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Next Stop for Illegal Aliens


Something strange is afoot, and if this election cycle does not correct it – expect things to get crazy. More than 3 million illegals entered the US after Biden greenlighted them, two million asylum seekers now released, millions just uncaught. Republican governors are shipping samples north, frustrating New York and Massachusetts. Watch what happens – if reason fails.

If the Biden Administration does not respond to a Republican Congress with policy revisions, we could see a major shift in strategy. Legally, Republican governors – who operate with constitutional authority, not least the 10th Amendment – have had it.

What has happened is that frustrated border governors have sent a warning shot to Democrats who shrug at what these States are suffering – from an ill-conceived, increasingly dangerous, costly, unlawful, and irresponsible approach to managing immigration.

But things could get worse, courts would be hard-pressed to stop the cascade. So far, Red State anger has been checked by the priority historically given federal authority over immigration, meaning busloads of illegal immigrants continue to be shipped, often at night, all over America.

Local authorities feel a moral obligation to absorb this imposition, even if they disagree with the federal “open door” (or relatively open door) that allows this to happen, again into the millions. Increasingly, charitable organizations and makeshift options are getting tapped out.

A time is coming, signaled by sample drops to New York and Massachusetts, when border State governors and beleaguered mayors who are overwhelmed just say “enough.”

No attempt has been made to socialize, seek consensus, bring border governors, afflicted States and mayors into any kind of bipartisan alignment, as this White House seems convinced that the imposition, a bold assertion of untested executive authority – if they control Congress – wins.

Problem is that America does not work that way. Individuals, towns, cities, and States are where real decisions – big and irreversible – are made. The Federal government, all those well-fitted, well-fed federal employees, work for the “little people,” real people, citizens, you and me.

Brace for what could come next. If the new Congress cannot reverse the irresponsible border policies Democrats are determined to inflict on America, governors and mayors will become more forward leaning. They have rights under the Constitution to protect their citizens and will act.

What could happen? For starters, the trickle of hundreds of illegals sent to Blue States from Red States, overwhelmed by tens or hundreds of thousands of illegals, could become a flood. If two busses can get up Interstate 95 for Maryland, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, and Massachusetts, a thousand can.

Second, those swamped in the Heartland, waking up to find local hotels commandeered by the Federal Government, charities overrun, schools, medical facilities, and criminal justice strained – in short, their homes flooded by federally-dropped illegals – could react the same way.

Not surprising would be a turn to “regifting” the illegals, from Red States and swamped counties – to nearby or further out “Blue” destinations, as the overflow becomes unmanageable.

Nationally, Democrats seem oblivious, not only to what is happening on the border, but what is happening in adjoining states, even in their own, as a result of the unassimilated, uninvited, and increasing number of illegals, who often cannot speak English, have no awareness of civic culture, history, habits, laws, or the American way of life – let alone local culture.

In the end, this policy of “no-policy,” this Biden notion that we serve humanity by violating our own constitutional history, is a dead end. It could end fast, if a new crop of Republican Congressmen curtails the policy by controlling the money, or it could all take a different turn.

Put simply, if it is legal for the Federal Government to invite illegal entry, then release millions into the interior, shipping them to every State in a stealthy, unorthodox array of busses, planes, and trains, then it is legal for border governors to send samples of the onslaught north.

If those samples do not reverse the policy, then they are not only likely to continue, but the dam may burst, creating a more systematic transfer to Blue States. If that happens, and if the policy still remains in place, expect tempers to flare, and many who thought it was just fine to rethink things, as “regifting” of illegals – from State to State and city to city – grows.

Let us hope that this kind of passing the buck, and passing the immigrant buses, does not happen – but it may. Odds grow that it will if no change of policy follows this election. American citizens are patient, kind, and generous, but a point comes when they say “Enough.” That point is approaching. And…if we sink to “regifting” from State to State, some governor will think of another idea – just sending them home. Absent policy consensus, that is where we are headed.

