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PAC to Senate GOP: Attack Crooked Media and Schumer’s “Corrupt Bargain with Extremists” 

AMAC Exclusive – By Seamus Brennan

schumerIn an upstate New York TV blitz alleging that the media is “the most powerful and corrupt institution in America” seeking to “smear” GOP candidates and protect their own “chosen candidates,” a conservative Super PAC is asking voters to “send a message to the media bosses who are corrupting American journalism and give them a “miserable election night” by defeating Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

In addition to focusing on Schumer as President Joe Biden’s “chief enabler”—complete with news footage of various Biden foreign and domestic policy fiascos—the strikingly vivid two-minute spot features an image of the far-left Democratic representatives known as the “Squad,” led by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY), and charges: “Schumer made a corrupt bargain with left-wing extremists to not run a primary against him if he pushed far-left positions.

The ad then lists Schumer’s close ties to radical groups that he has never had to denounce, which seek to defund the police” and “destroy the New York City Police Department.” It also targets Schumer’s “dark money alliance with notorious anti-American billionaire George Soros, who funded all the lawless prosecutors like Alvin Bragg” (a controversial soft-on-crime New York City district attorney). It also ties Schumer to opposition to school reform and parental rights, as well as the destruction of women’s sports and childhood education with “gender lunacy.”

The ad, which launched on Thursday, August 25 on nightly news programs in the Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse markets, is set to run through next week.

“Our ad is a template for all Republican candidates because every single Senate Democrat—Mark Kelly(D-AZ), Raphael Warnock (D-GA), Maggie Hassan(D-NH), and Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NM)—agreed to vote with the far-left wing of the party so long as they didn’t have to face a primary,” said George Landrith, Chairman of Frontiers of Freedom Action(FFA), the group who ran the ad.

Any one of them, as the 50th Senator, could have stopped the Biden agendabut they didn’t, because they put the wishes of the far left above the wishes of their constituents. They essentially said, ‘Don’t primary me, and I will vote your way,’” Landrith said.

“Most people in these states still find it hard to believe these Senators became extremists,Landrith continued,but when you explain why they were so frightened of a well-financed primary challenge, they understand.

“The corrupt media’s firestorm of attacks on Republican candidates is coming in the fall, and the only way to stop it is to get ahead of it,” Landrith said, a theme echoed by an ad released by Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) this week, which attracted attention for taking aim at the corruption of the corporate media.

The first minute of the New York ad focuses predominantly on the media for trying to “crush dissent” and hide corruption, after displaying headlines about media scandals and smears—including its handling of the China Virus leak, censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story, promotion of the Russian collusion hoax, coverup for Hillary Clinton’s email scandals, and refusal to report on Biden’s blackmailing of the Ukrainian government. The ad also lists other political smears, like those against General Michael Flynn, students at Covington Catholic High School, and parents protesting anti-Americanism in their local schools.

The FFA ad goes on to blame the media for electing Joe Biden “by letting him run “from his basement” and “covering up his incompetence and ill health.” The ad also deems him to be “the worst president in modern history,” and features videos of Biden falling up the stairs on Air Force One and taking directions from the Easter Bunny at a White House event with the headline “EASTER BUNNY RUNS WHITE HOUSE EVENT.”

The spot then quickly switches to a photo of Schumer as “Biden’s chief enabler” and shows footage of a gleeful Biden and Schumer at a White House signing event for legislation that the GOP and most economists say will drive inflation higher.

“First, you have the networks and newspapers. Second, you have the left-wing extremists like Chuck Schumer who run the Democratic Party. We are saying they are one and the same entity, Landrith charged.

Our ad changes the false media narrative from the supposed imperfections of GOP candidates to the massive national disadvantage of Democrats. Every single Senate Democrat is imperiled by their Biden identification, and especially by their corrupt bargain with the leftists that have taken over their party,” Landrith said.

Landrith is also optimistic that by focusing on the media’s deliberate one-sidedness—from its partisan coverage of this month’s Mar-a-Lago raid to its habitual protection of Democratic candidates and politicians—the ad could elicit turnout from moderate or independent voters concerned with media corruption and the radicalism of Schumer’s agenda. “It’s very important to control the word ‘extremist,” he said.

