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PAC Urges Arizona Press to “Stand Up to Corrupt National Media” Over “Extremist” Mark Kelly

AMAC Exclusive – By Seamus Brennan

In a two-minute broadcast TV advertisement, a conservative Super PAC is asking the Arizona press to “stand up” to the national media and make “liberal extremist” Senator Mark Kelly answer for his “corrupt bargain” with left-wing radicals in the Democratic Party. The ad also asks Arizona voters to “send a message to the media bosses” who represent “the most corrupt institutions in America.”

In the TV spot and an extended three-minute online version of the ad, the group asks Kelly “how he can say he isn’t a left-wing extremist if every time he votes like one,” and likewise calls on Arizona journalists to question Kelly on his extremist positions on the campaign trail. The ad, which launched Thursday night, is set to run on the Phoenix TV nightly news and Sunday political talk shows through next week.

The Arizona Senate race between Kelly and Republican Blake Masters—widely expected to be one of the most competitive in the nation—could determine which party controls the Senate come January 2023. “Mark Kelly is a perfect example of why a red wave is coming in states like Arizona,” said George Landrith, president of Frontiers of Freedom Action, the group that aired the ad. “He wants to run as a moderate, but like every Senate Democrat, he is imperiled by his corrupt bargain with the left which said in effect: ‘Don’t primary me and I will vote your way.’”

The ad’s release comes just days after the group aired a similar TV spot in New York markets, criticizing Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) as “the media’s chosen candidate,” which was hailed by one conservative news outlet as the “greatest campaign ad of all time.” Like the New York TV blitz, the first minute of the Arizona spot focuses chiefly on the media for trying to “crush dissent” and hide corruption, displaying headlines about media scandals and smears—including its suppression of the COVID-19 lab leak theory, censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop bombshell, promotion of the Russian collusion hoax, a coverup of Hillary Clinton’s email scandals, and refusal to report on Biden’s blackmailing of the Ukrainian government. The ad also catalogs other political smears, like those against General Michael Flynn, students at Covington Catholic High School, and parents protesting anti-Americanism in their local schools.

The ad goes on to blame the media for elevating Joe Biden to the presidency by letting him run “from his basement” and “covering up his incompetence and ill health.” It then goes on to smear Biden as “the worst president in modern history,” and features videos of him falling up the stairs on Air Force One and taking directions from the Easter Bunny at a White House event with the headline “EASTER BUNNY RUNS WHITE HOUSE EVENT.”

Around the halfway mark of the two-minute TV spot, the ad labels Kelly as Biden’s “key enabler,” noting that he votes with Biden 92 percent of the time and “cast the deciding vote on huge spending bills that cause shattering inflation and recession”—referring to the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” which economists predict will even further aggravate inflation and raise costs for Arizona families.

Additionally, the ad notes how attempts by the likes of Biden and Kelly to push a radical takeover of elections—as well as efforts by other Democrats to alter the makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Senate, American citizenship, and the Electoral College—represent a “scorched-earth, rule-or-ruin” attack on longstanding American democratic institutions. “The GOP has never gotten across to the people how those bills would have destroyed the secret ballot, but Department of Justice bureaucrats in charge of our elections, abolished citizenship rights, packed the Supreme Court into irrelevance, radically changed the U.S. Senate, and made a few states the only thing that mattered in presidential elections by abolishing the Electoral College,” said Landrith.

The ad concludes with a call for the people of Arizona to “make the media bosses the 2022 issue” before stating that Kelly “was the 50th senator and could have forced Biden and Schumer to stop the deliberate border crisis.” Mark Kelly, the ad goes on to say, “is a symptom of all that is wrong about Washington. Why did Mark Kelly go to the big city and forget the people who sent him there?”

“This Senate race is not a personality contest,” Landrith said. “Kelly’s opponent is a great candidate, but even if he weren’t, this issue is Kelly’s left-wing extremist voting in the Senate.”

Although Kelly has thus far maintained a marginal lead over Masters in statewide polling, the release of the ad could go a long way in further tightening the race and compelling moderates, independents, and disaffected Democrats to reconsider their support for Kelly as their representative in the Senate.

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4 months ago

Why have I not seen this ad? I live in Arizona, but not in Phoenix, aka the Great State of Maricopa, as it’s called by all who live outside Phoenix. We don’t get Phoenix TV stations and must be considered “fly-over” country since we seldom see political ads. I guess that’s a blessing! I voted early for Blake Masters for senate and Kari Lake for governor. I’m hoping for a big red wave!

6 months ago

We’ve all seen what happens to moderate dems in today’s climate. As in the case of WV’s Joe Manchin, who held out until the last minute on key dem sponsored legislation, they all eventually buckle to pressure from left-wing extremists. Because the extremists push the fulcrum far to the left, moderate dems just can’t survive. They want to stay in power, so of course they’ll vote for legislation put forward by the liberal loudmouths of the party.

It’s time for some climate change in Congress. Be sure to vote!!

6 months ago

This Senator is just another example of how the socialist left has infiltrated Arizona, and so many other states, from those liberals who moved there. We will know how bad the liberal dominance is after the November election.

