Earlier this month, pro-abortion activists – concerned that the Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade - descended on Washington, D.C. and in cities throughout the nation. Which of the following statements most closely reflects your opinion on how Americans view abortion?

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9 days ago

60 million+ abortions, the PC word for murder, since Roe vs, Wade in ’73. Not all abortions placed the woman’s life in danger. LIFE, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Interesting how one can legitimize abortion in their mind when God is left out of the discussion! What has happened to our moral compass in America?

13 days ago

I am not in favor of abortion, however, I don’t believe that legislated morality is the answer. Women who want an abortion will find a way to get one whether it is lawful or not. I am adamantly against the idea that abortions should or would be funded by the general public. Abortion is a choice. Individuals who want an abortion should pay for their abortion and not expect me or their neighbors to fund what we do not believe in. There may be very limited and extremely restricted circumstances that could warrant public funding for individuals authorized to access public funds.

Barbara Brehm
16 days ago

All the reasons for killing a baby by abortion can be used to argue for killing off old, inconvenient people who take resources and time for the care they no longer take care of for themselves because they are aged, sick or suffering from dementia.

Barbara Brehm
16 days ago
Reply to  Barbara Brehm

I think we could help stop elective abortions — abortion used for birth control — by refusing to fund Planned Parenthood and also NPR – national public radio – which is the propaganda voice for abortion and also the voice for a borderless world for ultimately a socialist world government.

Clay Gilbert
28 days ago

When the heart stops beating we say the person is dead. If I do something to stop a persons heart beating I have killed them. So, we need to be honest and say we have killed thousands, maybe millions of people on the name of abortion. There may be times that it is the best of bad choices but we need to be honest, it’s murder.

Brenda Hartstern
1 month ago

We knew in the 1970s when I was in high school that an embryo was a separate person in the body. Legal experts agree that roe v Wade was incorrect because justices crossed the division of powers line. Therefore anybody that thinks abortion is okay is simply extremely selfish. There is no reason good enough to kill the most helpless of all of us!

1 month ago

Everyone who agrees with forced (mandated) covid-19 shots cannot also claim “my body my choice”!

James Michael Hood
1 month ago

Why don’t you ask how most Americans view murder? An unborn child in a woman’s womb is not her body. It is another human being which she does not have the right to kill just because she says hope “my body my choice”. If everyone was given the truth that an unborn child is a person in it’s own right and that aborting it is killing it which is murder then they would be against abortion.

Larry E Sherrill
1 month ago

Those in power are not concerned about the right and wrong of abortion… They are destroying the family unit and loyalty… They are concerned about lowering the population by more than half… The chinese killed all their young girls now no wives for chinese. So population control… Many tens of millions of people will never live so the white and black populations decline.. So they replace voters with illegal and legal immigrants who if they stay in their home countries will breed like crazy, as they usually have very large families… So the solution bring them here and give them the same privilaged, the former , us , citizens had… And they will choose not to have chlldren and their populations will also decline… Should take five generations.
If they stay home their populations will increase, if they bring them here their populations will decline… And with war and disease their populations will decline even further… Get them to hate and kill each other and the rich will live behind private fences…
Don’t think they care about your vote to overthrow the status quo… Only the first generation matter to them… Once power is in their hands they will not care a chit about your living… They, Masonic church of Satan seeks a one world government, and a one world religion of Satan worship… Washington is a Masonic town founded of the Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt and laid out with charms and spells as are its Seal of the United States and The Dollar bill… George Washington was a Deist, one supreme being not Yahweh… The town of Washington is a Masonic town they never left…
They are intent on destroying the protestant population, destroying… The constitution and your nation… Washington is still very much a Masonic town and they hide among everyone and point fingers at everyone so you will fight and kill each other. They have said in their minds the Protestant’s will not fight so we can do what we want with them. The pope makes covenant with the church of Satan in Washington to destroy a nation he thinks is unfair… To the poor and hungry… But it is our nation that has floated all boats higher in the last two hundred years… Because of the Church of Christ in our nation and its charity…
God interfered when he didn’t bless Esau. Had had he blessed Esau this world would be in the grip of deadly, evil and violent men… So he hated Esau and Blessed Jacob… So god intervened in human destiny so that in the Goodness of Jacob and his offspring the world would not be in the terrors of the violent and evil… So he blessed Jacob… If he had not Evil and violence would have had the right to rule in this world… So when you ask why does God allow evil, remember God intervened in your ability to choose Good or evil to give good a chance. The world would be a much darker and nightmarish place is Yahweh allowed evil… With Esau you would have had no choice but that evil would over take you in any moment, with Jacob, God fights the Amalekites in every generation, and they are shown for who they are now, to Give the world a chance to choose Good. So my God give you the chance to choose good. The violent will come against Israel and my God sets a great surprise for them…
The pope is blessing Esau and his violent crowd, The Masons intend on reducing the population by a very great many, Esau… When you ask why does God allow evil, You should know that God allows personal choice and has given you a chance to choose good… So in Israel, Jacob, all the families of the earth are blessed. So I defend the name of my God…
Study evil men and women the worst you can imagine and think they almost had the spiritual right to rule this world… Some one would be blessed by the tradition of the fathers and it should have been the first born Esau… Imagine if those men ruled the world by spiritual right… Stalin killed tens of millions, Hitler killed millions, Past popes have killed many protestants. Moa killed many… Selfish men kill and abuse populations… You are next… Let’s Go Brandon…