Additionally, the ad notes the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer attempt to push a radical takeover of electionsas well as efforts by other Democrats to alter the makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Senate, American citizenship, and the Electoral Collegerepresents a “scorched-earth rule-or-ruin” attack on longstanding American democratic institutions.

“The GOP has never gotten across to the people how those bills would have destroyed the secret ballot, put Department of Justice bureaucrats in charge of our elections, abolished citizenship rights, packed the Supreme Court into irrelevance, radically changed the U.S. Senate, and made a few states the only thing that mattered in presidential elections by abolishing the Electoral College,” said Landrith.

The spot’s release comes nearly two months ahead of the November 8 midterm elections, as Democrats amp up their fight to retain their control of Congress. Though Schumer himself at the moment is not regarded as politically vulnerable going into the fall midterms, FFA notes that some segments of the New York population—particularly upstate New York—might be receptive to attacks on Schumer’s startling record of radicalism. Just as ad campaigns in last fall’s New Jersey gubernatorial race (another deep-blue state) yielded far closer results than initially anticipated, FFA hopes that it can help to replicate the close matchup with this week’s spot.

“New Jersey could have a GOP Governor today if the D.C. establishment wasn’t so cautious,” Landrithstated. “Republicans need to stop playing defense and expand the Senate map.”

As Election Day draws closer and Democrats continue to accelerate their attacks against Republican candidates, FFA’s ad could help to expose Schumer’s radical agenda in a way the mainstream media has failed to do. And should it succeed, FFA’s strategy could prove instrumental in holding Schumer and other far-left politicians across the nation accountable for the first time in recent memory.

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6 months ago

Chuck and his sister Nancy are the very face of evil. I would put nothing beyond them. Then there are their “kids” in the house that may be even more radical. But no matter what ultimately happens, God is in control and is watching. Judgement is coming.

Valerie Edwards
6 months ago

the initials of C.S. speak volumes about this man – Chicken S**t!

Theresa Coughlin
6 months ago

Full disclosure: I live in NY. Therefore Schumer is my senator. The policies that democrats have crammed down the throats of NY residents have a lot to do with why people are leaving the state in droves. As a result, NY actually LOST a congressional seat. If there’s any justice in the world, the democrats will lose in NY. They deserve it.

6 months ago

CHUCKY SCHLMIEL should be TRIED FOR TREASON, FOUND GUILTY and PUNISHED ACCORDINGLY! . . . I would even PAY to view that! . . . Death and Extinction to ALL these WANNABE COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS!

6 months ago

republicans are lazy. Wont get facts and figures and fight them head on

6 months ago
Reply to  pete

The Republican leadership want the Republican Party to remain a minority party. Then, they do not have to lead, think, commit themselves, or present any alternatives. All they have to do is to react.

6 months ago
Reply to  tempus

LOSERS REACT — Reaction is far too late — Some Republicans enjoy stealing from the same trough as do Democrats – The Congress has become one party – A party of low life, lazy, self absorbed and self enhancing sacks of useless camel dung!! WE need not have a Mid term because Election Fraud will again mar the honest results of the Electorate — Instead all Congress needs to do is single file into the high security prison of their choice and remain there for the remainder of their lives. These mediocre, problematic chalatans have dealt the American People far too much woe and needless expenses…that it is time to say Sayonara — fair well — goodbye!!! We wont miss you!!!!

Michael Lewis
6 months ago

We all know that, as things actually are, many of the most influential and most highly remunerated members of the Bar in every center of wealth, make it their special task to work out bold and ingenious schemes by which their wealthy clients, individual or corporate, can evade the laws which were made to regulate, in the interests of the public, the uses of great wealth. – T. Roosevelt, 1905
After Watergate, to protect the public from the appearance of corruption, The Federal Election Campaign Act abridged the freedoms of speech press and assembly of the regulated class: candidates for Federal Office, political parties, PAC’s and individual citizens.
But the corporate media were exempted because government could not infringe their 1st Amendment rights. This created a “Royal”, “State Approved” press:
52 U.S. Code § 30101 – Definitions (9)(B) The term “expenditure” does not include— (i) any news story, commentary, or editorial distributed through the facilities of any broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, or other periodical publication, unless such facilities are owned or controlled by any political party, political committee, or candidate; –
But if candidates and political parties have to pay for time/space in the media, then why are editorials considered to have no value if they are published by corporate media, unless the media is controlled by a political party, political committee, or candidate?
To restore equal rights to citizens, federal candidates, political parties and PACs “We the People” should ask our representatives in the Senate and House to revisit “S. 2416 — 113th Congress: Free All Speech Act of 2014.” 2014. June 15, 2022 <
2d Session
S. 2416
June 3, 2014
Mr. Cruz introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
To apply laws that restrict the political speech of American citizens to media corporations.
1. Short title
This Act may be cited as the Free All Speech Act of 2014 .
2. Application of laws that restrict the political speech of American citizens to media corporations
(a) In general
Any law that restricts the political speech of American citizens shall apply with equal force to media corporations, such as the New York Times, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), and the CBS Television Network.
(b) No application to American citizens if application to media corporations found unconstitutional
To the extent that the application of a law to a media corporation under subsection (a) is found unconstitutional, such law shall have no force or effect with respect to American citizens.

