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OPINION: Climate Change is Controversial; So is this Solution


WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 26 – Here comes another cockamamie idea from the climate change brigade. They want us to put an end to those sunny days of spring and summer that we crave after the cold and cloudy days of winter in order to deal with global warming. That’s all we need in the aftermath of the gloom and doom of the pandemic.

The idea of shading the Earth from the sun — the controversial process called solar geoengineering to deal with climate change has been around for several years. But it’s an idea that is now being promoted as a desperately needed precaution that needs to be implemented sooner than later. Indeed, it would result in a cooler global environment. But at what price.

Solar geoengineering or solar radiation modification [SRM] can be employed in a variety of ways that artificially reflect solar energy — sunshine – back into space. A report in the scientific journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences analyzed the potential risks of hastily employing SRM tactics to cool the Earth. “While climate science research has focused on the predicted climate effects of SRM, almost no studies have investigated the impacts that SRM would have on ecological systems. The impacts and risks posed by SRM would vary by implementation scenario, anthropogenic climate effects, geographic region, and by ecosystem, community, population, and organism. Complex interactions among Earth’s climate system and living systems would further affect SRM impacts and risks.” 

SRM, according to the journal, Inverse, has one major benefit: it certainly can lower the Earth’s global temperature. That’s it. But the authors point out it has four important drawbacks: it could have devastating ecological consequences; it might not solve key climate change problems, and it might make things worse; it could have a negative effect on Earth’s ecosystems; and, quite simply, we don’t know enough about SRM. A goodly number of experts on the topic agree that we should not be in a hurry to try it out. 

Just last week, 60 scientists and experts on the subject issued a warning: “Solar geoengineering is gaining prominence in climate change debates as an issue worth studying; for some, it is even a potential future policy option. We argue here against this increasing normalization of solar geoengineering as a speculative part of the climate policy portfolio. We contend, in particular, that solar geoengineering at a planetary scale is not governable in a globally inclusive and just manner within the current international political system. We, therefore, call upon governments and the United Nations to take immediate and effective political control over the development of solar geoengineering technologies. Specifically, we advocate for an International Non-Use Agreement on Solar Geoengineering.”

To be sure, there are many who believe that climate change is not the crisis that it’s made out to be. Whether they are right or wrong is not the issue. Bill Pekny, the author of the book, A Tale of Two Climates: One Real, One Imaginary, argues that there is no climate crisis. Pekny is well-credentialed on the topic of “physical meteorology” based on his degrees he earned at Georgia Tech and DePaul University. As he put it in an article published in Salt Lake City’s Deseret News: “There are no real measurements to support the hypothesis that widespread human use of coal, oil and natural gas, and associated increases in atmospheric CO2, are causing or will cause dangerous upward changes in global temperatures.” 

But Pekny is in the minority when it comes to climate change. Most scientists believe in man-made global warming. 

Whatever your beliefs on the subject, the use of artificial deterrents such as solar radiation modification are untested and have the potential of causing more harm than good.

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1 year ago

I am over age 70 and have seen weather like our current weather all my life. I have read such scary suggestions of shooting particles into our atmosphere to block our sun. We have already trashed the atmosphere around the earth with satellites that have smashed into others and we are now dodging metals particles that we have to constantly monitor.

How about the roads we have paved that generate more heat on earth and the buildings and cities with trees removed that create more heat? No one ever mentions this. I was hopeful that with the Covid pandemic, people would continue to work from home, so less road traffic and fewer cars on the road but that doesn’t seem to be an option for these out-of-control people like Bill Gates and some scientists that think they have all the answers.

I believe in God and just like our ozone hole that we realized opened and closed as needed after we realized we needed to curb aerosols, so too will the climate if we at least make an attempt to change our behaviors. Work from home at least 3 days a week if not more. Have zoom meetings etc. Stop paving over the earth where it really isn’t needed etc.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mandy

And why are the scientists ignoring the solar flares that are happening now and making our climate warmer at times? They know this, or at least should….so stop all the crazy ideas of shading our atmosphere before they kill us all.

11 months ago
Reply to  Mandy

If you do believe in God, listen to Him in Genesis 8:22. “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shsll not cease.”I would call that a good argumemt against global warming.

1 year ago

The climate has been changing for as long as the earth has existed. Its a natural part of this planet.
Science has proven;

  • CO2 levels have been as high as 6 (currently at 1.5 ish) and the planet flourished. But if CO2 levels start to drop below 1, there will not be enough CO2 to support the earths vegetation.
  • There are times when there has been no northern polar ice cap
  • Major parts of the US had been under a glacier, which subsequently receded. Interestingly this occurred long before man started producing CO2 emissions.
  • The earth’s axis wobbles on a 26K yr cycle. Meaning over the course of that cycle, the earth’s vertical axis (a line from north to south poles) tips anywhere from about +5 to -5 degrees off dead center. Which means climates will naturally change and seasons will very slowly shift.

