President Biden announced a new mandate requiring businesses with 100+ employees mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for their employees and perform weekly testing for unvaccinated employees or face severe penalties. Which most closely represents your opinion?

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Rose Black
7 months ago

Vaccines should not be mandated because first they are not FDA approved, and they have caused more deaths than all vaccines of the last 20 years. Our whole country should be aware of this information so they will stop taking them. Why is it that 7 countries have banned the vaccine and our administration is adamant in forcing this vaccine on everyone, but they have not had the vaccine. The public should be aware of this and that government officials are not subject to the vaccine. What should be the good for the people should be even better for the government officials. They put on a farce of getting the vaccine, but did not get it. Most of the people I know do not trust this administration at all. They are only for themselves and not for the people.

Roy Hefflin
8 months ago

Everything this Administration has done has turned out disasterous.They can’t complete anything without screwing it up.They have no idea what the American public wants or needs.The Biden family evidently is wrought with scandals. From Joe to Hunter to brothers and sisters and brother-in-laws.There AIN’T NO WAY HE RECEIVED 80 MILLION VOTES..there is not that many stupid people in this country

Reverend Dan Olsen
8 months ago

The classic, all time, favorite attack by Deep State thugs, cronies, and scammers! This is a clear sign that Biden and the rest of his demons are out to force middle class America into the dumpsters and break their companies financially. 1. many ignorant and slothful people are happy with the government dole and are not returning to work because the Deep State keeps giving benefits to those people who decided to not work. This is itself is hijacking the economy and killing small and medium size businesses. 2. Strangle the businesses through #1 above, hoping those companies go out of business in order for the big hitters like Amazon, and the other large online retailers to gain more income and momentum. Forcing people to utilize the big hitters unwillingly. 3. Kill the small and medium businesses and you kill the economy, create dependents upon the State, and builds up the large retailers – whom of course support the Deep State administration and their evil doings as well as depopulation. All of this is satans work. Keep your eye and heart open for Jesus and God, we will prevail as it has already been written of great suffering and in the end they will all fall by the sword, or their own means of their ways. They will consume each other, turn upon themselves, and blame everyone else. We already see them blaming everyone else. They blame Trump, they blame patriots, they blame Americans who can see what is going on, and they support evil in the world. Let their sins and evil deeds return ten-fold upon them until they are destroyed!

Virginia J Collins
8 months ago

I totally agree to your comment!
The wicked will be plucked out, God will pluck them out, our redemption draws nigh!

Jill LaMothe
8 months ago

there is NO place for politics when it comes to public health. We wouldn’t even be in this mess if Trump hd taken it serious in the first place, and you keeppromoting politics whe it is PUBLIC health we are trying to improve.

Sharon Metoyer
9 months ago

“Killing” America for the agenda of the World Economic Forum, “One World Order” plan that will destroy democracy is not what WE THE PEOPLE hired / voted for / or want for us, our children, our grand children, et al! We are not machines to be manipulated, nor for giving wealth to only the global elitists leaving all others to be “slaves” are absolute Crimes Against Humanity! Love, freedom and God given independence is our “rule”!

9 months ago

I am truly concerned about the direction this whole Administration has taken the country. It is awful that they are going to have full reign until Nov 2022. At that point is it going to be too late to fix the devastation they have caused??

9 months ago

I am very concerned with the direction this country is going as our freedoms are slipping away one by one and no one seems to care. With all the controversy around this so called vaccine, I can’t imagine why people are so hesitant to get it. If you want to see how this is all going to turn out, look at Venezuela, Cuba or Australia and you will have your answer! Wake up people, Healthy unvaccinated people are not spreading this lab created virus, fear is. If you want to be sheep, load up and head off to slaughter!

9 months ago

I concur with the comment about these actions being a blatant overreach of authority and gross violations of Constitutional law. This is Socialism/Communism in their purest forms. This administration should be tried for TREASON!!!!

9 months ago

It’s not a cure. It’s not received final approval yet. Pfizer has received more than Moderna.

Arguments for doing this are the polio, measles, mumps, rubella, and other. These are usually one and done. False argument because those are cures and not vaccines like the COVID-19 shots.
Finally, way too many adverse reactions have happened. I’m one that has been hard hit by such. These are still happening and a few have recently begun despite receiving the 1st Moderna shot on March 26th.
Too many unknowns that keep showing up.
Have a great week. Thank God for you.

9 months ago

I will not wear a sheep muzzle. I will not take their poison, under ANY circumstances. I will NOT comply.

9 months ago

joebama needs to be thrown into the nearest woodchipper!!

9 months ago
Reply to  Pops PULUSO

A better use for Joebama is to send him to China to be a member of the Chinese communist Political system. Maybe he is already speaking Chinese and that is why we can’t make sense of what he says. The Chinese would have put him to sleep a long time ago!

Reverend Dan Olsen
8 months ago
Reply to  Rick

For the people who understand the truth, we cannot understand the spew from Bidens mouth – because? WE understand and he is lying that is why we cannot understand him, this is how God is separating those open hearted enough to understand the reality of this world. From those who do not and only understand that which they are doomed to follow to their death, and subsequent residency in Hell – those are the people who still support the evil DOG and claim they understand his words, and actions.

