57% of Democrats polled say they view socialism positively. What do you believe is the reason for this? Select up to 2 responses.

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Gary K
3 years ago

People don’t understand how things work. We goverenment raises taxes on business 2 big things happen. 1 they reduce staff so people lose their jobs and that’s bad for the economy. 2 They have to raise prices of their product or service to consumer. So who paid the tax increase the consumer or average tax payer. When you take extra money from tax payer that’s bad for the economy. So raise taxes on business and hurt yourself. The Democratic plan or cut taxes and you have the blown up economy of the last 20 month. Reagan cut Carter’s taxes and economy blew up. Newt cut Clinton taxes and the economy blew up.

3 years ago

I think that many who call themselves Democrat are well aware of most of Socialism’s dangers but willingly work to get it established in the US with the aim [ and hope ] that it will put them in power permanently. Those are the evil and cinical seekers of power over people at any cost. Typical leftist thinking.

Robert Covert
3 years ago

It is always the elites of a nation that determine the direction the society turns intellectually, morally, culturally, and it’s economic structure. After the Civil War, our elites, predominantly from the east coast, adopted the German philosophy of Kant and his disciples Hegel, Heidegger, Marx et al. The movement named Progressive has been a Leftist war against reason and the Founding values of the USA, primarily Individual Rights. Leftism is nihilistic in nature, and has been destroying Western Civilization, including this nation. Like all wars, we must be engaged in it to win it…

Bothered Bob
3 years ago

I, too, chose All of the Above. I also believe that some regressives in favor of socialism do so under the guise of ‘intellectualism.’ To me, it appears that because of their indoctrination in college, they believe they are smarter than most “working stiffs” like I was, and like most people who actually work (or worked) for a living. I also see two kinds of regressives. One is the intellectual who is above menial labor, and the other simply doesn’t want to work because they believe everything is owed them like a participation trophy, and they’ll get what they want by taking it away from those who work. It’s too bad they can’t all spend a year or so in Venezuela and live the life of socialism first hand. They may come to understand that Venezuela, a once-wealthy capitalist country, has run out of other people’s money. I guess the regressives don’t believe this will happen in the U.S. because they think they can do socialism ‘right’ and make it work because they’re smarter. Personally, I don’t believe they are.

3 years ago

It’s definitely not “all of the above” because the left doesn’t agree with the free market being a success at all. They hate the idea of honest hard work and it’s rewards! In fact they just hate honest hard work period. The Bible says that if you don’t work, you don’t eat. I agree with God since He created us. Even in the Garden of Eden before Adam’s sin, Adam was instructed to care for the Garden. My friend, that is called WORK! And most today don’t understand that our system of government and the “free market” could only work for a moral people. A people who were willing to live there lives based on the teachings of the Bible. This is not the case today. As a country, we have told God to “take a hike.” What’s left of our society is rapidly becoming Anarchy, not Democracy.

3 years ago

Kuchev said on the steps of the UN in NY that” he would take over America without ever firing a shot, by indoctrination of our youths, through taking over the Schools”

david steagall
3 years ago

some people think they can get something for nothing and will foolishly and selfishly vote for the one who promises freebies.

Eric Peil
3 years ago

I also feel Democrats lean towards Socialism because it promises to take care of them.

3 years ago

I really don’t like to vote “all of the above” but the ready acceptance of socialism by many is due to a combination of the naïve youth being indoctrinated, the media pushing the Leftist agenda, and the aging hippies who are now in office who were indoctrinated by their radical professors years ago. The other driving motive is POWER and LUST FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY! Look at all the elderly members of Congress who have gotten extremely rich while in office, making a career of being a politician, while earning less than $200,000/year. And this is way too generous of a payment!

3 years ago

If this association is going to succeed then AMAC should refrain from engaging in inflammatory and leading rhetoric. Use statements of fact, not thinly disguised opinions. Stop engaging in the dramatic portrayals of those with different values. Half the people in this country prioritize freedom. The other half prioritize security. If we are going to coexist peacefully we have to find balance between the two. Groups who engage in thoughtful discussion to find balance will attract the majority of sensible voters on both sides. Example of respectful interpretations of Socialists: They do not believe the free market is working; They do not know or understand what socialism means; The media does not accurately report on socialism; Educators are not providing factual information on all forms of government.