1 month ago

It’s Murder! plan and simple

Les Williams
1 month ago

There will be a lot of people that will be judged on judgement day and I will leave it at that!

1 month ago

Roe vs Wade is unconstitutional it is not a subject delegated to the national government in the constitution and the 10th Amendment makes it a state issue.

1 month ago

How can in some states if a fetus is harmed or killed in the womb after a accident. It is claimed to be murder and people are taken to trial and punished , then in other states nothing is done. The courts needs to decide what is life and what is not. I believe it is a life .

Sonja Moreau
1 month ago

If women don’t want to have children, get your tubes tied, stop murdering babies, you’re only funding Big Pharma in vaccine development, and organ harvesting.

Ira Jakob
1 month ago

Abortion is a legal term for legal murder! There are very few reasons to have an abortion. What makes me sick is all these woman using abortion as birth control and our tax dollars paying for a lot of it. Women have the most important choices;
Choice #1; use real birth control, there are a number of different options for you and your partner and several can be combined, so you can chose your best and not make baby’s to murder!
Choice #2;Keep your legs closed! Then you don’t have to worry about murdering an innocent baby!

It’s not hard to figure out. the problem is that we have liberal/socialist/communist idiots that hate our country and will fight you just because they can. I’m a firm believer that they need to move to another country…

Lock and Load!

Loretta Greenleaf
1 month ago

I believe abortion is the taking of a human life. However, I don’t think most Americans believe that.

Mimi Leveille
1 month ago

Abortion stops beating heart
It’s murder pure and simple

Bill Akers
1 month ago

Getting an abortion is a “hands off my body” choice but getting a COVID vaccine isn’t?

Karen Holder
1 month ago

You have the right to not take a Vacine but when it comes to another human being that’s not your choice. How is that right and fair for the voiceless?! It’s about $$! The bible says it is the root of all kinds of EVIL. and THOU SHALL NOT KILL. one of gods 10 commandments. How can we live by our laws and not the ones God set for us?!

1 month ago

Abortion is a multi million dollar industry and I find it utterly reprehensible that there are Americans that sanction the murder of innocents just to make a buck. How do these people sleep at night? Also are there woman who are so stupid, especially on the Left who can’t figure out how to abstain from sex or how to use birth control?

Cynthia Cole
1 month ago

Sadly many of Americans do not know or understand conception and how quickly the baby forms in the womb. Many Americans do not have a Christian upbringing or understanding of the sanctity of life. Abortion should not be used as birth-control.

1 month ago
Reply to  Cynthia Cole

Many people know but are totally selfish. They are their own gods. Our youth are being brainwashed by evil.
How could anyone participate in the mass murder and heinous experiment at the death camps in WW II??
God is patient but He will judge the World for doing evil and turning our backs on His Word

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