How aware are you of AMAC Action, the advocacy arm of AMAC, which was founded to advance issues of importance to the membership in Washington, DC as well as organize local grassroots initiatives?

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11 months ago

This is the number reason I am a 5 year member!

1 year ago

My issue with AMAC and we joined as an alternative to AARP…how about putting pressure on the Rhinos because as bad as Democrats are, they are at least forthcoming in their agendas. I HATE Rhinos more than dems. We have a president finally who fights for AMERICA, but he has so little support from his party. They talk out of both sides of their mouth. Guess they miss the Bush years, who never spoke out against dems.

Chiron Venizelos
1 year ago

You’re catching a lot of flack for this poll because people don’t seem to understand that products & services cannot be substantially improved without input from membership. That you posed such questions indicates you are truly concerned about your membership and their need to know what you do as their advocate. As for topics that might be addressed by AMAC Action, fighting taxes that target retired people (e.g. having to pay taxes on Social Security income, property taxes on primary residence, the “package tax” proposal that harms seniors who get their medical supplies shipped to them, and legislation intended to reduce the debt and deficit), are good causes to pursue. In short, THANK YOU for all you do and try to not be discouraged by the comments of all the whiners.

1 year ago

I think Amac Action is doing a good job keeping us informed. It is not there job to be the only one doing this. In addition to Amac Action, how about taking some time to listen to YouTube X22 Report also where you get the truth of what is happening in our country instead of those fake news propaganda networks. Remember, UNITED WE STAND, divided we fall.

1 year ago


Robert L
1 year ago

We are witnessing a Leftist insurrection happening in many of our major cities. DemonRat mayors and governors allowed their cities to be destroyed.

1 year ago

That”s why I joined!!

Charles Pulaski
1 year ago

Farcebook, tweetybird, youtuber, need I say more, Ja Wohl Mein Fehere

Eileen (I lean on the Lord)
1 year ago

The only reason I joined AMAC was for the activities you do in Washington, not for the news coverage, and not for the benefits. My understanding is that AMAC is an advocacy group not a news organization. The news is a courtesy and germane to the advocacy, not to cover ever story out there. The poll is to find out what we know and understand about AMAC not what AMAC is doing abut the news, but about protecting conservative life style in America. I am sure they are very well away of all the news and would like to have the staff to cover it all and report it all, that is not why I joined. There are tons of articles on here about a lot of news, it is overwhelming at times. But I was not aware that our government is passing thousands of laws daily that are eroding our freedoms, that is what I am more concerned about. Let someone else report the news, let AMAC do their job of advocacy for our freedoms, thank you

Laura Ainsworth
1 year ago

I haven’t been a member of AMAC very long and wasn’t really aware of the types of in-person events you mention. I won’t be joining the ranks of the retired for many years but hope to participate more in sponsored events as time goes on. Like many (most?) of your members, I joined as an alternative to ever, EVER being a member AARP.

1 year ago

As a new member of AMAC, I think this poll shows how many are totally unaware of your good works, like me. Maybe we can get the word out better.

1 year ago

Of course, you will never hear of any of these pro-America activities from our irresponsible, deceitful, dishonest, corrupt and bigoted US mainstream news media.

Delbert E Robinson
1 year ago

Typically, I like your polls… But this one just seems like a vain attempt to toot your own horn. Toot your horn and tell us all the good you do, that we may not know about, elsewhere, not in the polls. Lets get back to business.

Pamela Derouen
1 year ago

I don’t agree with you. This is the truth. No excuses. #NoRioting That is not Constitutional. President Trump is correct to do what he needs to do to stop this from existing. Obama allowed it. See what happens?

1 year ago

I know AMAC is involved but have no idea what they are actually working on. Might be my fault because I don’t read the magazines when they come.

M. Guy
1 year ago

I’m very glad that AMAC offers an alternative to AARP. Thank you. Interestingly, a few weeks ago those who peaceably protested stay-at-home orders in various states were called “extremists” by the media. So, what is the media calling the protesters that are rioting, looting, and burning in Minnesota? I don’t know off hand, but I am sure that the media is probably referring to the rioting and looting scofflaws as something more noble like, “Street-Level Indignant Social Change Advocates”, but certainly not extremists. I bet the those in the Democratic state government were pleased that the criminal protesters at least wore masks as they destroyed their own neighborhoods to help control exposure to Covid-19 among their fellow rioters. I’m wondering if the Dems were secretly miffed that the protesters did not follow government recommended social distancing guidelines as the protesters worked to tear down the whole city.