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7 months ago

A time is coming when the American people say enough? It has already come! Problem is, this “administration” doesn’t care. The socialists are about to go with the illegal problem.

Rita Fleisner
7 months ago

Return them to their own countries. They are still and always will be illegal aliens. I would help to fund that program.

7 months ago

This is a great plan which I totally support but there is a current problem. Funding.
The city of El Paso TX after shipping 244 busloads of illegals north has suspended
future shipments because they ran out of money.
We need a national fund to support this and I would gladly participate.

Where are we going!?
7 months ago

i’d contribute to a go-fund-me for that

7 months ago

I’d fund deportation, or rather, repatriation to the home country

Randall L. Beatty
7 months ago

There are different ways to come into this country because of Biden’s open border policy they do not care about citizenship but want all the same things citizens here get Biden and the Dems in Washington want to give them everything free this is not right, time to close the border and to build the wall hire more border agents. We cannot have everyone in the world to come here it is impossible to support that many people we need to look at what is good for all the future generations they will be strapped for life that is not right no country has open border’s.

Elena Tellez
7 months ago

Most are hard working people, either escaping a poor or dangerous circumstance or just looking for the American dream… but while breaking our laws. Our laws become moot ifwe do not enforce them. Our country ceases 2Ba sovereign nation if we have porous borders. Not sure what we should do WHEN (not if) non-progressives take over the congress… we need skilled and unskilled young workers… and a BETTER comprehensive reform of immigration policies… but this open border fiasco is out of control. Come in legally — and convince US authorities what you have to OFFER our nation — and I said AUTHORITIES — no one respects ‘authority’ any more — or get shipped back overseas. BYE BYE

7 months ago
Reply to  Elena Tellez

Key word is “most”. A country can’t allow that many without knowing what EVERY SINGLE ONE is! Just one terrorist, and there are many, can destroy a city.

David Millikan
7 months ago

Next stop for ALL ILLEGAL ALIEN TERRORIST is Martha’s Vineyard since they love Open Borders.
This time, they STAY and NOT Deported from Martha’s Vineyard and NO CALLING National Guard since
Martha’s Vineyard is NOT SPECIAL.

Rosalee Cavanaugh
7 months ago

Texas and Florida governors had the balls to take over the shipping of illegals to the cities that are sanctuaries. And they didn’t do it in the middle of the night in planes. So what if Martha’s Vineyard’s elite cried. The way the media covered the story was that the Vineyard people “helped” them. Reality is the only truth. Ship the illegals up North and be done with it.

Linda Baker
7 months ago

Deport them.

Sharon Ormsby
7 months ago

According to Governor Abbott, we have had five million cross our Texas borders. I do believe our numbers are right, as we gave the first two million or so, COVID shots at the military base in EL PASO when they first entered. I know that, because my daughter in laws, brother in law, was giving these “vaccines” to the people entering and the majority were taking them, the first year.

7 months ago

Imperial Japan infiltrated the phillipines before the war with operatives who were able to direct the invasion after hostilities began. Our treason party is doing likewise whether they know it or not. They may rationalize that they’re only bringing in new voters but theres no way to know whether spies for hostile regimes are being let in in the flood. And still the various congressional races are close….

Dawn Marcucci
7 months ago

We should think about deporting some of our leaders.

7 months ago

Send them to blue states that support the WH cabal…it is equitable…dimwits favorite word.

William C Smith
7 months ago

Ever notice how the representative samples of the “poor, downtrodden masses” fleeing the terrible situations extant in their home countries appear so over-fed and over-weight? Examples of their abuse at home just do not seem evident.

anna hubert
7 months ago

Ever notice that they are mostly strong men and not bedraggled women with children?

Linda Baker
7 months ago
Reply to  anna hubert

Ever notice our young people are dying from Fentanyl and the killshot? Mostly young men of fighting age?

Stephen Russell
7 months ago

Send them to VT DE NY ME RI IL

Linda Baker
7 months ago

How about back to where they came from?

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