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Not Proud of America? Wrong.


President Biden – as Hurricane Ian slammed the Nation – was raising money for Democrats by saying “Americans are not proud of the Nation.” Wrong, Mr. President. Most love this nation. What they are not proud of – is you, your arrogant White House, unaccountable Justice Department, and out-of-touch Democrats in Congress, who daily make American lives miserable, overspending, cutting energy, pushing jarringly high prices and interest rates, devaluing citizenship, ignoring violent crime, and lying.

Other than that, Mr. President, we are all happy. No, this is not about the love of country. Republicans are outspoken when it comes to loving what makes this country great, whether you think wanting the nation to be great is extreme or not. 

They love our history, work ethic, the sacrifice of military members, courage of police officers, risk-taking by entrepreneurs, the chance to get ahead, and the God-given American Dream. They love earned citizenship, naturalized Americans, legal immigration, free speech, right to worship, guarantee that they can live in their home secure from “unreasonable search and seizure,” or speak at school board meetings for their children – without being called terrorists.

They are against racism, against those who falsely accuse others of it, who promote dirty tricks like reverse racism, discouraging achievement, lowering standards, and the trope of racism-to-beat-racism, otherwise known as Critical Race Theory or CRT. Hate comes in many forms, and the only thing most hate is – hate.

Americans are actually quite proud of who they are, and want their kids properly educated about that, about America being founded on religious freedom, built on determination, hard work, and pioneering, unblinking defender of freedom for all the world – decisive force in two world wars. 

They want our military centered on preparing for, deterring, and winning wars, not winning a social wokeness contest, not proving they are more sensitive than China’s war machine, not more effete, pampered, quiet, genteel, or gentle. That is not what war is about. Or what deterring war is about.

They are proud of those who volunteer, for service in all ways – in the military, law enforcement, and fire departments. emergency rescue, EMTs, food banks, Salvation Army, programs run by churches, synagogues, mosques,

They are proud of teachers who know their stuff, teach truth not trash, high math, right science, real history, and strong languages by the book, who live for kids, not unions, rise early, work late, have full hearts, and will not be intimidated by the federal government into turning truth into politics.

They are proud of kids who work hard from an early age, learn to respect themselves, their future, their elders, and the nation’s institutions, place in world history, and power founded on right not raw might, our goodness leading to greatness, nothing less.

We are proud not of perfection, but of correction. We are proud not of the process – this thing called representative democracy – which so took the world by storm about 250 years ago, that all humanity now realizes there is something called sovereignty lodged in The People, rights that God gave and no government can rightly take from the individual, preserved by elections we have a right to trust.

Mr. President, let us get this clear. Americans love America, are proud of who we really are, and know that the future is bright if their faith in what made us great is respected. What they are not proud of is you, and those who disrespect half the country, more than half, with threats and the chilling of speech, calling law-abiding voters, protestors, and citizens a “threat to democracy,” “enemies of the state,” and “extreme” because they do not like what you are doing to this great nation.

Patriots are proud of their nation, and no citizens have more reason to be proud of their country than We Americans, on the left, right and center, young and old, male and female, rich, middle income, and poor, of every national origin, skin color, education level, laborer and professional, carpenter, plumber, code writer, lawyer, nurse, doctor, scientist, educator, and dream make.

We do not need to be lectured, re-programmed, talked down to, told to abandon core American freedoms, taxed more, regulated more, or charged more – for things we do not want and cannot afford.

What we need is more responsible, respectful, hardworking, un-shirking advocates of the People, less spending, less debt, lower inflation, and interest rates, fewer mandate and dictates, real limits on government, and leaders who have the decency, dignity, and desire not to question our pride. That is about it. We get that, we are happy.

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5 days ago

It would appear to me that there is a large number who are not proud and another large group who just do not care enough one way or another to fight for it.
When you look around at what is being done to the Republic… free speech, Constitution Rights, Law and Order, equal justice, secure national borders, basic fundamentals that his country was founded on like God, family, community… and yes even the 2nd which guarantees we will be able to keep these liberties… you look at these and the fact those who have blatantly attacked these values keep getting re-elected. I have a hard time believing “most” people are proud of this great nation.
Very sad.

1 month ago

Patriots love America and freedom. So now all agree we love our USA. Question. How do we get it back?? Vote?? Tried that! Who goes to jail for voting irregularities?? Who do we arrest?? Kyle says “ buy guns”!! Then we will be labeled. terrorist and fight our own law enforcement. My point is a snake with no head is hard to kill. What about voting watchers that can’t be thrown out while mischief is done,armed if necessary . The left has used our money to buy votes to keep their programs going. I will probably be killed or go to jail for the following. I read bidenspent 300m on radiation protection clothing. They may be planning a nuke attack against our country to give them MARSHAL law and take over the country once and for all . If midterms fail them they have 60 days to set it up . I know how to treat terrorist and traitors. May God help us and lock and load might be necessary to protect America.IMO

5 days ago
Reply to  Tom

I feel your pain and we are all frustrated on finding a path to make real change. I am putting my time and energy into volunteering for Convention of States Action to change the rules by which the swamp must function.
Article V empowers the States to put forward Amendments! A Convention of States. This starts with us the people. 
– Impose fiscal restraints on the federal government
– Limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress
– Limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government
Congress will never fix these issues.
Become informed and engaged consider this movement which is already millions of Americans strong and growing. Sign the petition and volunteer. 

