AMAC is against raising the Social Security payroll tax, however if the only way we can get parties to agree on a fix is do so; which of the following would be the most acceptable?

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Judy West
Judy West
5 years ago

Social Security and medicare is a program started years ago, it is not a tax never has been, government stole our money for their downsizing the debt. Taxes are allowed to be taken off Federal, state, Country, local taxes but SOCIAL SECURITY is being taken out of our paychecks and lessen our paycheck but not allowed to be taken off our taxes. Go back to original reason this was started and government should put money they took from our funds into these programs and use it for what it was started for, not for SSI so many getting it illegally for obesity, mentally, etc that was not initiated for those purposes as we have taxes paid out for those reason so now using SS for that is DOUBLE paid needs stopped. ILLEGALS should not get any of these SS/Medicare funds only ones here natural born legal people whose paid into system and their family members. GIVE US BACK OUR MONEY from these PROGRAMS not a tax.

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