Supreme Court

As we celebrate our independence this weekend, are you more optimistic about the country’s future, given recent Supreme Court decisions to protect life, religious freedom, 2nd Amendment, and limit EPA’s authority?

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Margaret Luckey
6 months ago

I think the Democrats are bound to determined to see this become a socialized government where we will end up losing all of our rights and I think they will do this at any cost.

Thomas Sullivan
6 months ago

I am cautiously hopeful all the damage already done by the Progressive, Socialist, Fascist people in government can be turned around in time to save our “REPUBLIC”. The swamp is just not water, it is full of vermin that are trying to keep what they have created over these many years. Anyone who disagrees with them will be treated as an enemy of the state and must be silenced at all cost. Every act they do, must be blamed on the opposition. Create unrest at all times to keep you from seeing what it is they are doing

7 months ago

The democrats, controlled by major corporations are attempting to destroy the USA and because of cowardly republicans the criminally corrupt democrat politicians are not following our laws or the US CONSTITUTION.

Angela malo
7 months ago

My faith in people to do the right thing has just about vanished. I feel for our children. Pray is our only hope

Reverend Dan Olsen
7 months ago

This is a good start by SCOTUS, but not ENOUGH. They need to STAND BY the Sates regarding voting laws and voting integrity, they need to also start smacking down every single Bill from Congress that infringes even minutely, the Constitution of the American Republic. SCOTUS seems to be playing both sides of the field perhaps to insure their position after a finality occurs in the Country on who runs it and whether the Constitution remains intact or not. I DO NOT LIKE FENCE SITTERS and this is what it seems like to me. They give us a little on one hand, and then screw up on the other – this is never any good!

7 months ago

How can any of us feel safe with this administration who boldly make up their own laws (to destroy the sovereignty of our country) on a daily basis, regardless of who they destroy in the process or what oaths of office they had to break in order to do it.
We have traitors and criminals running this country and I don’t see anyone HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE for it! Can any rational person truly say they feel safe today?

R. Knip
7 months ago

I am not optimistic. With dems in control of the levers of government they disreguard the law, including Supreme Court decisions. Republicans seem unable to hold them accountable, thanks largely to the dishonest liberal media. Fear this…the future.

Ronald Mozingo
7 months ago

The Republicans, to fully succeed, require thinking like the Dems: indictments, investigations, proper appointments, more EO’s. Permanente solutions. Constitutional changes.

7 months ago

We are in Civil War II. It is time we admit this and fight to win. America is being killed. We need to save her.

8 months ago

Laws/rulings don’t matter to the Biden clowns…even from the Supreme Court. They simply ignore them and do whatever they want to benefit themselves. I want and try to be optimistic but fear the Dems will repeat 2020. I pray for this country and the world everyday, especially for the unborn, Americans still in Afghanistan (can’t imagine what they experience everyday), elderly/children/animals being abused (mentally, sexually, physically), families who can’t afford to feed their families. Those imposing such horrific acts are truly evil and will pay, if not in this life in the next life. God sees all. God bless America!

Dorothy Templeton
8 months ago

In God we trust…. First last and always…. His will not ours. Lord grant us patience and knowledge to stand for the life of the unborn. Amen

8 months ago

The Global Elitists of the World Economic Forum that meet each year in Davos, Switzerland want to destroy America to bring about the Great Reset and their New World Order. Biden is a horrible President supporting and evil Democratic platform and our enemies around the globe. Even when he is no longer President, America will be at terrible risk.

Victoria Lee Bender
8 months ago

I feel God may have mercy on this country due to this decision

cole nelson
8 months ago

I am optimistic. At the same time, our nation needs a return to God in every area of life and especially in government & corporate business. As long as the present Dem party continues to inflict monumental damage on America, we will have a long road ahead to recovery. NO particular party can “save this nation” but no doubt there is a profound difference between platforms of the 2 major political parties… party hates America and the other does not. And until we see actual justice that includes long amounts of jail time, restitution, all benefits being taken away (including retirement and bank accounts) from politicians who have corruptly reaped illegal benefits and wealth from their positions…..then not much will change. Why do we continue to screw around with people in government who we know full well are breaking the law daily? Corrupt, fraudulent elections have horrible ramifications for average to poor everyday taxpayers.

8 months ago

socialism/communism are the enemy plan for the future of America; not even the head of the snake.

8 months ago

SCOTUS having a majority of (Constitution as written) nominated members, has marginally shifted (for the present) decision-making as Our Founding Fathers designed “Our Republic, if you can keep it” (Benjamin Franklin). If “court-packing” gets underway this will not be the case…Our United States of America – will breath its last. Capitalism will succumb to Socialism’s “swan song”! You will own nothing and be happy. Amen. God Bless America’s “meritocracy.” Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House, necessary to fix Washington DC. Amen.

Janis Seward
8 months ago

There is little more frightening to me than REFUSING to protect our Supreme Court.
Of course, Biden also has no problem dismissing the Roe v. Wade reversal ruling by the highest governing body in the land. If that doesn’t send chills up the spine, I don’t know WHAT can.

Roger Healy
8 months ago

This puts more emphasis on the need for Congress to actually do their jobs and LEGISLATE. Given their track record, I’m not optimistic that they are capable of doing that.

Kathleen Gray
8 months ago

On an up-note… I am thrilled that the Supreme Court finally overturned Roe v Wade. Anything they have done to protect gun ownership and in favor of the 2ndA is another huge thrill for us, but the Republican party has, in my humble opinion, a Huge amount of Weak people in it, and the RINOs sure proved this thought correctly in the past 24 months or so. The United States of America is THE GREATEST, but I believe that religion is sorely lacking, and that needs to be revived where lacking. The IDIOTS in Washington do definitely want to do America loads of harm. We Patriots need to remain hopeful and strong, and the backbone to that goal is through God and keeping oneself educated on the latest happenings.

Janis Seward
8 months ago
Reply to  Kathleen Gray

I, too, was thrilled that the Supreme Court finally overturned Roe v Wade. However, Biden dismissed their ruling and declared it will not happen. Hello, America? Do you not see the totalitarian train headed directly for us all?

Sue Diederich
8 months ago

I wasn’t overly upset before. My biggest issue is the amount of time we still have to waste making all this crap public and getting it all through the legal system.

We knew SCOTUS would spend a decade – or more – righting wrongs of the past, but we still have a long way to go.

Durham, Weisman and Patel will be dropping bombs on the narratives from now till at least election day but we’ll have to look to see them. The press sure-as-heck ain’t gonna just put it all out there for us…..

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