I believe in free markets but will be the first one to state that our markets are no longer free. Ignorant statements like “unwilling to ignore the success of the free market” leave me believing AMAC is just another partisan group adding to the anger and fight for control. I want this group to succeed as AARP is much, much worse.

3 years ago


Richard S
3 years ago

I too voted ‘All Above’. Yet when one looks at the demographics of the 21st century and the urbanization of humankind it becomes a reality of indoctrination through public education, a lame Left oriented media, a self-interest Hollywood propaganda for dollars component, but also an urban ignorance factor. Take a person with no contact with nature essentially and a visit to the grocery store if Amazon doesn’t deliver the box on the door stoop and ask where a head of broccoli for instance comes from? If you grow broccoli you know a lot about dirt, sweat in the field and a knee high plant, self reliance and probably individualism. For the urban person it is all about shared delivery, sidewalk snow removal, and nearly everything of life is communal, so it’s easy to forget about the work in those buildings during the 9-5 being anything but more of the same, part of the neighbor’ take. That is why selling Socialism in an information vacuum about what happens in places like Venezuela doesn’t make the mind stir or respect what Capitalism does for mankind.

Della Fultz
3 years ago

I chose all of above because are schools and politician has abandoned the true God and we are living in a chaotic world headed for destruction id the media, schools and politicians get their way.

Lucille Ritz Mortimer
3 years ago

Extremely interesting poll. All of the reasons are guilty of this attitude. Many who believe in socialism have no idea what it really means, and that it has never been successful anywhere.

3 years ago

Thank you for giving us the “All of the above” choice. Please include this in all of your polls from now on. I think that might just show the politicians how the people feel here in “Flyover Country”.

3 years ago

At the turn of the 19th. Century as a group they where referred to as anarchists.
Today, anarchists are found in both the Democratic and Republican parties; found daily on major Cable Media broadly and even financially supported by the Taxpayers via’ the Public Broadcasting System (PBS); offering up the public a strange mix of Capitalistic Profiteers selling back room money-in-their-own-pocket-smoke-screens whilst looking to squeeze-out a few more bucks prior to an over kited sell-off, at the expense of Consumers and ultimately the Taxpayers and citizenry being trailed by a dumbed-down and victimized Public badgering for Socialist and Marxist RETRIBUTION.
It was the Obama Administration that started firing up the whole conflict by denying American citizenry a “living wage’ in the way of interest rates paid to Capital Savers here in America (and by adoption in the rest of the world as well). The Obama Administration lied when they said inflation during at least the last 6 years of his administration justified 0.20 interest rate within the Banking system to Savers; whilst, lenders routinely charged 5 1/2 to 5 3/4% on personal loans and Real Inflation was actually running at 3 1/2 to 3 3/4%.
A simple Christian issue; “Robbery”.
Even with the current Trump Administration touting 4 to 5+% actual inflation in the marketplace economy interest rates on Savings in the Banking system only rate Savers 1.25 to 2.20% (depending upon whether they have purchased a 2yr. CD); meaning that Capital Savers are STILL falling behind 3 1/2 to 3 3/4%.

Over TIME that of course amounted up to perhaps now a LOSS for the Capital Base of America and the WORLD of apx. 35% the entire WORLD Capital Base.

Easy to figure why today you might find a Socialist or Marxist behind mass political movements.

To correct the ”thief” is going to take TIME and MONEY across the masses of Consumers robbed of their Life Savings.

I suggest perhaps in the form of direct governmental payments to all the Capital Savers who had been ”robbed” under the Obama Administration.

A 35% loss in Capital Base can actually never be retrieved even if the well intention Billionaire minority stayed up 24 hours a day attempting to put the world economy back in order by redistributing the 70% of ALL the World’s Capital which the top One Percent of the World’s population now holds.

Simply can’t be done; but at a governmental level, which of course would also mean a change in governmental attitudes in lifting short term interest rated dramatically higher a’kin to what Obama Administration had negatively fashioned in the PAST.

3 years ago

They love free government handouts ,but without the power of original thought, are oblivious to the understanding NOTHING is free.

3 years ago

They love free handouts but don’t realize, NOTHING is free

3 years ago

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke I, and probably you, have understood the value of capitalism in a democratic republic. We assumed our children would as well. We know what happens when you “assume”. Like the story of the live frog placed in a pan of cold water on an unlit stove, we eventually have slowly been cooked by our evil socialist. We need only take a look in the mirror to see why socialism is gaining.

William Benoit
3 years ago

More proof demokkkrats are morons.

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