After a week of protests, riots, violence, and looting all amidst an ongoing pandemic, check all with which you agree.

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beth oakley
1 year ago

people have said all this will go away after elections…….

1 year ago

The protests turned into an opportunity for the looters/rioters came out. Tell me how did Mayor of DC paint street from White House overnight & change the name of the street overnight without the WH security/police noticing??? ?Something wrong with that picture & paint was professional job not a can of spray paint.

Sandra Lee Purvis
1 year ago

I do not understand how the rioters are being able to get away with all of the destruction they are doing. If any one person vandalized the way the rioters are they would be put in jail. Why arn’t the police allowed to jail all of the rioters? That is their job. Let’s not defund the police let’s give them the authority to do their job. If there are Mayors and Goveners who are protecting the rioters then The President should have the power to send in the military to stop them. News shows are showing piles of bricks/stones on street corners, why are the Police not having them removed? Let’s bring back Law and Order.Law abiding Citizens need to be projected!

Sandra Lee Purvis
1 year ago


James Bennett
1 year ago

This whole fiasco is planned and executed by DNC operatives!

Susan Cragg
1 year ago

My opinion is that the use of the word liberal here should be replaced by the word ‘leftist’ , as these leftist leaders are complicit in the crimes committed by Antifa

1 year ago

Agree whole heartedly with President Trump when he said if you loot we shoot. Having lived in Pittsburgh in the middle of the 1960’s riots I have no sympathy for people who are too stupid to legally use their rights properly. The right to protest is peaceful protest means that you abrogate no one elses right to go about their own way legally. Civil insurrection should be accompanied by the right to be shot if authorities beem necessary. The idea that one group should get away with this to express their own agenda and expect the rest of us to stand idly by and pay for it is pure bull s++t.

1 year ago

BLM is a Terrorist organization under Open society foundation George Soros and they are funneling money back to the DNC through ACT BLue go onto their webpage if they changed it i have it recorded.This ia a front.Look at Candace Owens page its all explained there.BLM is a Part of the agenda. It says on their website that they intend to break apart the family police they openly admit to actions to destroy our Country.We need to fight back with everything wecan.Our Own schools movies churches,media,food places businesses. We have to resrarch where are money goes.Tmobile,Papa johns many more supporting BLM either they dont reserach who they are or are part of it.
I canceled Tmobile disney netflix cable Att directv anything and everything they toych filurthers their cause to destroy our country. Why should we pay for it. RESEARCH OUR CANDIDATES WE CANT AFFORD MORE RINOS..

1 year ago

President Trump was brilliant to flush out those back stabbers within his Cabinet. As the president walked from the White House to the steps of St. John’s Church, Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, wasted no time running to the media disclaiming no knowledge of where they were going. This is a political tug of war by Milley. He would rather side with the deep state than help to return our country back to its citizens. Milley revealed his future to NOT order the use military to stop the rioting, looting and unlawful occupations of our neighborhoods; Even if ordered by the President to do so. But Why?
The Officers Oath reads something to the effect of I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I guess Timothy McVay was a peaceful protestor up until he blew up Oklahoma City. Trump needs to declare Antifa as a terrorist group. That is when General Milley will have to obey. Without this terrorist designation to ANTIFA Trump, will have to hold his water. But for how long?
The issue is lawful.
Designating Antifa as a terrorist group will no longer be an excuse to defy the President. Trump’s hands are tied somewhat. He is wise to let the Mayors and Governor’s face the growing unrest of the citizens. Sadly, Trump will have to wait until citizens have their homes and lives attacked, homes burned down or worse citizens murdered. Police don’t count as a rule breaker. Antifa knows this and I am sure that they have instructed their thugs not to cross that line of burning or looting citizens thus lose support.

Trump knows now that his JCS is a slime ball deep state and after the election trump will be launching his ass.

1 year ago

I’m surprised that Nancy Isn’t handing out ice cream to these people. I don’t think even the protestors understand how their lives will be changed and for the worse. I wish they would stop and try to think through what is happening. They are pawns and that is it. The Democrats do not care about them. They just want to get their power back. So sad that these people can’t understand what is really going on. We need to back our president. He is the only person that has dared to stand up to them. Thank heavens for President Trump. We have to get him re-elected.

I used to be a Democrat, back in the 70’s and 80’s and then the Democratic Party went wacky. Makes me sad what is going on.

1 year ago

This is not the America that i grew up in and I worry that it will never even be close to it after the current situation ends. There is only one man that can bring us out of what we are faced with and that is President Trump. If the democrats are foolish enough to think Biden can they are living in a fantasy world. Joe Biden is an empty suit unable to put a simple sentence together without errors.

Debbie B
1 year ago

What happened to Mr. Floyd was tragic. But, not all policeman behave like this officer did. There are good people & bad people in all walks of life. I don’t believe this was racism. This was police brutality by a bad officer. I am disgusted with all the violence that governor’s & police departments are allowing to occur just because black people are angry. How about all the lives lost & damaged property due to their anger? And why were they allowed to protest during a pandemic? Christians couldn’t attend Mass, schools were closed, graduations & other ceremonies were cancelled, funerals & weddings were postponed, & our President wasn’t allowed to hold rallies. Where is the justice in all this?

1 year ago

My heart goes out to those who are so gullible to believe what is said on TV, social media and yes from the pulpit.
This is a spiritual battle that will be won with the weapons of our warfare given us by Almighty God. The Sword of the Spirit is for defeating and defending us from evil.
Psalm 91 is full of promises that we can take to the bank. But at the same time there are those so in control of the devil that may be far past repentance and salvation. We are not to murder based on 10 Commandments. But as soldiers in battle we can fire back.
I will not. I believe that no weapon formed against me will prosper and if someone pulls a trigger of a gun pointed toward me it will either backfire and blow their hand off or the bullet fall at my feet. If the weapon is a knife it will close on their hand and cut their fingers off.
Each of us have a decision to make. Do not exclude God from that decision.

dee button
1 year ago

The biggest problem we as a nation have these days!!!!!! We pander to the minority.. Why is it a few people complain about something and the next thing happening is oh no we must capitulate to them The thing to do is tell them to go pound sand and also it is time for them to grow up. With looters, they need to be hit with a high pressure hose which will break up a crowd. I have no problem with peaceful protesters. On the other hand I do have a problem with the “””””looters”””””””””””” as they want to “shop” and not pay for anything they take. Also just one more thing. When a person makes some statements they believe are correct, they should not apologize at all. That again goes back to the few making the biggest noise and others bowing to the idiocy.

Robert Weller
1 year ago

I believe any bump Biden gets will be short lived.

randy l
1 year ago

Once protesters begin to loot,
original cause/message becomes moot.
So those who started a just cause,
then mixed with the violence and the lost.
real protesting is consistent long term & peaceful with invitation to dialog.

Mike S.
1 year ago

I now think this country can no longer recover from this reckless government. Spending and money creation is out of control. The only way the country can deal with the debt is to pay it back with inflated dollars. Military pensions, social security, and other government programs will be paid but the money we get will not be worth anything. Get ready for hard times. You have not seen or experienced anything yet!

Sheri Randazzo
1 year ago


Sheri Randazzo
1 year ago

Just more problem to blame on our President. Just awful that our country is being slaughtered this way. The divide is planned. We law abiding citizens of all races need to stand against this tyranny b

Mike Smith
1 year ago

Fake news media is the enemy of the people.

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