Thomas, Of Texas
1 month ago

I love my country, our heritage, our HISTORY, but I do despise the commie infection known today as the DNC and its treasonous minions.

Michael Lewis
1 month ago

Amen. This should be the contract with America!

1 month ago

Maybe Putin ( the worlds worst war leader) or Kim Jong Un or Gee-Gee Ping will take Biden.
How can this be arranged ? Lets get this dimwit out of the country. Bumper Sticker: Remove

1 month ago

Lets don’t fall into this trap. The pres who hates the US ( we are not America. Venezuela,Brazil,
Ecquador and other wrecks are america) prefers to stay and receive the benefits. Why is that ?

1 month ago

Not proud of this nation ? The key problem with this upteemth statement of stupidity is that the
pres and the left won’t leave the nation they deplore. Why is that ? If I hated my county why would’nt I find another one ? There are many other countries. Are the haters not qualified to gain entry ? After all, we are the most poorly educated nation on earth. Right ? h..ummmh
The real answer is that the left just wants to bi**h. Present their communism and sit on their butts
until the always-working right does their heavy lifting for them. They are mouth instead of action.
As long the left is all mouth and no work we have nothing to fear.

2 months ago

Very well put! We should all send a copy of this to Biden and his sick regime in any format possible. Not that it would matter to any of them.

Tom Quinley
2 months ago

Spoken like a true America!! Nailed it.

Paul B.
2 months ago

I was an airline pilot for 33 years and flew all over the world. I have seen many wonderful cities in countries in Asia and Europe, Australia and New Zealand. As nice as they are, nothing in the world that I have seen comes close to our way of life in the United States. However we are witnessing the destruction of our big cities as Democratic governors and mayors allow crime to run rampant as they release criminals back into our society. I lived in the once beautiful city of Seattle for years and watched it sink into a morass of homelessness and crime taking control of the streets. So then they defund the police. Who would want to be a police officer in this environment? I have moved away because of it. I will never understand why the citizens in these cities allow their elected council members to permit this. It just doesn’t make sense to keep re-electing people who think like this.

Karen Knowles
1 month ago
Reply to  Paul B.


2 months ago

Spot on!

anna hubert
2 months ago

Those who are not proud do not have the clue about the world around them and how lucky they are to be here Just the blob of cells with no capacity for thinking I am not talking about those who mean to do harm and to undermine this wonderful generous country

2 months ago

Excellent article! Unfortunately President Biden and his “administration” know exactly what the American people want. They just refuse to allow us to have it. This is all part of the dismantling of America. That’s why it’s so important to vote in the midterm elections. Early voting has already started. We still have a chance to turn this mess around!

J. Farley
2 months ago

So, the Democrats claim that the Republicans are not proud of America, here is a News flash for you Dim-wit Joe Biden the Republicans do love America; it the policies of the Democrats that are destroying the American dream that we dislike, but you and your failed Big City Liberals, want Listen, because you on the left are about total control. Trump put America first, we as a nation were energy independent, you have chosen to make us dependent on foreign Oil, Trump was working to make us a sovereign nation, you, and the morons on the left have opened our borders to one and all without regard to who is entering this Country and they are bring their drug that are killing over 300 a day with fentanyl alone, the human trafficing is taking its toll on young people that are ending up in prstitution and human bondage.
We under Trump were starting to see manufacturing return to America, but your favored Nation policies toward China is once again making manufacturing return to China.
You and your minion have decided to attack Law Enforcement and every turn and at every level, promoting attacks in the streets on Law Abiding Americans. You at the Federal Level have taken the Department of (lack) Justice and the FBI and made them nothing short of a Gestapo Agency or Brown Shirts.
I would suggest that you and your band of people who wish to be dictators get yourselves copies of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and make a serious attempt to understand its content.
Yes, Mister Biden it is us on the right that love America, people who have worked hard all their lives, paid their taxes, raised their families joined our Military, and have fought and some of them lost limbs or died to keep America strong or helped maintain freedom for others around the world.
No Mr. Biden we will not give up our Christain faith, our free speech, our 2nd Amendment, or any of our other Constitutional Rights or Civil Liberties.
For your freedom, please do not vote for any Democrat or RINO’S, we must make America strong again.

Nick Patriot
1 month ago
Reply to  J. Farley

Well said, Patriot Farley!

2 months ago

RBC, Great opening of your article just like an MG spraying on the enemy. Your target however, is not comprehending the national situation since he is in his own universe operated by other aliens. I know I should be more respectful but I do respect the office but not the current ownership.

G A Spath
2 months ago

Amen and thank you Robert B. Charles for this well expressed view that most of us share!!

2 months ago
Reply to  G A Spath

Let’s hope that Pres. Biden sees this. Wonderful article. God bless RBC.

Philip Hammersley
2 months ago
Reply to  Angela

Someone would have to EXPLAIN it to him! He has ZERO idea of what it means to be proud of America!

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