There is a movement among some parents in the Unites States to avoid vaccinating their children, believing that these solutions contain components that cause harmful side-effects, including death. However, we are now seeing an increase in illnesses such as measles (after eradicating this affliction domestically in 2000) that some are tying to the so-called “anti-vaxx” movement.

Which best describes your view of this issue?

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2 months ago

I believe maintaining a good immune system developing immunity makes the vaccines uneccessary.

1 year ago

As someone with a compromised immune system being around unvaccinated people can be a problem.

Colleen Dagen
1 year ago

I am an a Pro-Health and God made our immune systems just fine person. Clean water, food and sanitation habits have done more to eradicate disease than vaccines. In fact, the outbreak in measles was in colleges where everyone had to be vaccinated for it!!! I agree with Paul Hodson: You did not offer the most important option – parents should be making these decisions, not the government.

Kellie S
1 year ago

I agree with Paul questions are only for what you want to portray… We the PARENTS demand the control…. Big Pharma is using our children as guinea pigs… it has been proven that these so called vaccs haven’t even been tested… what an atrocity on our children…

John Hancock
1 year ago

I wonder how many of the illegal immigrants and LEGAL Refugees are required to get vaccinated? Hmmmmmm

1 year ago

I believe the recent outbreak is from illegals entering our country and bringing all these deseases.

Micki Glenn
2 years ago

I know from my surgeon husband’s observation with patients (he is a specialist–he does not give vaccines) that some vaccinations may cause very serious side effects, such as Guillain-Barre syndrome associated with flu vaccine, and the thought that our autism epidemic may be caused by vaccines. But this summer, we were hit hard by a cancer that is preventable by Gardicil 9 vaccine. HPV16 throat cancer is becoming a huge issue, particularly in men. It is estimated that 85-90% of all Americans will be exposed to the HPV virus at some point in our lives. Many individuals mount an immune response to HPV, but those who do not clear it are at grave risk for cervical cancer (women) and throat, mouth and tongue cancer (men). There are believed to be over 200 strains of HPV, and 9 are absolutely known to cause cancer. In June of this year, my very healthy, non-smoking/tobacco using husband, was diagnosed with HPV 16 oropharyngeal cancer. There were no symptoms until one day before he felt a fullness and then the fullness erupted. We have since learned that HPV can lie dormant and undetectable for DECADES. HPV that causes this horrific throat cancer can be passed by kissing. You could be exposed, it worms its way into your DNA, and sits like a ticking time bomb for up to 30 years.
We spent our summer at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston undergoing the most hideous treatment–dual chemos and proton radiation therapy. We watched Mike’s taste buds literally wash down the hotel sink. He lost almost 40 pounds. His face and neck were so burned from the rad/chemo that he was like a blood-colored water balloon. Then the skin came off and he was in the most hideous pain day after day after day for 3 entire MONTHS.
People, HPV-16 head and neck cancer is PREVENTABLE through the Gardasil 9 vaccine. This is not a government attempt to control your lives. I implore you, even if you decide against flu vaccines and some other vaccines–do not refuse to have your teenagers (and up to 45 years of age now) vaccinated. My husband feels the age will be raised to all ages, but right now insurance will only approve to age 45. We are electing to get the vaccine even though we will both have to pay for it out of pocket. Best investment EVER. Trust me on this one.
Micki Koch Glenn
Florida Panhandle
You can find me on FB if you are respectful and not bashing me for my VERY educated opinion on this vaccine.

Dawn Woolf
2 years ago

The diseases are coming in from the illegal immigrants or from those traveling abroad. If people are so adamant about vaccines then why are they worrying about their children catching the diseases (measles, etc) if they’ve been vaccinated?
If I had children I would not vaccinate them. You do not know what they are putting in the multi- vaccines and yes I believe they can cause physical and mental problems because of the multiple vaccines being mixed in one shot.

Corbin L Douthitt
2 years ago

the anti-vaxxers are relying upon anecdotal evidence that is statistically insignificant and endangering the entire population. It’s bad enough that we have unvaccinated people being allowed across the border and into our schools. WE don’t need our own people endangering our children.

