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Obamacare Targets the Elderly and Women, says AMAC

‘Its Medicare home healthcare cuts deny care for elderly women and decimate an industry dominated by women’

WASHINGTON, DC, Oct 3 – Obamacare diverts $22 billion earmarked for Medicare home health care for seniors in order to pay for the costs of its insurance exchange subsidies and expanded Medicaid programs.

“Homebound seniors will have to seek care outside of their homes and the home healthcare sector, an industry with more than half a million employees, mainly women, will be devastated,” according to Andy Mangione, vice president for government relations at the Association of Mature American Citizens.

The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has corroborated Mangione’s estimates.  CMS says that some 5,000 home healthcare companies will go out of business by 2017.  Women own the majority of these businesses, and most of their more than 500,000 employees—the nurses and other allied health professionals who provide care—are also women.

In addition, Mangione said, it is mainly poor, elderly women “who will be denied access to home healthcare if the cuts are not reversed.”

The average age of Medicare home healthcare beneficiaries is 82 and two-thirds of them live below the federal poverty level.  The have chronic illnesses such as heart disease, COPD and diabetes.  They live mostly in rural parts of the country where access to alternative care is limited and significantly more expensive.

“They are Medicare’s oldest, sickest and poorest beneficiaries and the majority of them are women.  And so, if there is a ‘war on women’ in America they are the most vulnerable victims of that conflict,” Mangione noted.

He said it is “imperative” that the Medicare cuts be quashed and that, as AMAC’s principal contact with lawmakers in D.C., it is a top priority on his agenda.

“H.R.5110, the SAVE Medicare Home Health Act, was recently introduced to rescind these cuts and replace them with common sense accountability for home healthcare agencies, which would increase the quality of care for patients. The House will eventually vote on the budget-neutral bill, perhaps after the November elections or when the next session of Congress begins in January.”

Mangione said that there is growing support for the measure and it is likely to pass in the House.  But, its fate in the Senate is uncertain although 51 senators, including 36 Democrats, are on record as supporting a repeal of the cuts.

“Still, they will need to be reminded not to fund Obamacare on the backs of America’s seniors and there is no better time to do that than during the current Congressional election campaigns.  It is important, therefore, for each and every one of us to get involved and research candidates before giving your precious vote to an articulate, attractive candidate who looks great in a suit.  We need to take the time to find the substance behind the style.”

NOTE TO EDITORS: Andy Mangione is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or [email protected] to set up a call.


The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at

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6 years ago

in regards to destroying this country: why do you think Obama said no boots on the ground against isis? he knows
we can’t defeat them whithout boots on the ground. it is exactly what he and isis want

6 years ago
Reply to  E.T.

Can so many citizens be wrong about Obama’s real agenda???? I see and hear it over and over and over – people are convinced (a) HE IS A MUSLIM, (b) HE HATES AMERICA; (c) HE WANTS TO DESTROY AMERICA; (d) HE IS NOT NOR NEVER HAS BEEN A TRUE AMERICAN CITIZEN. For the past 6 years, these statements come from very viable, intelligent people – yet the very idea is pooh-poohed and dismissed. What will it take? Seeing a few thousand people blown to bits in a football stadium? A school full of children beheaded? What will it take????? The man has to be stopped – ISIS aside – he’s the bigger threat to our security and future!!

6 years ago

We need Christianity back in the American political arena.

We also need someone with Ronald Reagan’s Christian sensibilities with an understanding of history, the political process; an ability to deal with other foreign leaders in a constructive kindly fashion and is comfortable being on camera 24hours a day pointing out the errors of the democrats in their reaming any opposition and stealing America.

How hard can it be to find a another Christian Hollywood republican to run for and win the White House and to lay off the back of poor circumstantially complied Russia snatching the Crimea back so that they simply continued to have a place to park their southern navel ships in winter ?
The Cold War is OVER.

We need new leadership.

I personally don’t see as to where Russia had much opportunity to say one way or another as to whether they wanted the Crimea back immediately following WWII; I say America and the rest of the comfortable Western capitalist world should be using the United Nations right now to make a few corrective territorial allowances for poor old Russia and get on with properly administrating a this world’s Post WWII PEACE.

Did anyone following WWII think many corrective administrative territorial actions wouldn’t thereafter need to be taken??

No time for wars following the aftereffects of WWII.

World leaders should stick to ‘housekeeping’ issues like production, distribution and feeding a world now occupied by almost 7billion people; unlike the billion and a half folks therein during and following the Eisenhower Administration.

Eisenhower having had better sense in warning us against the Military Industrial Complex……..

