Director Rochelle Wallensky of the Centers for Disease Control predicts “impending doom” as some Covid-19 numbers rise, specifically among young, unvaccinated people. What do you think of this comment?

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10 months ago

one million illegals with 80% that have the Chinese virus Thank old joe!.

1 year ago

The crazy left will keep Covid lie going indefinitely read George Orwell’s 1984 to see what they will do next.

Logan Henry
1 year ago

Vaccinations kill and mame while macking the CDC, Fauci and Gates even more wealthy.

Block ChainSaw
1 year ago

Unfortunately the CDC is showing signs of being politicized. Messaging has become untrustworthy and requires careful examination before wholesale consumption. Reader beware!

1 year ago

Another side of story: Will people that recover from Covid19 have any long term effect on their health. Right now, a few years down the road History will tell us a lot about vaccine or no…..

1 year ago

Anyone ever read Animal Farm or seen the Divergent Movie? Hmmmm…

Jean LaBeau
1 year ago

This is all part of satans plan to divide America/the World… the Bible is clear that in the “end times” this will happen…
Mark 3:24,25
If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

Some of us have even “lost” family & friends because we have stood our ground & have boldly made known that Christ has set us free & under no circumstance will we cross that line.
Matthew 10:21
“Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death.

So, what do we do? The only thing we can do is to Trust our LORD & SAVIOR… HE IS OUR ONLY HOPE… and then we need to make the choice to live our lives for the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!


1 year ago
Reply to  Jean LaBeau

Amen, we have a lot we could be afraid of, thinking people do fear ravenous lions roaming free in the streets, but we, ‘mature’ citizens can choose faith over fear. Like Daniel did when he spent the night praying to the Almighty God he knew and trusted to shut the mouths of some hungry lions.

9 months ago
Reply to  Jean LaBeau

i dont understand your family died because you stood your ground? it doesnt sound good.

1 year ago

Hear ye, hear ye! I wish I had a way to send your comment to all US citizens. Those who stand with you and maybe, just maybe open eyes of the opposing team.

toni stamps
1 year ago

Fear is Control..
keep people afraid they will do whatever you want.. Let’s ser….police and citizens are being disarmed as our southern border is wide open, Crazy. ridiculous laws are being passed under flowery titles that do the opposite of what they claim. People who have been rioting, looting and damaging government buildings for over a year are still seeing no jail time, while one incident that more than likely was set up to demonize Trump supporters..these people are looking at some serious hard time. Even if you were just there. They are called “domestic terrorists” while anyone who says HEY! Look who has done more damage and killed more people by far Antifa and BLM, are called the biggest RACISTS in the nation!
I feel like I am in a bad Twilight zone…the direction this is going is clear. We can’t pretend otherwise… we’ve seen this scenario in so many different countries. I just can’t believe it’s happening HERE! Our so called president, and congress are compromised. Our government is not looking out for our best interests…the two Covid relief packages told us that loud and clear! Why did all of the compromise and cuts have to come from the paltry 9 percent that went to help Americans?
We are back to business as usual, but not for Democrats. This is an attempt to keep power for decades. Every thing they said they would not do while campaing they have done. They. along with the media , has gaslighted half the population into thinking the conservative side has gone crazy and delusional. All the while the so called “republicans” in Washington may talk .the insanity continues. We have a constitutional right and duty to protect ourselves and this country from Tyranny. If this isn’t tyranny what is?? I am sure I will be flagged etc. but I don’t care. This is not going to get better. People on the right sre being goaded, pushed… it’s an attempt to push people to violence, then the left will say SEE! We told you they are domestic terrorists… insurgents!! Which would give them the green light for stripping away more rights..the few we have left! I’m sorry for the long speech. I am just frustrated and fed up with one sided justice.

Susan V
1 year ago
Reply to  toni stamps

You are so right about everything you have said.

1 year ago

Wolensky is just another shill for the radical left. She should view her performance. Even she would be embarrassed at her stupidity.

1 year ago

Did u know that Obama n fauci helped in the creation of this disease? Fear n mind control over the People. Dont allow this to make u fearful

1 year ago

The CDC along with the media has become an other arm of the Democratic party. I have lost all confidence in their edicts. The Democratic party along with their allies are destroying the greatest country the world has ever seen. What we are leaving future generations is debt that can not be repaid and a life controlled by the government.

Harold Taylor
1 year ago
Reply to  Ted

I’m a Conservative Vietnam Vet. Why and What are you doing this to my country How do we stop this evil I was sent to Vietnam to fight. If any restitution is paid to anyone it needs to go to the American Indian and all Vets shipped out to fight against Socialism like the Democratic are trying w get in the USA What can we do? We were shooting the enemy in Vietnam!!!

Susan V
1 year ago
Reply to  Ted

And “the government” is controlled by China.

Catherine Matuella
1 year ago

Be sure to check out the recent Project Veritas videos where CNN technical director is saying fear sells. Why get a vaccine with >95% survival rate? It also big buck for big Pharma and control of the masses.

Scott Rico
1 year ago

This is just fear mongering to get young people (and eventually all of us) “vaccinated”. We still don’t know what the long term side effects are of these vaccinations are. There hasn’t been enough time. But, I myself think it’s a population control drug. I’m also hearing stories that it’s making people MORE susceptible to being infected with the next variant. (That came from That Epoch Times). If they are going to eventually restrict travel without a some kind of a Covid passport, then that will eventually spread to everything else in our lives. It’s the mark the beast. Don’t go near those vaccines. Just my opinion.

1 year ago

Young people have little risk from the virus unless they have an underlying condition such as diabetes or are grossly over weight. For the swine flu I saw babies and healthy young people die and their was no response. I am an RN and worked at the vaccination clinics.

Harold Croft
1 year ago

It all about the money. Big money pharmacy wants to make billions and keep the common people in slavery to the government. Not buying it Democrats and CDC

Steven Meisels
1 year ago

When governmental agencies fail to recognize the origins of the China virus, they prove to be a bad resource of any truths.

Independent thinker
1 year ago

I don’t believe ANY THING the Politicized CDC Says. I will decide for myself.

Timothy L Pritts
1 year ago

And that should include that criminal pathological liar Fauci! His lies have caused many ruined lives and businesses, and numerous suicides! There must be a special place in hell for this liar!

Cindi S
1 year ago

This is a made up pandemic, to control the people and make them depend on the governments of the world. It’s called the NWO, which has been in the works since the 1960’s. Read the book by the author George Orwell, 1984. It is futuristic and tells what is happening now. The props in the movie are out dated because it was based on tube tv’s. But, think about it. You carry a phone in your pocket, that can spy on your every move, your tv has a built in camera and microphone. Even some appliances in the kitchen. Big brother is happening, now!

Antonio Salazar
1 year ago

When I was an engineering student in 1975 science was not tied to politics. Now I ask silly questions about how to fight “Climate Change” as the Administration wants to do, but I also wonder what throwing money at Mother Nature has to do with it?? I hope science returns and explains, for example, what happened to all the water that formed the Grand Canyon or flooded the Great Plains millions of years ago!! Wouldn’t it be something if sea levels actually dropped in the future?? Somebody tell the CDC that these questions will be solved by real science, not what they call science but is instead politics!!

1 year ago

Did u read along the coast states the water is rising. They checked in to it found 2 many high rise buildings (weight) was pushing the ground down. NOT THE SEA LEVELS RISING. ANOTHER LIE TOLD BY CLIMATE CHANGE BELIEVERS

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