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“Emily’s List” Planned Prop Up of Kamala Harris During 2024 Election

Posted on Tuesday, June 13, 2023
by Tammy Bruce

The Merriam Webster dictionary tells us that “propped up” means “to stop some thing from falling or slipping by placing something under or against it.” That’s reasonable, but a little worrisome when it’s used in reference to the support some think Vice President Kamala Harris really needs.

According to Politico, “EMILY’s List, the political action committee whose aim is to elect female candidates supportive of abortion rights, says it will be spending ‘tens of millions of dollars’ to defend and prop up the vice president during the 2024 election.” It’s more than revealing that in what will be a very difficult 2024 election ahead for the Democrats, one of their influential PACs feels compelled to divert a huge amount of money in an effort to somehow make Harris more relatable to the American public. That tells you they know that she’s unable to personally fix the disaster of her tenure and any effort to do so would require very expensive heavy lifting.

An ”ally” of the vice president explains in a word salad Harris would appreciate, that her problems are the result of sexism and racism… in the Biden administration. “The White House team themselves didn’t fully understand early on the differences that when you have a woman in this role, it has to look different. You have to do it differently. You can’t just do it the way you would with a white man, because again, people have never seen it before…”

Oh, come on. Americans have seen it all. What voters want is competence and leadership. We have voted for and seen political men and women across every spectrum, fail and succeed spectacularly. The fact that Harris’ supporters have to make excuses for her two years into the job reveals just how spectacular she’s been.

At one point during a 2021 interview on BET, Soledad O’Brien tried to softly explain the lack of accomplishment by asking Harris if she was overworked, “’Immigration, increasing broadband access, Black maternal mortality, racial inequality, women in the workforce, infrastructure,’ O’Brien said to Harris. ‘We just talked about voting rights. That seems like a lot for one person.’ Harris piped up: ‘Well, don’t forget I’m in charge of the Space Council!’” reported Fox News. “’Can one person do all that realistically?’” O’Brien responded.

Probably not. But Harris isn’t “one person.” She’s the vice president of the United States with a staff of about 100. That keeps changing, however, with regular staff resignations. Courtesy of the Washington Post we learned Harris doesn’t just seem dysfunctional in public settings, she’s that way in private, too.

The BBC reported early last year, “A particularly stinging blow came in the Washington Post, where an anonymous former staffer said she [Harris] was unwilling to do the work necessary for the job and took out her frustration on her aides. ‘With Kamala you have to put up with a constant amount of soul-destroying criticism and also her own lack of confidence,’ the former staffer said. ‘So you’re constantly sort of propping up a bully, and it’s not really clear why.’”


One Democratic politician I sparred with on Fox News argued that Harris had accomplished a great deal and then went on to list the positions she’s held. I reminded him that getting a job is important, but accomplishment is what you deliver once you have your position.

Politico notes EMILY’s List swooping in with big money to renovate a sitting vice president is indeed “unprecedented” and unusual in that no one else is coming to the rescue of Harris. What isn’t discussed is the very fact that Harris needs rescuing. The polling site Five-Thirty-Eight tells us last week her approval rating is at a dismal 36.7 percent, a predictable result of word-salad speeches, laughter as a nervous filler, and failure to deliver on any of the jobs handed to her by the Biden administration.

Kamala Harris did run for president in 2016 and she quit very early in the process. Despite that failure, Nikki Haley warns about Harris and the 2024 presidential race, “And let’s be very clear if they think it’s going to be President Biden, a vote for President Biden, it’s actually a vote for President Harris. We are running against Kamala Harris. Make no bones about it. The New York Times knows it. Every liberal knows it. They know that it’s Kamala Harris that’s going to end up being president of the United States if Joe Biden wins this election.” This is a prediction many have made due to Biden running for 2024 despite his advanced age and what appears to be his rapidly declining cognitive ability.

Now consider this: If the Democrats succeed in 2024, we very well could have the first woman president be someone who quit her own campaign in large part because polls showed a collapse in popular support, failed at the job of vice president, and is now part of a team that may be deliberately arranging for her to ascend to the presidency without that pesky thing of winning the people over and being elected.

If they get away with it, what a coup for the bureaucratic state!

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