Tom Fowler
2 years ago

There isn’t a good answer in your list. I agree with PH below; parents should be making these decisions, not the government. When I was a child they didn’t have any vaccinations.

Philip R Meetze Sr
2 years ago

How many Amish children have autism? How many vaccinations do Amish children get?

ronald moreck
2 years ago

Would it not make sense to better vet all the immigrants invading here

Sherie Suter
2 years ago

The government has paid out billions in vaccine damages while not allowing the companies that make them to be held accountable! So they make the profit with out the risk of retribution if the new inoculations do harm! How is this ok! So of course they keep coming up with more that are then forced on the population! Our children’s tiny bodies are given far more inoculations then we were as kids! And the autism issue has risen along with the increase in requires shots! It’s about their profit not the safety of the population! Now our state (Washington) has passed a law that doesn’t even allow parents to spread them out! So their tiny immune systems are bombarded I personally know 3 different children who were normal before a round of shots and days after developed autism one little boy lost his ability to speak! He’s no 5 and still can’t talk! You can’t tell me this is not a threat to our children!

2 years ago

Obama passed an executive order saying that people no longer needed to be notified when given a vaccine. A friend recently stayed a few days at a local hospital when asked if she wanted a flu vaccine she refused it. After leaving the hospital she found listed on her bill of services that she had been given a flu shot anyway. Personally I have stayed away from doctors for the past 30+ years just because I can not trust them, they lie.

Terry Coffman
2 years ago

1) It is very troubling to me that pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued when vaccines are believed to have caused damage to people. What are they afraid of? They wouldn’t have to pay damages unless it can be proven the vaccines were responsible.
2) Another disturbing point – Why do schools and other pro-vaccine forces use manipulation tactics as saying, “Please keep all the students safe by having your child vaccinated.” One child not being vaccinated should not have any effect on the child who has been vaccinated IF the vaccine is effective. Saying that the child who has been vaccinated should fear the one who hasn’t makes no sense. If the vaccine is not that effective, why allow this vaccine to be injected into your child when it contains harmful additives such as formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum and other such elements if it isn’t effective?

2 years ago

Wow! How many other rights are people willing to turn over to our corrupt government? First off, healthy unvaccinated people are not vectors of illnesses they don’t have. Second, medical treatments are not one size fits all. Third, the pharmaceutical industry has been indemnified of liability for injuries from all vaccines added to the childhood schedule (1986) and since then the schedule has quadrupled. I was born in the 60’s and had 3 doses of vaccines. The recommended schedule today serves up 72 doses of vaccinations to our children by 18 years of age and 28 by 18 months. There hasn’t been a single double blind study using an inert placebo on the vaccines products they inject into our children. In 2011 the Supreme Court declared vaccinations unavoidably unsafe. The Vaers court has paid out $4 billion in claims for vaccine injury. The CDC has manipulated studies regarding the vaccine/autism connection and totally ignores deaths and other adverse reactions to vaccinations. Today 50% of the children in this country suffer from chronic illness. Merck is currently in court for fraud they perpetuated in their HPV and MMR vaccine studies. The vaccine lobby is the largest in our country at 2 lobbyiest per member of congress: they basically own the government. The Pharmaceutical Industry also owns the media accounting for 70% of News advertising. They drive the sale of their products through fear mongering and rather than doing some research the sheeple fall in line. The people of this country have been bamboozled! If we don’t have freedom over our own bodies then we don’t have freedom at all!

Penny Palmer
2 years ago

Parents should make the call. No one else.

2 years ago


2 years ago

Many of these illnesses are being brought in by the illegal immigrants who have not received a vaccination and are not being checked and or treated for them. Close the border and do immigration as the law is written.

Julie Lundberg
2 years ago

I am anti vaccine…..worked in the medical field all my life and always was able to sign an exemption form rather than get the flu vaccine! A month prior to my retiring Essentia Health made flu shots mandatory or employment would be terminated! It is MY body and it should be MY right to chose what I feel is right for me as an individual! Yet another right taking away me as a USA citizen!

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