Remember, understanding comes to those who open their heart to God and we receive clarity. God closes the minds of those already lost for ever, and are doomed to hell. Buckle up! It will get worse, but as the Prophet Kim Clement states “2027 will be beautiful, and glorious…” This is when it is supposed to conclude and things start being set aright in the eyes of God. Keep faith in God and Jesus; keep faith in that there are righteous people already at work, and the Angels are here to push the acceleration of God’s Agenda.

9 months ago

Joebama is NOT our President! TRUMP WON!
If we will use the correct AND LEGAL narrative that Trump won and biden didn’t, maybe we can begin to turn this ship around. Just sayin’…

Raymond Milligan
8 months ago
Reply to  rivkah

I agree!

karen s meyers
9 months ago

My first inclination was to vote for #1. But I went for #3. It really falls under number 1 though.
Did you know that the postal workers don’t have to have a shot? What! I’m sure there are more
than 100 employees. Once again the government is playing exception games. The mandate is another fear tactic. It needs to stop.

9 months ago

Isn’t it ironic – or moronic – that this devout Catholic, who pushes the abortion industry into netting billions of our tax dollars and who is also so fond of the “my body my choice” stance, is the same scheister who wants to dictate this piece of our employment and healthcare? A tyrant can only stand when ordinary people do nothing. We the conservative majority can no longer afford to sit idly by and remain silent in our hopes that this will all go away. The numerous limits of power placed on the President were created with great purpose. All give the individual and the state the authority to say no. This is the hour to stand against the demented shell in the White House.
United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Jack Thomas
9 months ago
Reply to  Sams1dad


You’re correct. I agree with you totally. But what’s our alternative, if not recapturing the White House and Congressional majorities in 2022/2024? 25th Amendment? Forget it. That’s the call of the president’s Cabinet, and there’s no way that will happen with this group of Obama leftovers. Impeachment? Not going to happen with a Democrat majority controlling the House and a 50/50 split in the Senate. Even if Biden were to get impeached successfully, who do we have then? Kamala Harris! Certainly no better and likely worse. Or, third in line is Nancy Pelosi. You couldn’t wish for a more undesirable, unenviable outcome.

9 months ago

I am a retired Public Health nurse (19 years in Public Health) and 11years as an ER nurse. I am also strongly opposed to ANYONE forcing their views on others. Fouchi helped start this pandemic, now we are following his advice. If we had protected our fragile population, allowed children and HEALTHY adults to contract COVID, our herd immunity would have been established. We would still have some cases and bad outcomes, however, I think we would be over the masks and hysteria!

9 months ago
Reply to  Naomi

Fearmongering has been the heart of the pandemic, and that was the purpose of it. Get COVID and die has been the mantra. Now it’s get any variant and die. IF the powers that be wanted to beat the virus, they would have been urging people to take Vitamin D3, Zinc, and Vitamin C because those supplements will help the body fight a virus. But, if you keep people afraid of a 1% chance of death by disease (which is lower than seasonal flu death rate) you can keep control of them indefinitely, especially when the media is controlled to point where truth is no longer present, except when a person’s name is stated. The cloth and disposable masks did little good, as any virus could easily slip through. It was just another way to control large amounts of the population. Most who died during the pandemic perhaps died with COVID, but did not die OF COVID. Underlying conditions played a big part in deaths, but there is not enough fear if someone dies of heart disease with COVID. They must have COVID as the reason to bulk up the numbers to keep the population scared and under control.

Cindy Cowlishaw
9 months ago

Federal government should not be involved at any level. Maybe at the state level. Mask mandates don’t go far enough. When I was a child, we had to have proof of vaccines to enter the public school system. It’s ludicrous to think that school age students up through 8th grade would apply and use masks correctly. Many adults don’t. Mandating masks is stopgap at best. Vaccinations should be required by employers to keep jobs. As a civilian at the Air Force Academy, we were required to do just that – no choice about it – or we would lose our jobs. Military are required to vaccinate based on their deployment all over the world. Protests and refusal of what reasonably protects you and others from a serious illness or death demonstrates gross ignorance, selfishness and lack of consideration for others, here in the US and worldwide. Needles bother you? Get Co-Vid, end up in the hospital, and you will have needles night and day. Many healthcare facilities currently have no beds to accommodate other patients.

Steve Ridgway
9 months ago

Noticed… braindead hunters dad is..and turns his back on the united states of america..and won’t take questions!!!!!?????…I have a severe medical shipment due me today..was supposed to be here last friday

9 months ago

This guy has to go.

Wil D
9 months ago

Biden’s Mandate would violate the 10th amendment of the United States Constitution.

Theresa Rodriguez
9 months ago

There is ABSOLUTELY NO way my family is taking this “experimental jab”.

I am NOT an antivaxxer but I refuse to be anyone’s lab rat.

As far as I can tell:
1) It does more harm than good – the CDC has stopped taking negative reports so we won’t find out how much harm for decades.
2) Per the Nuremburg Accord, it is Illegal anywhere on the planet for a Government for force anyone to be experimented upon or take an Experimental Drug.
3) This is Unconstitutional and Unlawful and is UNPRECEDENTED in the History of the United States. Not for H1N1, nor H2N2 nor the Spanish Influenza…. NEVER has the Government been allow to shut down businesses and force people onto unemployment that we can Ill afford to pay.

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