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Obama’s Unfulfilled Sequester Prophecies

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Mike Hamrick
8 years ago

I believe Mary meant that the economy grows when spending is cut. Let’s give Mary the benefit of the doubt; at least this was probably just a slip of the tongue, as opposed to the exaggerations and untruths coming from many other folks.
Obama is exhibiting at least one facet of depression: he blames all the negative things on someone else.

Steve Cramer
8 years ago

We must all step back and remember how we got him. Roughly one third of eligible voters voted against him and a little more than one third voted for him and a little less than a third of eligible voters didn’t think it was important enough to vote. This is exactly what has happens historically to past great societies. We need wake-up before it is to late. Do what you can to get folks involved with the facts even if you don’t agree with them. Encourage everyone who can to vote in all elections. This is how we take our country back. This should not be Democrat or Republican issue but what is the truth and is right for our country !!!

wayne payton
8 years ago

To all ;History shows to things about leaders .One is called by Gog [All leaders are called by God] He uses good and evel to change the ways of man .On the other hand man votes for for leadership on maney levels.The hope is this person this person will work for what they want. Some will get what they want.The rest get to deal with others wants.When men and women deside, it is generaly self serveing.

8 years ago

“Audacious piece of mendacity.” That sums up the total oeuvre of the Obama administration.

Sid Davis
8 years ago

Obama and his administration are not in the same zip code with truth. TIME TO IMPEACH!

Selina Hall
8 years ago

I can’t post my opinion because if I did I’d have a drone fly over me and wipe me out. lol Impeachment would be great!!!

joseph kay
8 years ago

This is so sad what happen to the leadership of this country . It is always the president fault he is the leader???????///

Corina Valles
8 years ago

Just to hear this mans voice, let alone his lies makes me sick! At both ends!

Steve Delaney
8 years ago

IMPEACH this lying TRAITOR…Give us back our country!

8 years ago

Mary did say, “When you cut expenses, you GROW your government”. Knowing Mary Matalin as a conservative, I believe she misspoke.Do not make so much of that! Even Sean Hannity did not catch it. Did you get the message that the POTUS exaggerates (lies).

8 years ago

Impeach this phony president!!!!

Old Dad
8 years ago

We can no linger listen to thei POS President. He ha clearly been shown to be a liar and a self serving Moron. He must be shut down and removed from our governmant

8 years ago

Absolutely. Wake up America, and pay attention.

Jim Bail
8 years ago

Did she say, “when you cut your spending you grow your government”? I listened 3 times and I’ swear that’s what I heard. Did she misspeak? Am I wrong in thinking that it does not? Now I’m confused.

Bill O'Brien
8 years ago

Obama has always been a liar. His political pettiness is over the top. How can he eliminate access to a Government building, yet advertise to hire 400 people. How can people continue to be so ignorant?

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