the asinine open borders stance.

3 years ago

I can’t answer this without knowing exactly what is entailed by “closing the border.” Certainly, something has to be done, and the sooner the wall is built, the better. Get out and vote, and take as many like minded, properly registered, people with you to vote, and help clear out all the swamp scum resisters.

Anita Johnston
3 years ago

I don’t want undocumented and probable uninoculated children going to school with American children, nor having terrorists infiltrating our country

Theresa Rodriguez
3 years ago

These are NOT asylum seekers – you can look at turn of the century pictures and you see those, waving American Flags. THESE ARE INVADERS! They wave the flag of foreign countries. They pass thru countries that could truly provide asylum and that are closer to their own culture. THESE PEOPLE ARE PAID AND SUPPORTED BY TRAITORS WHO SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED, JAILED (IF GUILTY) AND POSSIBLY EXECUTED FOR TREASON. Now THAT would stop this junk right here, right now. As far as what the President must do – I think President Wilson set a precedent by putting the U S Army on the border when we were being overrun by criminals and invaders – sounds like that needs to happen again!

3 years ago

We need another Ellis island to hold people to made sure of their health and intentions.

3 years ago

If they ignore our laws to get into our country they will ignore them once they get inside our country. Lawlessness breeds lawlessness. Stop it now, whatever it takes. Tax all monies being sent to Mexico from all the Mexican nationals living inside the US, legal and illegal. Same for all the other countries south of the border. Take that money and build the wall.

Susan L Smith
3 years ago

It is frightening and frustrating that we haven’t already CLOSED our border. Our nation is full and needs to care for it’s LEGAL citizens. We have homeless, hungry, broken, lost, sick, and oppressed people of our own to care for. If my children are sick, I care for them first, before I try to take on caring for others. There are intelligent and efficient methods to assist the needy from other countries that don’t include allowing them to forcefully INVADE our nation by illegal means. When current detention centers are full, those waiting in line should have to wait in the country they are trying to enter from or be deported back to the country they came from. No exceptions. NOT released into ours. Our military is sworn to protect us from any threat, so send them to the border to protect us from the threat of having our resources drained on people who are not current legal citizens.

3 years ago

I am troubled by the idea that Mexico felt they could not stop the invasion. What would Mexico do if 50 American “street people” were to attempt to enter Mexico? How would Mexico react to the invasion they can not seem to stop if the invasion people just stopped and decided to take up residence in central Mexico? I suspect they would be treated very differently. I believe that Mexico’s complicity in this attack is an act of war and should be treated as an enemy of the USA.

3 years ago

Yes we have to go after the people who fund this kind of action and we know who they are just before the midterm elections. I lived in this Country for 42 years and never experienced such a division between people of different parties as now and instead of living as our Country’s calling us to be united we are divided because the power hungry democrats that want to turn this Country to communism from where we ran away from. We need to VOTE and yes Pray hard to God to bless us and open the eyes of the people to see who is for them and who is for themselves to stuff their pockets with dirty money and sell our Country.They need be be jailed and we know who they are.

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