Happened to Germany back in the late 1930’s; could be happening to America and Europe too.

Stop looking for ‘fights’ !

Just in case no one else might have noticed the stupid budgetary drains worldwide.

6 years ago

Well folks, here is what we said never would happen, and it looks like we don’t seem to be able to do anything about it.
Maybe this will help. What the so called government of the United States is saying is, if you are old and inform and need medical help under Obamacrap, then you will be denied. In other words, you are better off dead. That’s it. They would rather you die than receive any benefit of money from the government so they can keep getting their benefits and filling their wallets.

So, if you are not healthy, then be prepared, your time is at an end. (is this also not prophecy)?

6 years ago

Well folks, my mother used to say “You make your bed, lie in it!” Guess what, we made this bed. This is NOT just Obama but his whole administration. He has idealistic young adults that were raised by our generation with OUR idealistic ideas. This started more than a century ago with Native Americans put on reservations, voting suffrage for minorities and genders, civil rights disparities, economic injustices. AND we forgot to teach children that this country prospers because of everyone knowing how to WORK, about RESPECT, about the GOLDEN RULE. I was taught everyone must participate in this economy by doing their share to the best of their ability. AND raising children was a very important role right along with being a lawyer, or doctor, or mechanic etc. The most important role is raising children if you choose to have them. ‘Self-actualization’ was an excuse by many women to forsake a responsibility to care for a child. It sounds like I am blaming women, but in reality the fault to what has happened to this country is all of ours. One wrong perpetuated another wrong etc. etc. etc.

6 years ago

We want OUR $716 BILLION back and we want it back NOW!!! That is OUR money. It is not for use elsewhere. Please work on getting our money back for the use and expansion of Maedicare Advantage and other valuable senior programs. You need to find the clip where BHO said he wanted to get rid of the Medicare Advantage and it needs to be played multiple times every day on TV. Along with it we could also show a list of names of those who voted for Obmacare. That would be powerful !!!!.

Dianne Hastie
6 years ago
Reply to  CHUCK

Yes. And we never agreed to “give” that money to Obamacare, which is not ever going to help any of us. And as far as the comment above yours, “we” did not perpetuate this. Many, Many of us never participated in supporting Obama in anything. And I’d bet that none of us took part in anything that was done to the American Indian.

Robert A Hirschmann
6 years ago

Don’t you people realize that Obamas whole agenda from the start was to totally destroy this country? That’s what his “fundamental change” is all about. He does not want us to be oil independent! He does not want us to have jobs! He does not want us to succeed in anything!

Since he has been in office he has ignored, bypassed and flat out disobeyed our constitution! He added 17 TRILLION dollars to our debt. He crammed Obamacare down our throats He makes laws that are illegal. He uses the power of the presidency to bully, intimidate and prosecute anyone who disagrees with his policies. How long will we let this go on?

He was brought up to hate America and all it stands for. I am totally against him. I am an American and proud of it. I guess that makes me a racist. I believe in the tea party and what it stands for. Smaller government and obey our constitution. So now I’m a domestic terrorist too. So be it. Call me what you want. I love this country as it was so I call myself a patriot.

6 years ago

I agree with you 100%. Why can’t people see what is happening. He has been groomed to do just what he is doing. People he doesn’t care, this is not his country. We are not his people. I never voted for him either time, don’t trust him. His true intentions are starting to show. Its sad that what took over 200 years to build could be brought down in 8. And Hillery wants to finish the job

6 years ago

Actually ACA starts to affect those of us who are 76. If you read the bill, after 76 you will not be
eligible for cancer care/treatment. Those who are 75 should be worried because you don’t have until 85.
As Dr. Emanuel said very recently and I quote ” By 75 you have lived your life and you should go ahead
and die because you become a burden to society and the health care industry. They love to laud Canadian health care, boy they should have lived it as I did while living there several years. The elderly are denied all but comfort care and die quickly. My sister-in-law at 82 went to the hospital with pneumonia and died 3 days later. No medication, no oxygen just a comfortable bed in which to die. Do we really intend to pay high premiums for supplemental health care policies
that give us only a hospital bed ? Oh dear, how will AARP sell all of those policies ????

6 years ago

The healthcare in this country is now on TSA orange level and will be on red level around the election as people learn their insurance costs, co-pays and deductibles.

The children in Washington DC need to correct his immediately.

Unfortunately is is above their co-pay and competence.

6 years ago

The healthcare in this country is on TSA orange level now, will go to red around the election as people begin to know the costs of their insurance, their co-pays and deductibles. Next year it will implode.

The children in Washington need to correct this fraud immediately. Unfortunately this is beyond their pay-grade or competence.

