AMAC is often approached by motorsports teams and drivers offering advertising opportunities to help AMAC grow. To better help us make decisions in this arena, which of the following best describes your attitude towards the sport of auto racing?

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Paul James
5 days ago

Motorsports is a HUGE market and, IMO, an excellent advertising opportunity.

Robert Zuccaro
12 days ago

The only pro sport I watch anymore is NHRA. They have a diverse field of men and women of both sexes whose only goal is winning not “woking”.

24 days ago

I used to be a big NASCAR fan. I watched some Indy car races. I like watching auto races, I don’t like the political and liberal aspect trying to work its way into racing. Since all of the political and woke garnbage has become more prominent, I have lost intrest in racing.

Sharlotte Qualls
12 days ago
Reply to  Rick

I used to keep up with everything NASCAR. very avid fan! Since they went PC and the Bubba Wallace bull with the garage door pull being a noose and his BLM crap, I NEVER GO TO RACES, WATCH ON TV, OR PURCHASE ANYTHING NASCAR! Tony Stewart Racing is where I’d put my money and in local dirt tracks around the country! Support the small ones and help upcoming drivers! Nascar has become way, way to expensive on both sides! IMHO, you could spread the word about AMAC and make a huge difference in many everyday people’s lives by supporting small dirt tracks rather than a Sport that is going downhill because of their PC attitude now! Real race fans prefer to bring it back to the local track! Talk to Tony “Smoke” Stewart❣ We actually need another racing league, one that will not bow down to liberal ideologies!

OH Consvative
26 days ago

Although I don’t pay any attention to auto racing, it is a big part of American culture and a major way to advertise. AMAC should be involved.

Michael Roby
1 month ago

I believe that Motorsports are the more positive sport they all pledge allegiance to the flag and pray before they compete.

Don Luke
1 month ago

I am not an avid fan of circle track racing, be it NASCAR or any other organization. I was introduced to NHRA drag racing during high school by friends, the year was 1962. I am 74 yrs old and drag racing is still the only form of racing I attend or keep up on. I see the sponsor advertising on the cars but rarely has the sponsor names on race cars or drag boats made me want to know more about the sponsoring organizations products, services, etc. etc. I used to belong to IAMAW and they sponsored a car for a while. My question at the time was where was the money coming from, was it coming from the pot of money we paid to represent and support the union members? FWIW, the sponsored IAMAW car never did really well. If a sponsored car does poorly, how does that reflect on the sponsoring organization if the car never wins or even comes close to winning?

Casey Nicholson
1 month ago

Until professional sports stops with the WOKE movement I wouldnt give them a dime. Get Woke Go Broke! Same with BLM. Why are corporations / people supporting the Marxist BLM movement Crazy!!!

Last edited 1 month ago by Casey Nicholson
1 month ago

Until NASCAR stops disrespecting it’s roots I want nothing to do with it. NASCAR started in the south by a bunch of moonshine runners.

Mike Davis
1 month ago

Cost Vs results, try it a year and weigh the results. Good, invest. Bad, try something else.

1 month ago

I think you should explore all forms of advertising. I myself have given up watching sports because of recent events and ideas being pushed by them.

1 month ago

Just because I’m not a car race person doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t e exposed to AMAC.

1 month ago

Sponsor boat racing as well!!

1 month ago

once you accept sponsorship, you lose your bias in most cases,

Pam M
1 month ago

It really doesn’t matter if I watch or don’t have an interest. Advertising is meant to reach those who don’t know about Amac. Everyone knows about ARP when I tell people there is an alternative rarely do I find anyone who knows about Amac. GET OUT THE WORD any way you can!

1 month ago

I see nothing nothing wrong with NASCAR although I don’t watch any races, except of a few minutes when scrolling through the channels. By all means show their advertisements. I play Publishers Clearing House and I watch all their ad video’s, because that is how they get some of their money. I would watch a NASCAR video ad if it was in a e-mail from AMAC to help support AMAC

Susan Schachter
1 month ago

Yes you need to get your name out there.

1 month ago

Yes, go for it.

Terry Wilson
1 month ago

Amac’s the right to engage with auto racing. Wish it still had pit grew girls in it. The ones cowing it into putting its tail between its legs were seldom as attractive as the women now out of the jobs they very much loved to do!

Peter Giger
1 month ago

Professional sports including auto racing is so tainted by ruthless opportunism that I think I would object to any association. Naturally I don’t object to options but as we have seen the administrative levels determines “cash flow” so should not be considered an investment opportunity. Polling fans for their likes and dislikes but they shouldn’t feel hostage by owners merely because they attend their races.

1 month ago

If NASCAR is offering ya should take advantage of the largest spectator sporting event in this country..

1 month ago

I think NASCAR along with most sports lost me when they decided to bow to the mob and disrespect our country and flag. I have no interest in them at all and will not watch .

Ed Portugal
1 month ago
Reply to  Billie

Ditto… I have no interest in them at all…l!!!!

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