6 months ago

McConnell is to blame too. He either needs to be recalled now or voted out when his term is up.

6 months ago

I truly hope the Republicans have woke up to the facf that they are usually to late on the uptake. If they dont eliminate the get along go alongs like Cheney we will never get America back. Untill they take this on to win and not get along we never will win. Knowing they will cheat, lie and steal to win we have to start going on the offensive and define the narrative not let them define it for us.

Deb Rockwell
6 months ago

Whoever funded this has some actual cohones. Well done.

james carlyle
6 months ago

Mr. Schummer has eclipsed Joesph Goebbels as the master of Propaganda and Doublespeak

heil biden
6 months ago


robert E broderick
6 months ago

Agreed….quit talking about DJT and start talking about the issues that are hurting this country

Robert Chase
6 months ago

Upstate NY is not for politicians like Schumer. As with so many states, the oversize cities like NYC run the show!

6 months ago
Reply to  Robert Chase

Right. His voters in nyc are liberal extremists and can swamp any effort by the comparatively sparsely populated rest of the state. Same story in va and ill.

6 months ago
Reply to  Robert Chase

Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and NYC very liberal and always looking for the Free Stuff

5 months ago
Reply to  Robert Chase

This is why the electoral college is so important for national elections, so that a few oversized states don’t run the show (control the nation). Should also be adopted at the state level. In Kentucky’s last governor election (2019) one county, out of 120, reported over 100,000 more votes for the democrat candidate over the incumbent republican. The Democrat won by a very slim margin of 5,400 votes.

6 months ago

Yes Nothing off the table. No attack, no ad, no violence.

Darrell Day
6 months ago

Please stop using the term “mainstream media.” The corrupt, vicious, leftist media is so far outside the mainstream that it can’t even SEE mainstream America from their vantage point. And I say that as a former journalist.

Joanne4 justice.
6 months ago

Someone needs to shoot a***holes Schumer, PEE losi and Goldfinger Soros!

Steve G
6 months ago

I agree take them out for starters

William C Smith
6 months ago
Reply to  Steve G

No! For practice.

Tim Toroian
6 months ago

Schumer is a pig! I don’t how good your memory is when he went from the House to the Senate either “Time” or “Newsweek” quoted him as saying he had a passion to legislate. Something should have gone upside his head then.
Pelosi is basically doing the same thing, what they both forget is the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence where a long train of subjugations and abuses is discussed but doesn’t define long whether in period time or the length of the list.

Philip Hammersley
6 months ago
Reply to  Tim Toroian

Al D’Amato correctly tagged him as a “putz.”

6 months ago

Republicans do Something. Get off your proverbial ass and get on the Democrats lying ass. Say something or do something before our majority of citizens have to do it,

6 months ago
Reply to  Harlan

Time for the representatives of the people make some waves. The Democrats have taken the gloves off, which I am sure they never had them on. The Republicans need to fight the same dirty way that they fight! Trying to be civil with uncivil people is not a good strategy. Continuing to do it is a sign of insanity!

6 months ago

All I can add to this ad is that all those legally registered voters better come out and vote in person and not allow a mere 8-12% of voters to decide the winner. Make the difference and vote

Philip Hammersley
6 months ago

ALL GOP candidates should stress both DIMM corruption and their lockstep following of the totally incompetent Senile Joe! Has ANY of them voted against ANY of Joe’s bills?

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