A commentary giving a comprehensive explanation of the Article V Convention of States issue was recently published in the November/December issue of the AMAC Magazine, and this movement is gaining traction all over the country. How do you feel about the Convention of States?

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Michael B Semler
1 year ago

There is no document more perfect than our own Constitution and the Bible. What is needed is leaders that remember their oath to defend and protect it, as well as considering those who they WORK For. I don’t mind long term politicians as long as they remember that and actually get things done. It’s those like Biden who spend 30 years with little or nothing to show that have to go….

1 year ago

We think that it is the only alternative to what the Dems are doing in Oregon, in particular the immoral Kate Brown, who wants our guns, murders babies, ups our taxes, etc., she is cagey as she got around the last attempt to ouster her, wow!

1 year ago

A Convention of States throws the current constitution out the window in favor of whatever the convention decides to write. We have no way to control what they do. They can eliminate the bill of rights.

James Bernard
1 year ago

1. The Convention of States is NOT a
Constitutional convention.

2. Article V states that Congress and “We the
People [ States ] can propose new amendments.

3. Application “language“ will include the following…
This application shall be void ab initio if ever
used at any stage to consider any change to any
provision of the Bill of Rights.

4. Current federal budget deficit is approximately $23
trillion. And the estimate cost of unpaid for
unfunded mandates is a staggering $240 trillion !!!
Or…..1/4 of a Quadrillion dollars. !!!

5. The Congress of the United States WILL NOT be
Involved with the state delegates presenting
amendments at the convention.

6. A “trial run” for Convention Of States occurred in
Philadelphia. At the end of the “meeting”. a few
amendments were successfully proposed.

7.. States will meet to choose delegates a.k.a.
“commissioners“ to offer suggested amendments
at the Convention.

8. Since the Constitution was adopted 233 years
ago, many amendments have been proposed and
adopted. And this was done with zero damage to
the original constitution

……… There’s more coming stay tuned.

Lloyd Shingleton
1 year ago

I think the convention of states is a good idea to get some amendments passed but if we leave it up to the politicians to pass term limits on themselves, it will never pass. What we need to pass term limits is a resolution on the ballet and let the voters decide.

B. Kelly
1 year ago

I saw a magic kitten once. It had a little afro, like Prince, and it was bobbing for gummy bears in the Shanghai River. All of a sudden, “poof”, it just appeared.

Article V Convention
1 year ago

Come on AMAC. Time to get on this bandwagon. Total budget deficit including unpaid for unfunded mandate’s is now at 1/4 of a quadrillion dollars !!!!
In eight years no money left for Social Security. We need a balanced budget YESTERDAY!!!!
Seniors are the most affected by this crap. Congress won’t do a [email protected] thing. Read the writing on the wall. Balance budget amendment and term limits A VERY TOP PRIORITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruce Nelson
1 year ago

People who believe in a runaway should educate themselves and really look at how impossible a runaway is- couldn’t happen. Don’t listen to the doomsdayers!

James Bernard
1 year ago
Reply to  Bruce Nelson

About a year and a half, two years ago, in Philadelphia they had a live “test run” for the COS.
A couple of amendments were passed including term limits, and by gosh no one called for another constitutional convention. Imagine that

James Bernard
1 year ago

I’ve been working on the Convention Of States project for over three years. The thing that is holding us back is ignorance of how the article 5 option works.

1 year ago

We need this convention to affect change to our government! We need term limits on Congress & the Senate. These positions were not meant as full time or life time jobs. We need to have fresh ideas & innovation to be progressive not stagnant. They should not be able to increase their wealth because they are supposed to be servants of the American people. They should not be able to give themselves raises in pay & they should have the same retirement as the rest of the American people with the same insurance options “we the people” have. There is also a need to remove lobbyists from the process of law-making!

Judith Rae
1 year ago

Could be good, however, limiting times of our elected ones could not be a safe idea. So many younger generations are Socialist/Communist minded. We have some really great Congress persons, who are aged, but are Very Knowledgeable and good in their positions.

Les Cottrell
1 year ago

1st of all it is NOT a CON-Con short for Constitutional Convention. While a Con-Con would be called by the U.S. Congress themselves and TOTALLY CONTROLLED BY THEM, a COS short for Convention of States is called by 34 out of 50 states legislators just to vote on at present 3 amendments to the Constitution. Which are: Term limits, Balance the Budget each year, Reducing the size and scope of the Federal Government like abolishing the Dept. of Education, limiting EPA back to it’s original intent, perhaps abolishing the Dept. of Energy or at least raining in their power, and so on, too many Federal Departments and too much intrusion and control into and over the people’s lives.
A long long time ago a COMMUNIST LEADER(S) said about AMERICA “We will conquer America without firing a shot and we will conquer you from within” and for several generations now our educational system has been infiltrated by COMMUNISTS, ever so quietly our whole system has changed from within until so many schools of lower and higher education are subverting our children by NOT TEACHING things they should be and teaching almost ALL THINGS THEY SHOULD NOT, which favors SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM. If you don’t believe that just look at many of these NEW CONGRESS PEOPLE who have been elected to our HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES by all those young generational voters whom have been subverted by the Socialist and Communists in our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM. Those people teaching those philosophies to our children ARE LIKE A CANCER UPON OUR SOCIETY and things will NEVER GET WELL IN THIS COUNTRY until we “LIKE IN THE OLD DAYS” eliminate those pockets of festering cancer with teachings of subversion in America. How shall we as “WE THE PEOPLE” eliminate this scourge upon our nation? By giving control of EDUCATION back to the INDIVIDUAL STATES and allowing good common sense people to control what is being taught to our children, THAT’S HOW! And the way to do that is through a COS Convention of States. We The People had better step up and take control of our lives again, back from the SWAMP PEOPLE, before it is too late!!!

