A commentary giving a comprehensive explanation of the Article V Convention of States issue was recently published in the November/December issue of the AMAC Magazine, and this movement is gaining traction all over the country. How do you feel about the Convention of States?

Thursday, January 16, 2020 Jan 16, 2020 1026
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Theresa Camoriano

What we really need is not a convention of states to rewrite the Constitution but a country that adheres to the Constitution we already have.

Dan W.

Who do you trust to write a viable Constitution:

A) James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. or;
B) Mitch and Nancy and their assorted minions at the national, state, and local levels ?

Case closed.

Brian B

Be prepared for an infusion of Leftist propaganda if a Convention of States is realized. The usual Social Engineers will perpetuate the Communist deception of a “cradle to grave” economic utopia. And thanks to our nation’s secular moral sickness, we already have a generation of children who think socialism is preferable. American voters have a dismal record of believing the toxic FDR propaganda of “a chicken in every pot” ……ie. that the government exists to fix all their problems. There is a better way going forward: Remove all Communist professors from our nation’s Federally Funded schools and universities, and teach the Rising Generation the Judeo/Christian historical lessons that influenced and inspired the authors of our nation’s Founding Documents. A secular nation that is indoctrinated with selfishness, and thinks it is OK to murder babies is incapable of fixing anything.


The second choice, which was closest to my viewpoint, should have said, “The Convention of States is dangerous because it WILL [not MAY] get out of hand, changing our country for the worse.” And the referenced AMAC magazine article was pro-convention biased and gave only a cursory representation of the cons of calling a second constitutional convention. Patriotic friends of mine at Principled Policy Institute have done extensive research on the topic, for those who are interested in becoming educated. A “convention of states” is a bad idea. Sorry, but a “convention of states” IS a constitutional convention. In fact the term, “Convention of States,” is not found in Article V at all, period. The Constitution’s authors wrote the convention call provision into Article V as an escape clause, in case history showed their document to be completely flawed. A supermajority of the states could then demand congress call another… Read more »

Tom M

The Marxists are going to force the country to split apart. The corruption in the DC Swamp has gone past the point of no return. Congress is only out for itself and each state is going to have to decide where it stands. The left, aided and abetted by the RINOs have ruined the country.

Don Davis

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, do not expose our constitution to destruction by uncontrollable delegates. Just enforce the constitution we have. What makes you think the government will obey a new constitution when they will not obey the one we already have. Remember, doing the same thing over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Those who want to change the constitution have an ulterior motive. We do not need to amend the constitution, just enforce the one we have. Our founders issued strict warnings about any effort to amend the constitution, or “con-con” as it is called. About 80% of all that the Federal Government does is not authorized by the enumerated powers expressly stated in the constitution, i.e. Environment, Education, Labor, Health & Human Services, etc., etc. Therefore, we should enforce the limit of the Constitution’s enumerated powers to any… Read more »

Linda Wedgeworth

Term limits for all politicians. We don’t need lifers.


Re the Convention of States. In many ways our government has overstepped its boundary and has obligated taxpayers to a consistently growing debt that well exceeds cost of living increases.
In additon, our government considers its key responsibility to seek out and solve the problems of any economic minority by increasing tax upon the middle class and the well-to-do. Increasingly,
government defines middle class to the point that this group is shrinking and more than 50% of the population pays no tax., if we convene a group to rewrite our constitution,.
Consequently, I greatly fear that it will be written to create a socialistic society. Todays society will attempt to convince us that we can take care of all of us. The truth is that we all need to understand
that we get only what we work for.

Kerry Moore

Instead of changing the Constitution, our elected should start following the one we have!

Paul DAscenz

I’m in full agreement! Follow the Constitution of the United States of America as written.

