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One of Joe Biden’s early Executive Orders undoes a Trump Administration order that got rid of 4.3 regulations for every new one created. The Trump order reportedly saved households an average of $3,100 a year.

How do you think Biden’s action will affect the economy?

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Sharon L Smith
1 year ago

What Joe is doing will throw the US into another recession. Prices are already climbing and the competition for jobs is going to be fierce what with all the “new citizens” pouring into the country.

1 year ago

Joe Biden’s actions really speaks for itself! He actions a have already caused damages to America and its people! Causing millions in f job loss… lock downs shut downs in such a very short time Joe Biden and his gangs have set Americans way back and put us all in harms way.

Dan Ryan
1 year ago

Tax us into submission, cut the military, create a welfare state, the list goes on and on. Every time the democrats are in power, the same happens.

Jacquelin L Honeycutt
1 year ago

What I want to know is why he reversed Trump’s order to reduce the price of insulin. They are charging an outrageous price for the same insulin they have been using for years at much cheater price. A lot of retired seniors on a limited income are diabetic and it is something they have to have to live. Why Biden???.

Mary Chris Griffin
1 year ago

They care about power and control and do not CARE about the American people. Look at our Southern border. They want us all dependent on Medicare for ALL. It’s power and control.

Tony Ruppert
1 year ago

He’s already destroyed the economy with the executive orders he signed, now he’ll get us into the war again because that’s how democrat policies go.

David Parrish
1 year ago

Hey, do what i am doing. Joey said people making under $400K would see no increase in cost of living. I am keeping all receipts to deduct from next years federal taxes. Created a new form – “Joey’s Rebate”. Gas has gone up $.50 a gallon here in Feb, used 20 gallons – $10 rebate on next years taxes already!!!

Steven L. Elwonger
1 year ago

Biden’s Ex Orders have already cost the average American money as the price of gas has in a month jumped over 52 cents a gallon and many other commodities have gone up. We need to get rid of the top 3 Dems and get this country on track.

Robert McGuire
1 year ago

These liberals are willing to sell off our country to line their pockets with corrupt money. They want this Great Country to become a socialist state. WAKE UP AMERICA…

Lynn Haskew
1 year ago

He is undoing all the good Trump did

Pat Qualter
1 year ago

Our economy will be circling the drain very soon. Former President Trump understood basic economics and how to run our country. The Dems. just want to give away everything to try and win supporters.

1 year ago

Stop letting Mr. Biden destroy our country! Enough is enough!

DiamonDuchess Penn
1 year ago

First of all the Leftist communists stole the 2020 election from President Trump by using illegal ballots from dead people, duplicates from people who moved & forged signatures; sworn avadavits were weren’t allowed to be played on network lamestreamedia!!! That said the “demon rat” party has been infiltrated by evil and should ALWAYS be under surveillance & voice monitoring at “ALL” times for exposure on unbiased media outlets!!!

JA Drea
1 year ago

I am convinced the goal of the Democrat party is to weaken us to the point where we can become swallowed or merged into China. Every technique and process of conditioning and controlling a population for communism is being employed. Our businesses are destroyed, our religion is not respected, our freedom of movement and assembly is taken away for our own safety. We are told we need protection from an unseen force … a virus …. protection from gun owners …. protection from race haters …. but it is all fake. Then we are told we cannot talk about it. The Left is all about emotions. Emotions are stronger than logic. Emotions are sexier, easier to communicate, and of course, any idiot can rile up a crowd of other idiots. The death of Rush Limbaugh was terrible timing, but I am keeping his message in my heart. Never give up on America. It will never be time to give up on this great country. I am focusing on my local politics, by making sure the schools open back up. I will attend all local meetings when they open back up and start fighting for in person town council meetings. These closed Zoom meetings are illegal as they cannot be attended by the citizens. We need to make noise in our neighborhoods folks. Take your focus off Washington, onto your own Senators, Assembly or State house members and get things done at home.

1 year ago

Just think, Biden just recommitted the US to the Paris Accord… a Gentlemen’s agreement Ponzi Scheme to steal money and give to the wealthy Elite. There’s a reason over 190 countries don’t participate including China, India, Pakistan, Russia… you know the main polluters. That leaves just 35 countries who do participate. Yet no one pays the “Fine”. France was just admonished by their own Supreme Justice system for not meeting emission “Goals” for a single year, then not paying a single fine… for their own accord.

Trump and his admin quickly figured out it was a ponzi scheme with the Corporations in those participating countries paying fines to the Country, who paid the Elite Council (Al Gore, John Kerry, the Bush Family, and other Elite Robber Barons, etc.) to give them “Carbon Credits” which they passed down to the corporations who Polluted with Carbon Credit immunity… except the U.S.

The last year of the U.S. participation in the Accord, the U.S. paid $100 Billion in “Participation” fees despite being “Goal” compliant. Of the other 35 participating countries, only one other country is “Goal” compliant (Romania).

Then the $100 Billion dollar participation fee (that no one else pays) is given to China, India, Pakistan, Russia, etc., to entice them to join the accord.

Trump, being a businessman with a team of Businessmen, quickly figured out the Ponzi Scheme and said we’re not participating… we already have an Emissions regulation called the “Clean Air Act” of 1972 in which Companies and Communities have spent $Trillions for technology to reduce Emissions. Simply look at Los Angeles. Remember flying through the Yellow Haze of pollution that looked like clouds? Now they are an Emissions “Compliant” city and county. No Yellow Haze!

Kathleen P Murray
1 year ago

He said during the campaign he would undue everything Trump – and he is doing it because of his vicious contempt. Agree with all the other comments submitted. The aim is to erase Trump which is ridiculous. Hunter’s Chinese dealings with Daddy VP Joe by his side sealed the deal with the Chinese – Hello Communism!

1 year ago

China Joe has the fecal touch rather than the Midas touch.

Shira Levin
1 year ago

The actions of illegitimate President Biden stink. He the worst person to be in the White House since Obama.

James Pounders
1 year ago

How can we think these are Biden’s actions. He hasn’t been cognitive for several months as we could see over the last year or so. So, who is actually running things? At any rate even in his right mind, did he ever get a foreign policy decision, (or any other decision) right in his entire life in Washington?

Nick Selembo
1 year ago

Okay my friends. First the world lost an icon yesterday in Rush Limbaugh. He was a great orator for Conservative views for over 30 years and will be sorely missed especially now when we need someone like him. Secondly the post I read below is absolutely correct. Why isn’t the Republican leadership demanding that China Joe have an examination and a competency test. Democrats demanded it of Trump saying that he was unfit. Well its plain to see that in China Joe’s case the bus has left town and taken his “marbles” with it. He’s so daffy now that he couldn’t find his ass with both hands!

Susan M Golombek
1 year ago

Dear Trump-Haters, Are you enjoying the rising gas prices? Good news for you, they’re going to keep going up since we have given up on our oil independence.

Melissa Scott
1 year ago

Sad but sooo true

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