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Barr Appoints Durham as Special Counsel to Continue Probe under Biden

Posted on Tuesday, December 1, 2020
by Outside Contributor

BarrAttorney General William Barr has appointed U.S. attorney John Durham as special counsel to secure his probe into the origins of the Russia investigation as president-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office.

The authority of the special counsel will make it more difficult for the incoming Biden administration to fire Durham, allowing the attorney to continue his work on the probe. The order appointing Durham special counsel is dated October 19; however, Barr wrote that the order should not be made public until after the general election, “because legitimate investigative and privacy concerns warrant confidentiality.”

“I decided the best thing to do would be to appoint them under the same regulation that covered [Robert] Mueller, to provide Durham and his team some assurance that they’d be able to complete their work regardless of the outcome of the election,” Barr told the Associated Press.

Durham’s investigation “is focused on the activities of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation within the FBI,” Barr said.

Crossfire Hurricane was the name given to the FBI’s investigation of possible collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian operatives. The more than two-year probe yielded no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to disrupt the 2016 election.

As a result of Durham’s investigation, former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty to altering an email that he used to apply for a FISA warrant against former Trump-campaign adviser Carter Page. Clinesmith was involved in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation from its early stages. In August 2016, the FBI agents who opened the Crossfire Hurricane investigation gave Trump his first intelligence briefing, and Clinesmith approved a summary of that briefing along with former agent Peter Strzok.

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3 years ago

Not to burst anyone’s bubble here, but what is there to prevent whomever the AG ends up being is under a Biden administration, assuming we the people are foolish enough to allow this farce of an illegal election to stand, from simply defunding and pulling all support resources from Durham? Answer: NOTHING! So Durham can sit in his office, with no means to do anything, and pretend to still be investigating something he should have been able to fully complete several months ago for as long as his little heart desires.

While it is true the designation of Special Counsel makes it somewhat politically difficult for Biden to out-right just fire him, there is nothing that says the new AG has to supply him with whatever financial and manpower resources needed to do the job. There are many ways to legally cripple anyone’s efforts in government, if the new administration wants to really do so. This is just one. The MSM will also certainly run whatever cover a Biden administration would need to accomplish the task. So sorry, without President Trump in the WH come January 21st, whatever Durham has been doing for nearly two years effectively comes to a screeching halt.

By the way, not a fan of the justification AG Barr used to not announce this before the election.

John A. Fallon
John A. Fallon
3 years ago

Yet again the lawyers spin thier wheels, dragging cases thru the years and getting RICH and nothing gets done, we have all seen enough evidence that the chinajoe crime family has sold out AMERICA for thier own increased wealth not to forget all the corruption from the clintons, the corrupt impeachment ALONE is enough to arrest these crooked politicians(all lawyers)
evidently lawyers are above the law, they just “WORK”the system and get rich!!

3 years ago

Oh right, Jackass Joe will allow Durham investigation to proceed to what end? How the previous administration was guilty of spying and got away with committing the 2nd biggest crime in American history! Only the fraudulent crime of stealing the Presidential Election is a greater crime if allowed to stand. I am disgusted with, but not surprised that these crimes are and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! But it looks like these criminals are above the law and that laws are only for the little people and when was Lenin and Marx ever prosecuted for their crimes against the people? I have no respect for anyone calling themselves a Democrat if this crime is allowed to stand!

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