Orville Figgs

While a Convention of States may sound like a good idea, in my opinion, it’s not. I believe we would be putting the God given rights we currently have at risk, a very high risk. We need to work with what we have at the present until the pie in the sky ideas are shown for what they are. The United States citizens need to learn about our Constitution and that FREEDOM isn’t really free. I know that sounds like some political speech, but we all need to think about it, really think about it. I believe the current thinking that Socialism may be the way to go is very wrong. Socialism has never worked. Let me repeat that, in the 147 times Socialism has been attempted, it has never worked. As Margaret Thatcher stated,”Socialism works, right up until you run out of other people’s money.” I believe this is… Read more »


Nobody today in America could improve on the U.S. Constitution. The same guiding Spirit that inspired Our Bible inspired Our Constitution. The Founding Fathers were led by The Holy Spirit Of GOD, whether or not they knew it, and too many people in the Nation now don’t know what that means.


How does this statement hold up? “The Convention of States is a useful check on runaway federal power.” Just think about how congress has driven the government into the condition we are now facing. We are going to trust more politicians (Yes folks. They will likely be politicians appointed by other politicians.) to change our foundations to correct this problem? How about we start following what was originally written before it was twisted by greedy little men and women?


We can’t afford to trust the future of our Constitution to a group of people who, in my opinion, are attempting to change our nation. Either a conservative or liberal in this current political atmosphere can damage our Constitution forever.

David Smith

We must find a way to reign in the ruling elite who deem themselves the permanent government and now have more power than our elected representatives. Along with this imbalance we have representatives who have ceded their authority and oversight responsibilities to agencies.

Ken Herringshaw

Frankly, I am surprised and disappointed in the number of fellow seniors that are in favor of the “Convention”. In my adult lifetime there have been other attempts at this convention or something akin to it. I have always been very leery of such. The United States Constitution and its Amendments are arguably the best set of instructions to govern mankind since Moses took dictation. DON’T MESS WITH IT!!!!! As other AMAC members have already alluded to, convening a Convention would only invite Socialists, including RINO’s, to change the Constitution to fit in very conveniently with a One World Government. PLEASE don’t let history repeat itself in the USA. The ONLY people that Socialism benefits are a handful of the elite at the top running the show – it has NEVER been “We-The-People” in ANY era of recorded history. That’s not an opinion, it is recorded fact. We DON’T need… Read more »


I believe the risks outweigh the rewards. We aleady have laws and methods in place, we just need to use them. We are too divided, as a nation, to have a convention that would benefit our country. Just look at the impeachment mess going on right now and you can see the impossibility of it.


I am actually working on this and feel that BOTH parties have proven that they cannot control spending. They are spending money we do NOT have which if we did the same we would be in prison. They are ignoring the constitution and this needs to be stopped. They are flexing their muscles and federal overreach is getting out of hand. Altogether, we need to step in and get control of this and explain to them that we elect them to do their jobs not to control us. I believe that term limits is a start, they will not get comfortable and feel their power like some have. We will get new blood to do new exciting things instead of the same old same old. We can demand fiscal restraint and that they stop the over reach.


You can bet the criminal socialist communist radical liberal gangsters will be in full force at any convention of states to push down the throats their utopian evil ideology on everyone else! Look at what they are doing currently in state legislature’s around the country in passing laws against the Electoral College and second amendment gun rights, etc.!!! IT REALLY DOES MATTER WHO WE VOTE FOR!!!!

Garrett Humbertson

As Col. George Mason said at the 1787 Convention, We the People would need recourse “should the Congress become oppressive.” That’s why the Founders unanimously agreed on the Article V Convention of States solution. Clearly, that day is here! Congress will NOT fix itself. The Convention of States resolution has been passed in 15 states, limiting the convention to proposals that impose 1. term limits on federal officials, 2. fiscal restraints on Congress, and 3. limits on federal overreach–solutions that super-majorities of Americans support but that Congress will NEVER propose! 230+ Soros-connected groups and their paid lobbyists OPPOSE this effort, because it poses a direct threat to his agenda. Please, stand with the Founders NOT Soros. Support this constitutional effort supported by millions of patriots across the country so that we can drain the swamp, once and for all.