While climate change is a real, natural thing, the climate crisis is invented. Everyone of their crisis predictions never seem to come true. In the 80s, it was global warming. In 11 years the earth was going to be a desert. Then in the 90s it was global cooling. In 11 years the earth was going to be in the middle of an ice age. And when none of that panned out, they invented climate change. Something so generic and non specific that they can blame anything and everything on it. Which they do regularly. California wild fires are caused by climate change, even though evidence shows 90+% of them are caused by people. Hurricanes are now caused by climate change. And the list goes on and on.
Its funny how the left always attaches an 11 year window to every new crisis. But in reality, they’re doing the same thing as the late night product ads. Creating a false sense of urgency so that people will be afraid and feel forced to act. And of course the actions they want are for us to give them more power to over us.

Mario Capparuccini
11 months ago
Reply to  FedUp

Remember that the left never wastes a good crisis. If none exists, they will be happy to make one up. When the Vikings discovered Greenland circa 1000, they named it Greenland because the earth was in a warming cycle. By 1300, the cycle had ended, temperatures fell, and the colony died out. You make good points.

1 year ago

Here in California we have a current petition being offered to address Greenhouse Gas Emissions by TAXING people who make $2 million dollars or more! . . . What a novel approach, TAXING THE RICH. . . . I love it!

1 year ago
Reply to  Rik

Just saw an article recently about many of the rich entertainers that give us their two cents regarding their bright ideas….they.owe hundreds of thousands in unpaid taxes. What hypocrites.

Robert collins
1 year ago

These are some of the same experts who claimed all computers would were going to be in operable,I think it was 2001. The majority of the scientist believe in climate change caused by mankind. Why don’t you ask the majority of mankind what they believe? Please tell them to turn the gas back on so we want freeze to death this winter or is that asking to much of a climate change? Spring,summer,fall and winter.ManI’m glad they happen all the time! Please don’t end them with your Big Bang!

Bruce P
1 year ago

“I have a bad feeling about this”.

Patty L
1 year ago


Broccoli Free Zone
1 year ago

Now they want to deflect the sunlight away from earth. At the same time they want us to install solar panels on the roofs of our homes. Okay, I get it. Taxpayers are paying for all this crud; therefore, this is just the next boondoggle to enrich politicians and corrupt corporations.

1 year ago

As one who believes God is in control, I appreciate the comments by those of you who have a reasoned approach to this whole “climate change” nonsense promoted by the democrat nutcases.

Charles Anderson
1 year ago

STOP playing God. Stop thinking that you know more than our Creator. He made things the way they are for a purpose and for Our Good. Only God knows what effects such “messing around” would have on our world and even the entire universe. Playing stupid games with such things is arrogant, dangerous, and could be the end of us all. Hands off!

Spade David
1 year ago

Figure out how to eliminate volcanoes and the CO2 they produce, and bingo…problem over.

1 year ago
  1. The magnetic north pole has moved over 1,000 miles west n the last 60 years.
  2. The moon has gone into its “wobble” phase and will greatly impact tide levels.
  3. Oct 2024 there will be an alignment of four major planets that has not been seen since 79AD when Mt Vesuvius erupted.
  4. The solar cycle patterns are going into a ‘down’ phase leading to a new 400 year cooling cycle, if we’re lucky. If we’re not lucky it could be the beginning of a 2,000 year cooling cycle.
  5. The UN’s IPCC is a TOTALLY, NON-SCIENTIFIC political entity.
  6. What ever is coming HUMANS will have next to NO control over it.
  7. Lead your life to the fullest and be flexible and accommodate whatever happens climate wise.
anna hubert
1 year ago

Nature will do what she’s been doing from the beginning we are but a bead on the long string of generations

1 year ago

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.”…. H.L. Mencken
That about covers it.

Bruce P
1 year ago

I had no idea my F-150 was causing all this damage. First a big bang and everything proceeds to create itself, and now all of this. Aren’t all those scientists smart.

1 year ago

Fear the climate, fear getting cold-like symptoms, fear religion, fear people whose skin is a different shade of brown than your own, fear your tap water, fear the air you breathe! No thanks. I’ll think for myself and not be controlled, manipulated or coerced by people that assume they’re in power. I’m going to enjoy each day try to spread joy to those I come in contact with.

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Climate Change ideas:

Move to the Moon, Outer Space
Under the seas
Go Nuclear for energy
Mass produce EVs
Automate factories
Live Underground

Harry Guzaliak
1 year ago

Bottom line, You can’t mess with GOD!