matt z.
1 year ago

As of Jan. 2020, 15 states have committed to a convention of states as per Article V of the US Constitution -LIMITED TO 3 TOPICS -1. Term Limits, 2. impose Fiscal responsibility and 3. limit the power and jurisdiction of the Federal government. This is a good start. After the PROPOSING convention of Article V (ratified 1789), it will dissolve. Afterwards, different state applications can be called for other topics. This process of these states will fix issues that Congress will not resolve.

Kathy Caroline
1 year ago

A convention for proposing amendments was placed into our Constitution by Col. George Mason. He felt the people needed a way to rein in the Federal Government. The others at the Constitutional Convention agreed with him that it was necessary for the possibility of a Fed.Govt. gone rogue. It passed with no disagreements. There are many safeguards placed on the convention. It is first, difficult to get 34 states to agree to call one. Then there are restrictions placed by the resolution on what can be discussed, it must fall under one of the topics requested in the resolution. COS action has Fiscal restraints on the Fed. Govt., Limiting the power and jurisdiction of the Fed.Govt. and Term Limits on Fed.Officials and Congress.
The question is, do you think Washington DC is doing a good job and do they listen to your concerns?? Or do you feel if the power was returned to the States thereby being closer to we the people, at least that way we could be closer to the action and actually be able to visit our Capitol to address our concerns face to face. The state governments are closer to the people and understand better the problems in their state! Yes to Convention of States Action!

Chris Walker
1 year ago

A Convention of States is defined by Article V of the U.S. constitution. Once 34 states have issued their call, there will be a Convention held to propose amendments limited to the following subjects: fiscal restraint on the federal government, imposing term limits on federal officials, and reducing the size and scope of the federal government.
Commissioners representing the states will work together as teams to decide how their state will vote on each amendment that comes up. Amendments which win a majority of the support of the states at the convention be come “Proposed Amendments “.
These Proposed amendments must then go back to the state legislatures and 38 states are then required to ratify one of the proposed amendments (just like if it had come from Congress).
Convention of States is the rightful constitutional remedy to rein in the federal government.

Dan G.
1 year ago

I believe Phyllis Schafley was right–liberal delegates are bound to strongly change the Constitution. I indeed favor an Article 5 convention while a Great Awakening is in full gear.

Les Cottrell
1 year ago
Reply to  Dan G.

Hi Dan, well if a state like N.J., joined and attending a COS would propose a Progressive Liberal, Socialistic, or Communistic amendment to the Constitution; DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT THE OTHER 33 STATES DELEGATES WOULD VOTE “YEA” TO ACCEPT THOSE RADICAL PROPOSALS? Come on people put your heads on right and be logical thinkers, I know if anyone who reads this is a TRUE PATRIOT they will give this some deeper thought and come to the realization that this scenario could NEVER HAPPEN IN A MILLION YEARS.

1 year ago

It’s the solution provided by our Founders for exactly what’s wrong with our out of control government

Mary Ellen Probanski
1 year ago

I have been very involved with the Convention of States New York team in the past. Due to health issues, I had to stop for quite a while, but I have every intention of getting back to work volunteering in the very near future.

You cannot find a finer group of people to engage with nationwide. COSP is the only solution to put our country back on the right track. If you aren’t familiar with their goals, download “The Liberty Amendments” by Mark Levin. It’s available on the Audible app and others. The book is a bit dry to get through, unless you’re into reading such constitutional topics, so I recommend the audio version.

COSP makes it possible for ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Their Web site is chock full of information and everything you need to help you get involved. They teach you everything you need to know. You will meet people who live near you in every state.

I could go on and on with wonderful things to say. If you’re even a little bit curious, visit their site and see firsthand.

Mary Ellen Probanski
Past & Future Volunteer

Lee Sweeney
1 year ago

We need term limits for Senators and House Representatives to help control political corruption.

1 year ago

We need the COS. This Federal Government answers to us but hasn’t been. It is a government of wallet padding. The swamp isn’t paying attention right now but will soon enough when we reach close to a majority. The founders knew that the states may have to take action. They gave us a fire break. It’s time to get COS across the finish line.

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