Veatrice Bennett
6 years ago

I do not like the Democrat propaganda; I do not like the way that the Democrats vote. I still think that our President is a Muslim!!

Theresa H
6 years ago

I just hope and pray we survive 2 more years–and then get someone in the Presidential Office with at least good, common sense and loyalty to the fundamental American principles of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness–in that order! Obama and his friends are, literally, killing us….! Nonetheless, “In God we trust!”

Samuel M. Smith
6 years ago
Reply to  Theresa H

Theresa, you may not even see the election of November 4, 2014. With nobody willing to step to the plate and stop him, and knowing Obama’s big dreams for making the U. S. a Soviet style Muslim Socialist country, he will surely find a way to declare Martial Law.

Maybe that will finally spur some Generals and/or Admirals to agree and obey their oath of office to defend the United States and the Constitution and arrest him and imprison him. Then maybe the Supreme Court and Congress will man up to their own oaths of office and bring him to trial on the most serious charges of Treason and being a Traitor.

Veatrice Bennett
6 years ago

I think President Obama IS a Muslim!!

leilani monique
6 years ago

I have had that feeling all along – that he will create a “fictional” war scenario where he will be able to declare martial Law and that it is “not the right time” to allow a regime change in Washington, so he will essentially be hanging on to power way beyond his last 4 years. As long as he can continue to create a “fake” crisis (which he and his ilk have been so good at), he will be able to negate any and all elections to oust him.

That has been my fear all along. Unfortunately, the milktoasts we have in congress right now would never have the balls to stand up and defend the Constitution. My other fear is a military-style take over of the government by the dedicated terrorist who are already in this country. And if anyone believes that can’t happen in America, it is time for you to wake up and smell the coffee. it is already brewing. we have become too complacent that our freedoms will just continue to exist “as they always have”.

Cuba used to be a democracy, Venezuela used to be a democracy, Egypt used to be a democracy. Believe it! yes, it can happen in America; it is already happening on a small scale, local level political arenas. It is up to you young folks to pass the word among your peers that they soon could be living in their worst nightmare – Socialism, Marxism, Fascism, Communism – call it whatever you like – it’s all the same – you will NOT be free anymore.

Government will be telling you what to do every minute of the day, taking your children away to be “re-educated/brainwashed”, making home schooling illegal, taking away your personal property rights, taking away your guns and ammo, telling you what you can be for a living, limiting the amount of money you will be able to make on your own business that you grew from the ground up.

God help us all – we need God in our lives and our country right now.

Jeanne Stotler
6 years ago

Proving the fraud perpetrated on this country needs to be exposed, a writer asked about Obama’s law lic, it was revoked due to Obama’s lying on the application, there is more than enough to point to him being in this country and the WH illegally, Reason it’s not been exposed, ONE WORD DEMOCATS, namely Pelosi and Reid. With a large majority of Rep., we can correct this, now as far as deporting, NO<NO< NO< a trial and execution, not only for him but those who helped perpetrate this, incl. Geo. Soros and his son(s) This is more than just an act of Treason

Attn: anybody elected on the Rep. side, get the UN the HE77 out of NYC and USA

Samuel M. Smith
6 years ago
Reply to  Jeanne Stotler

Jeanne is so right, as in CORRECT. And if someone with the authority under the Constitution does not act soon, it will be down the sewer for all of us. This has been a major conspiracy and is planned for the total annihilation of the American system of democratic republic with freedom never before granted to a nation and converting it to a Soviet style Marxian Socialist Government, but with a SERIOUS difference: Marxian Socialism declared no god, but the new American Socialist Republic is already beginning to follow Sharia law in some locations and when ASR becomes official, the Constitution we have trusted for 200+ years will be out and Sharia law in due to Obama’s strong Jihad leanings.

And OOPS! There went Women’s suffrage, child protection laws, even the freedom to go to religious meetings other then at the Mosques! Then men will be absolute rulers of their household with life and death control over every family member.

How easily we forget several recent killings of children and spouses IN THE U. S. for religious reasons and when prosecuted under judges who espouse Sharia law, the husband was not even given a slap on the wrist of punishent!

Diane Nidhols
6 years ago

Obama Care is ridiculous and should never have been passed. What was our congress thinking? “Pass it and then read it?” What is our country coming to? Better yet, where is it going?