1 year ago

This is soooo simple. Climate change is nothing more then another global elite control tactic. Wake up! It’s BS

1 year ago

I’m old enough to remember when these Criminal, moronic politicians were selling global cooling – and we were all going to freeze to death !
That was 50 years ago – they couldn’t sell it as well because the mainstream media wasn’t as corrupt as it is now !

1 year ago

Don’t mess around with Mother Nature

1 year ago

Let’s see…the US Department of Agriculture thought it would be a great idea, decades ago, to plant kudzu vine to hold topsoil in place. How’s that workin’ for ya? Same for Siberian elm, which we now consider invasive because it seeds where other plants have the good sense not to grow. Both of these noxious foreign weeds are crowding out our native vegetation and also the insects and wildlife that evolved with it.

Did you see those reports about the crazy blizzard in Greece and Turkey? You can’t fool Mother Nature. She’s best left to do what she does best, and that’s to find equilibrium on her own terms. When we try to play these tricks on natural systems, all sorts of devastating consequences can happen. And we don’t have a remedy for that.

We believed Dr. Fauci, who we now know hid our role in developing the Covid-19 virus. Do you really think we should consider such overwhelming methods to “control” the weather when a few good volcanic eruptions would do the same thing? What if they (SRM and volcanoes) occurred simultaneously?

If you feel like doing something good for the planet, do what nature does and plant trees and flowering plants for the wildlife and the pollinators. They’ll shade your house, cutting down on energy consumption, and they actually cool the air through transpiration. Plus they’ll raise your property value. Get rid of the big lawns, and plant stuff. I’ve done it all my life, and am still planting… Mother Nature concurs.

1 year ago

Using a solar shield is very short sighted. Climate change is a normal, and a necessary function of this planet.
Seasonal change, trade winds, atmospheric water patterns, animal migrations and much more depend on change happening.
Evidence of constant change is found in rock and sediment strata everywhere. This planet has been here before, without us.
Opportunists who use climate change to build fear only want control.
What will they do with that solar shield and whose crops will be stunted by the lack of sunlight. How long before a shaded earth shows detrimental effects from the cooling.

Who knows, but I’ll call it an idiot’s gambit.

1 year ago
Reply to  Stephan

The type of solar shielding this article is talking about would actually have the potential to inflict significant damage to the eco system of the planet. This is terraforming of the planet being discussed as if they are just going to make a few tweeks here and there.

By its very nature to have any kind of effect as suggested in this article and other proposed documentation on the subject, it would have to be a massive, global deployment sufficient enough to diminish, in a meaningful way, the normal amount of sunlight reaching the planet’s surface on a regular basis for some extended period of time.

In addition to the detrimental effects of triggering unintentional cooling, changes in normal wind and cloud formation would result. It could disrupt the normal oceanic wave cycles governing weather across the entire planet. It could easily disrupt plant life to the degree of killing off indigenous ground cover plants and stunting the growth of trees, as well as creating unintended desert like areas devoid of normal rain cycles.

Yes, sudden and unexpected crop losses could easily be a significant risk. So too could the deaths of millions around the globe due to the unexpected planetary changes that could likely result. Personally, if this scheme is deployed in the same reckless and ideologically driven manner as most of these so-called climate change “fixes” are rolled out, we could be looking at something we can’t readily reverse.

1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

Exactly so, PaulE.

Sharon Ormsby
1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

Science fiction movies have shown disasters about this as well. Pretty right on for what you are stating.

Phillip Ridenour
1 year ago
Reply to  Stephan

Try it out on Venus first. If it works we’ll have two habitable planets. If it doesn’t we’ll have wasted the same amount (roughly) of money without destroying the Earth.

Bill T
1 year ago

The progressive leftist liberals are so determined to go to alternative green energy solutions that they just destroyed our energy sector and gas and oil supply, We’re not even close to being able to have solar , electric , and geo thermal energy as a main source of power to keep our system and economy operating and now we’re paying OBSENE PRICES for everything and it’s almost entirely due to us having to pay astronomical prices for something we just up till recently had an abundant supply of and we’re thriving because of it. Now it’s back to total misery and a guaranteed collapse of our entire economy because of this. Having to depend on our enemies once again for our oil and gas to power our country is disgusting and extremely dangerous. We must reopen our pipeline’s NOW and put thousands of unemployed citizens back to work. This administration is hands down the most destructive and dangerous bunch of Marxist leftist democrats that we’ve ever seen , this is a nightmare and must be stopped.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bill T

Regular, down to earth scientists have proven enough data that has shown the earth’s climate cycles all the time. As you stated in your comment down below, there are those scientists who jump on the band wagon to siphon funds for their pet projects/theories that end up proving nothing other than wasting funds that could have been used on other meaningful projects.

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