1 year ago
Reply to  M. Guy

“Street-Level Indignant Social Change Advocates” – wow! Watch out, M. Guy, they might come looking to hire you, you’re got their language and their agenda down pat. Speaking of Minneapolis riots, that’s my old stomping grounds. I used to shop in all those stores around there, many of which are now burnt to the ground. That was my police precinct that was destroyed as well. Sad times. Anarchists need to be prosecuted to the fullest. Unfortunately, baby frey and putz walz are uber liberals still shaking in their boots. Come on guys, those were YOUR people out there rioting!

1 year ago

Thank you AMAC for representing your members in DC. From comments I read below, how WOULD your team approach the Trump administration concerning the riots and looting going on? I know one thing that should be brought up to the Democrats, and that’s if by supporting the individuals doing the rioting and damage to their city as well as encouraging it as Maxine Waters did, do they also now consider their state lock downs to be over? Is the country open for business? This should be shoved down their hypocrite throats until they gag!! Time for our Republican Congress to get a backbone and stand up to this ilk in our country. Find your Goliath if that’s what you need to do to hold the Democrats accountable for their treasonous acts. It is getting to where we have the right to demand you act on your voters behalf.

Thomas C.
1 year ago

TO BRYAN. My politicians have worked on topics of interest to me but I think they might do even more if more people called or wrote to them. I receive regular updates from my Republican Senator but rarely hear from my Democrat senator unless it is to blow his own horn. I keep trying though. I try and hold their feet to the fire. The reason they don’t do what we would like them to is because NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE DO ENOUGH TO LET THEM KNOW THEY WORK FOR US!
Try it, you will like it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas C.

Thomas C, I’m Bryan, but, am not sure if I am the right Bryan you are referring to. Here goes.
I think of myself as the most informed person on earth even though I know that Rush Limbaugh holds that title.
I start the morning 4 – 9 AM with Fox and Friends, listen to an hour of Brian Kilmeade, then Mark Kaye. At 1208 it’s Rush for three hours followed by Hannity. Hannity has to be last because he is not good enough to create his own show. He plagiarizes all the preceding shows. I pick up Fox with Tucker Carlson through Laura Ingram. Then relax with either Gunsmoke or Walker Texas Ranger on INSP. Oh, I am not yet fully retired.
As far as my state and federal representatives, they all know me by my first name and I do not care for most of them. Here goes, Scott and Rubio are anti gun RINOs, YoHo is useless and giving up his seat this year. Travis Cummings is also a RINO and anti gunner. Since Florida is purple our once staunch Republican reps are all now panty waists walking the line. I have even volunteered at a few offices and polling stations.
There, that’s my current bio. I left out my personal and business life, however, I have tried to educate folks on immigrant labor, how it effects SS and why/how e-verify is nothing more than a political talking point. I know these things from experience. I also am quite knowledgeable due to personal/business experiences with many countries, east and west. I have also lived in a number of foreign countries and on quick count 5 States including both coasts.
I like coming here to read comments from my peers to try my best to clarify any misconceptions, false narratives and a lot of just plain fake news being passed by many of the folks here. It surprises me that so many here with so much time on their hands do not take the time to research the facts, but, instead pass along bad info. If you can use social media you can find and read worthwhile News media. Fox, WSJ, listen to talk radio and watch a few choice programs on Fox News or Fox Business.
Sorry if I have offended anyone. Sometimes I get a little snippy. I came to AMAC like everyone else and this particular week is an important week because it shows that very few folks have any knowledge of what AMAC is.
Someone even posted that they should do commercials, they do on talk radio stations. Neil Boortz now retired and Herman Caine also semi retired both had AMAC as sponsors. They sponsor talk radio because that is where most of our generations get our news and political updates.
Also, in case you don’t know it, you can subscribe to the Whitehouse and read the daily top five stories and email the President or any of the staff at or contact the Whitehouse from the contact at the bottom of the Whitehouse page.
Oh, I have also worked with the state and national Veterans Administration, working with veterans to secure benefits.
Anyway, I will take you up on your suggestion for getting involved and staying better versed in current affairs.
Thanks for pointing that out to me.

1 year ago

I’m a little distressed at the seemingly leftward drift of AMAC since Founder Dan Weber’s demise. They don’t seem to be taking as strong a position to the right lately. I hope they are not on the same path as that of AARP that originally was more conservative and less politically left than it is today.

1 year ago

Soooooooooo, 1,391 have voted “they are not aware”, why not if you are a member. If you join you should be _aware_ of what’s happening with issues of the USA.

Genie Riddle
1 year ago

I would be interested in knowing more about the delegate program. What district am I in, can I contact them about issues that concern me? I wish the magazine addressed this better.

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