There is a movement among some parents in the Unites States to avoid vaccinating their children, believing that these solutions contain components that cause harmful side-effects, including death. However, we are now seeing an increase in illnesses such as measles (after eradicating this affliction domestically in 2000) that some are tying to the so-called “anti-vaxx” movement.

Which best describes your view of this issue?

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Paul Hodson

You did no offer the most important option – parents should be making these decisions, not the government.


With 85% of the neurological development occurring within the first 3 years of life, it is foolish to inject so many vaccines that carry chemicals detrimental to that neurological development. Is it any wonder why there are so many vaccination injuries and side effects like autism, etc. While I was a child, I received maybe 5 or 6 vaccinations. Today children are getting upwards of 70 vaccines before the age of 3. The CDC is headed up by pharma industry experts, but they have a clear financial interest in those companies. Thus, it is like the fox guarding the hen house. Something is amiss here. As an adult, I want to get as few shots as I absolutely need. The same goes for my children and grandchildren.

Tim S.

While I am not 100% convinced that vaccination is the sole cause for the health issues they’re being blamed for, I also think blindly trusting pharmaceutical companies to be morally upstanding is foolish beyond all comprehension.

Lawrence Greenberg

As the parent of two boys with neurological damage almost certainly caused by vaccines, I am very much against forced vaccination. After 20 years of research on the internet, it has become very clear to me that EVERY vaccine made contains at least one toxic or neurotoxic substance, with some having as many as six. And then the powers that be actually try to tell us that all of the damaged children, as well as those who die, are not being affected by the vaccines. FOLLOW THE MONEY…

Tom M

Although I only have grand kids that need vaccines, I will never trust Big Pharma, ever. Why do our kids need more mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum and other poisons put into them? It used to be 5-10 vaccinations 40-50 years ago, now it is 60-70 or more. Where does this end? Many diseases were eradicated due to much improved sanitation and cleaner water and foods, not a poke in the body. Nobody knows if these children getting so many needle pokes will be affected later in life. I am all for choice as far as vaccinations go. Big Pharma would like nothing better than to lobby for laws that force all of us to take their poisonous drugs. This is just another freedom gone by the wayside.

Amanda Ferrell

I researched vaccination vs non vaccination when I was pregnant with my first child 18 years ago. For 7 months I read pro and con books, scientific research, spoke to other parents (no youtube). I decided not to vaccinate my children. They are among the healthiest of their peers in school.
This decision to vaccinate should be made by parents, not the government.
I believe the outbreak of measles is strongly linked to uncontrolled illegal immigration. Yes, this illness was nearly irradiated in the United States but not in Central America.
What is the data on those who have recently gotten the measles in the United States? How many were vaccinated? How many were not?
If the measles vaccination is effective, why are the vaccinated people, the government, and big Pharma concerned anyway?

Rhonda Rhynard

It is up to parents to decide what is best for their children not the government. Test the vaccines, take out the harmful ingredients. In today’s technology we should have safer ways of vaccination.


You forgot to include the option of… This is a parental decision. Government should not be making these decisions for us.
As far as those who do vaccinate their children and measles returning… if you are vaccinating your children for measles then you shouldn’t be fearful that your children are going to get measles. And if they do get measles, then that should show you that this vaccine doesn’t work.

People should be free to research and make up their own minds without others challenging their decisions or worse yet, attacking them for their decisions.


While vaccinating children is important, I think it’s up to parents to make that decision not the government. I am in favor of not subjecting children to multiple doses, they should be spread out over a period of time. I believe that the recent outbreaks of childhood diseases that we have not seen for years may be due to the tremendous flow of immigrants entering the US that have not been vaccinated many of whom are children. It would be costly and time consuming to screen/test when they arrive and could it be done?

james Moe morency

The only correct answer is C. Why would you put anything in your children that hasn’t been properly scrutinized? Most of us here have actually lived through all these things they vaccinate for today, and we all survived! Investigate the vaccines thoroughly


The poll could have been written better, with other options.

John Hughes

Combining inoculation and immigration in the second question was not a fair question and resulted in a meaningless poll. I am surprised that AMAC would mislead in this way.

Stranger in My Own Country

Build the wall


There is a correlation on timeline (early 1980’s) between the rise of autism and the number of vaccinations children are required to get. When I grew up in the 50’s, we never heard of autism. Now, 1 out of 100 boys are autistic. That is an absolutely unacceptably high statistic. How do you explain that? Studies show that vaccinations and the adjuvants that carry them cause inflammation in the microglia of these little brains and thus can leave lasting effects. This especially true of the very young and old. I think we over-vaccinate our children and animals, too. I once had an older dog that suddenly went deaf after having her yearly recommended round of vaccinations. Now, I limit and/or spread out vaccinations to my animals and get titer testing done to determine immunity. Do you notice all of the advertisements for drugs on television? They are non-stop! There is… Read more »

Sharon Williams

Americans are being duped by the pharmaceutical companies. It’s all about the money, not health. Too many vaccinations too close together has and will have long lasting affects on our children.

John Ferris

If vaccinations work, why would the untreated infect the rest? When we were kids getting measles, chickenpox, etc. was part of growing up. now, we can avoid this right of passage, but at an unsure cost. For some, the cure seems to be worse than the disease.

Allen B

The only important issue is that it is a parent’s decision not government our neighbors!


Everyone should read the book, “Don’t Vaccinate Before You Educate,” by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein.


I believe there is a complete distrust in our pharmaceutical companies to always put people above the money when introducing new vaccines. Therefore conspiracies abound and parents hold back.
Illegal immigration is a huge threat to potential diseases coming into this country and affecting American citizens. Nothing says government doesn’t care enough than that! Yet all we hear is it’s the parents lack of responsibility in not vaccinating their children. I am not against vaccinations, but it’s not a black and white decision. Not all vaccinations are on the same level of importance either. It should be a parents informed responsibility for their own children. But it’s the governments responsibility to keep its citizens safe from outside threats, which they have failed in doing so for political gain. As usual, no self responsibility!
Greed knows no bounds.

Anne Marchman

We all want our kids safe and to have the best shot at life. I know there are ethical and unethical versions of theses vaccines. There are a great number of vaccines that the effects are really unknown on a huge scale Time will tell. In the meantime why is it necessary to make any vaccines from aborted cells of any baby ? We are smarter than that and perhaps it would bring more parents on board with at least a number of the vaccines if we relied on ethical methods.