6 years ago
Reply to  Diane Nidhols

THE BILL WAS PASSED BY THE DEMOCRATS – so don’t blame “Congress” in general. Harry Reid needs to be nailed to a fencepost to finish decomposing. It is CRITICAL that we get rid of Pelosi and Reid – that will take a lot of starch out of Obama’s drawers, and we all know what a coward he is. Without his “mouthpieces” to back him up, he’ll be as limp and useless as an uncooked piece of bacon. You ask where our country is going ……. to hell on a handcart if someone doesn’t step up and STOP the Insanity of Obama’s reign. “King” Obama has to be dethroned, and we need to do it November 4th!

John Koneski
6 years ago

I tend to agree with much of what has been expressed in this “what’s your opinion” section.
As a dismayed non-partisan octogenarian I don’t believe that the “Affordable Care Act” is necessarily a religious or a Democrat vs Republican issue or for that matter even an age related issue. Yes, I do understand and believe that it certainly infringes on the “rights” of each of the aforementioned groups but in the “big picture” one must ask: What is actually happening (or what was the actual objective) with this type of “dictatorial” legislation? And how was he able to cause the passage of such an obviously flawed law?
I believe it is in line with a determination by Mr Obama to fractionalize the citizens of our country…i.e., divide and conquer. And he has effectively performed in that regard by creating feelings of “guilt” amongst the “haves” not only who have supported him but also among the “do gooder group” that sits on the political fence.
And, he has created fear amongst the partisan politicians from both sides of the fence if they don’t abide by his (well documented) false rhetoric that has ‘sucked in” the seemingly easily swayed uninformed and unconcerned populace.
It’s unfortunate that there is no adversarial comment by anyone who opposes his policies that has the charismatic magnetism necessary to effect the type of support to squelch his continuing efforts that are destined to destroy the America that has functioned within our constitutionally historic rights to “freedom and liberty”. My hope for our country is that someone emerges with those attributes necessary to cause the “awakening” of the American citizenry. In that regard, it appears to me that the women of this nation must be in the front line in the war against the decimation of our constitution and or beloved country. And, of course, this does not include the “take advantage of the system” politically correct Hillary Clinton type of woman who supports and adheres to the Obama way of leadership. JK

Bill Barnes
6 years ago

For the second year in a row my Medicare Advantage plan was cancelled because of the ACA…my wife, who is not yet 65 pays over $800 Pmo for her health ins…it went up each of the last 2 years.

“The elderly have a duty to die”…CO Gov Dick Lamb…(D)

Veatrice Bennett
6 years ago
Reply to  Bill Barnes

I am sad about the price she is paying for her health care!!

Ron Alford
6 years ago

Obama’s Medicare cuts will decimate seniors and doctors who take care of us, but I’m sure that is his goal. Anyone who has not learned by now to vote a straight Republican ticket in November will not get another chance. We not only need for Republicans to control both the House and Senate, but indeed not to just have majority control, but a super majority so he can no longer do anything to destroy America.

Eric Rhodus
6 years ago
Reply to  Ron Alford

Yes on the vote for “Republicans”, but not “Rhinos”! (Republican in name only)

John Campbell
6 years ago

Some how Amac needs to reach out to the next generation of seniors. The 40 to 50 voters. And they need to reach out to the 30 to 40 people. These changes affect only us now, but will impact everyone eventually.
Amac should run commercials to spell it out to the uninformed voter. This age based discrimination is not civilized.

6 years ago
Reply to  John Campbell

I agree with you, John. We would not have known about Amac and all that Amac supports if a friend of ours who is an AMAC member did not tell us about Amac. My husband just turned 50 last year. I am 49. We already knew the truth about Obamacare and knew how liberal AARP is. I would like to see Amac getting the truth out to others in the 40-50 age group and to the 30-40. For that matter, it would be good to get to the 20-30 age group. The younger the person is when he or she learns the truth, the more power we could have to fight what is happening today.

6 years ago

If any conservative does not vote after what this once great country has been through over the past six years then you are worse then any liberal. They all vote, at least once if not more, when it really counts.

judith m olson
6 years ago

we need to keep the house and take control of the senate in november to at least give us seniors and those following closely behind us a fighting chance to hold down the pen and phone of this administration….i agree with paule…get out and vote and make sure you get everyone you know out to vote republican in this coming november…the dems are pulling numbers from their hats, so we need to show up enmasse to have a chance……

6 years ago

These same comments keep coming out . . like knowing our pres. is a liar, he’s this and he’s that, but, BUT if you all notice he’s still president. If he was republican and it was proven that the Birth certificate is false/altered, the next day, OUT OF HERE. Romney was absolutely right with the 47 percent in the Dem’s pockets. So am I absolutely right with my knowing the “Democrat, No Matter What” voters will do it again and probably elect Hillary. G.H.U. = God Help Us

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