Michael Lewis
6 months ago

After Watergate, to protect the public from the appearance of corruption, The Federal Election Campaign Act abridged the freedoms of speech press and assembly of the regulated class: candidates for Federal Office, political parties, PACs and individual citizens.
But the corporate media were exempted because government could not infringe their 1st Amendment rights
52 U.S. Code § 30101 – Definitions (9)(B) The term “expenditure” does not include— (i) any news story, commentary, or editorial distributed through the facilities of any broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, or other periodical publication, unless such facilities are owned or controlled by any political party, political committee, or candidate; –
This created a “Royal”, “State Approved” press!
But if candidates and political parties have to pay for time/space in the media, then why are favorable editorials considered to have no value if they are published by corporate media, unless the media is controlled by a political party, political committee, or candidate?
Campaign laws are responsible for the corporate voice having more influence in our elections than the voice of natural persons!
To restore equal rights to citizens, federal candidates, political parties and PACs “We the People” should ask our representatives in the Senate and House to revisit “S. 2416 — 113th Congress: Free All Speech Act of 2014.” 2014. June 15, 2022

Tom Kendrick
6 months ago

Kelly’s anti-firearm, anti-self defense, these a leftist anti-American.

Jim Boyer
6 months ago

ark Kelly was elected with a sympathy vote because his wife got shot. I’m sorry she was injured for life, but the truth is the only memorable think that ever came out of her mouth when she was in congress was asking General David Patreus what he was doing to lower the Army’s carbon footprint in Afghanistan.

Kelly’s time in congress has been even less memorable.

6 months ago

Come on AZ. Get rid of Kelly!!!

6 months ago

Mark Kelly is just another “TYPICAL” politician! . . . Once elected they FORGET why they were elected in the first place. The People become irrelevant as their egos and/or personal desires kick in. In most every politician’s case and especially
Democrats, their lust for power overwhelms any moral decency they Once might have had. . . . POWER CONSUMES THEM and WALLAH, WELCOME TO TODAY!

6 months ago

With all the corruption, lying, hypocrisy, money-grabbing, scandal coverups, and every other evil being practiced by the Democrat, not to mention their support of a truly inept and demented old man as president, why do the electorate continue to vote for Democrats? Are they stupid, ignorant, or being paid under the table, so to speak? If Americans really believed in the Constitution and valued the principles on which this republic was founded and for which untold numbers gave the supreme sacrifice to uphold and sustain it, they would send all these Democrats like Kelly and Schumer packing.

6 months ago

YouTube has deliberately sped up the ad so it is so fast you cannot follow all of the claims. LOL!

Watch the video on YouTube, and click on the Settings gear icon, then choose “0.75” for the “Playback speed”. Only then, will the ad play at the real speed.

6 months ago
Reply to  OBRon

Thank you.

6 months ago

AARP is a much better organization

6 months ago

AARP sucks!

6 months ago

In what way? Is it because you get more free stuff? That’s a typical democrat, what’s in it for me and my hand is out for more (at others’ expense).

Pete M.
6 months ago

Only if you support the Democrat agenda!

6 months ago

AARP is way too liberal and they pushed the Seniors to accept the Obama care that was voted in without even reading the bill. The Senior Medicare and Medicare Advantage rates have more than tripled since Obama Care Bill. Bad mistake and their have been other issues I faced with an accident free and no tickets in my 60 years of driving, when I became a widow my car insurance doubled with no explanation, needless to say I will never go back to AARP!

Jim Boyer
6 months ago

AARP is communist.

6 months ago

I used to belong but switched which is better aligned to AMAC. which is better aligned with patriotic American values.

6 months ago

Love it should play in all states love truth

6 months ago

If this gollum wins we will know that arizona has been flipped by lefties from California moving there and continuing to vote for policies that prompted their migration. That and illegals chanting ‘gimme’.

6 months ago
Reply to  Morbious

Or that they managed to manufacture enough votes to retain the execrable Kelly, in an attempt to maintain their “majority”.

6 months ago

They are fascist enemies of democracy and their actions prove it everyday.

Deplorable Mike
6 months ago

Why vote for Mark Kelly? To keep our southern border open! To continue the massive illegal alien invasion! To help the Mexican drug cartels stay in business and bring in even more fentanyl to kill Americans!

6 months ago

Mark Kelly is a disgrace to the uniform he once wore.How he got to be a 4 striper is beyond my comprehention.

6 months ago
Reply to  Spitfire1940

Ever heard the phrase “brown nose”

anna hubert
6 months ago

Mark Kelly is an opportunist and a liar No different than any other “democrat”

J. Farley
6 months ago

Mark Kelly is the typical leftist Weasel, he wants more, and more, and more big Government so they can Spend more, and more, and more of your hard work for Dollars.
Make Arizona Great Again, vote, vote, vote against him, get him out of Government!

Gail Tubbs
6 months ago

Ever since Kelly came to our state I have not trusted him. Whenever he made a comment, speech or just in an interview he ALWAYS had to mention that he was an astronaut. Big d— deal! He is a Biden boy from the start and will ruin this state and country if he is given the chance. He is working on that right now.

6 months ago

For the sake of Arizona citizens and all American citizens, I hope Kelly gets bounced out by a huge margin in votes. That will perhaps signal that honest Constitutional Governance citizens are waking up to what the driving force and tactics are for the DemocRat Communist Party. I’m hoping the margin of disapproval of the DemocRat politicos throughout the Nation’s political arenas is large enough to kill off the DemocRat Party and a new opposition Party rises to keep the Republicans on track. But I guess that’s just a dream????

6 months ago
Reply to  Hal

Pray hard that it’s not!

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